Sunday, 26 June 2022

A Year of Projects - round up!

 I actually completely forgot about this post until I started writing it!

I think it has been a very successful year on the crafting front.  Since I haven't thought of it until now I think I will just add photos!  I will do the talking next week.  So here we go!

And there we have it - not all  but a snapshot!

Will see you next week for the excitement of the next year!

Sunday, 19 June 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 51

 Oh my  another week missed.  I didn't have a really busy weekend last week (apart from going to the cinema)  but as we all know  sometimes it's just nice to stop and relax.  Unfortunately,  last week that meant no post.

Not to worry, I am back this week with a range of projects.

Firstly, an FO.  I finally finished the bag - Judoka - from Pompom magazine number 25.

This came together really well in the end and I have used it loads   including the trip to the cinema.

I have also came back to my Soorik pinafore from Shetland Trader book 3.  I have split for the armholes and have completed the front bib up to the colourwork section, and am now working the back.

It needs a block  especially the part where I changed needle size!

And finally, I have nearly finished my Grace dress (incorrectly called it the Kate dress last time) from Simple sew.  I just need to complete the seem from the zip and hem it.  

This is entirely hand sewn, which is my sewing method of preference these days (who am I?) 

And that is it for this week.  I am hoping to finish the dress and maybe the pinafore in time for next week's round up, but we will see.  I would also like to start formulating plans for next year's YOP.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week  💗 

Sunday, 5 June 2022

A Year of Projects Update- week 49

 I know I keep saying this, but it's been really busy!  I haven't even been at work this week!

I do, however,  have a host of projects to share.

Firstly, I finished my baby blanket.

This is knit in mainly Sirdar snuggly, but with other leftovers thrown in.

I have also started, and finished a top.  This is a wearable toile made in some fun Wizard of Oz fabric.  I want to make the dress version next.

I have also made progress on my bag that I started a while ago. 

This is from Pompom magazine number 25 and is called Judoka.  I am on the last section, knit in some leftover linen yarn I had in stash.

And finally, I have started a summer dress for myself in a lovely cotton lawn.  It is the Simple sew Kate dress.

I am sewing this one by hand as it is my preferred method.

I also did a round up post for Me Made May Here.   There were fewer photos this year  but more lessons!  Next year I hope to have learned from those lessons and produce more photos!

Anyway, that is all from me this week.  Back to work tomorrow for the last leg this year.  I hope everyone has a great week.