Sunday, 17 February 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 34

It's been quite an exciting week on the FO front!  And this is whilst I have been at work.  We are off this week - it is half term.  We have a few plans including Unravel at the end of the week (my treat for entertaining the boys all week!)  Otherwise we have some swimming plans and a bbq planned for Monday with friends.
Anyway onto these FO's!
I finished my legwarmers at the start of the week.  I love these and plan on wearing them a lot.
The yarn is some that I repurposed from another frogged project.  And the pattern is from an issue of Stranded magazine.
I also finished the Flax for Daniel.  I am so pleased with this - it is big enough for him to wear this year, but has enough room that it should be ok for next year as well.
Yarn is some that a friend got for me.  I still have enough to make some hats.
I also finished another Team Hard hat for the motor racing.
I now have two done and have the last one now on the needles for me.  Pattern is a free one for a cabled hat.  The yarn is hopefully showing the right colour, despite looking quite red in previous pics, it is actually a bright pink!

I have made no progress on the Grass River Tunic or my socks, but hope to this week.
Well that is it for this week - I hope everyone has a lovely restful week.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 33

Slow and steady has been this week.  The boiler was fixed last Sunday and in the end it was an easy fix.  Thank you all for your support last week.
We also had a broken toilet seat last week and the toilet is a non standard one so it took a while to source a new one!  We have it now and just need to fit it.
Progress on projects has been happening.  I went to the knit group with Daniel yesterday and made lots of progress on his Flax.  I am more than half way down the body and will try to do some more today.
The wool is a mega ball of aran from one of my friends.  It appears to be the tardis of balls of wool as it is not getting any smaller!
I did make some progress on my socks but you can't tell so no pic this week.
I am zipping through the second legwarmer and am now more than halfway through this.
The yarn here is repurposed from a top that I had frogged earlier in the year.
I have also started the Grass River Tunic by Elizabeth Doherty.  I am at the first set of increases for the armhole.  I think this should progress more when Flax is finished.
And finally, I have been really good at not buying any yarn (I am going to Unravel in a couple of weeks so am saving myself), but I saw this on Instagram and fell in love.  I have never got anything by Twisted Limone and missed out again on this update, but...  Karen (at Twisted Limone) said that she would do custom listings, so I tried my luck.  Karen was brilliant and dyed it that day and in the week this arrived at my door
It is beautiful.  I don't know what it will become, for the time being I am going to keep it and pet it!
I hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 32

It's been a bit of a chilly week here, but I feel a bit silly saying that when some people have had temperatures of -40 and 50!  Anyway we have had to wrap up and this morning our boiler has stopped working. We are currently waiting for an engineer but I suspect it has broken down completely.  It is a very old boiler and there are no parts for it so now I am worried as to how long it will take to fix or install a new one.  We have no other source of heat, so the knitwear is well and truly out.
Anyway, I have made some progress this week, before this happened.
I almost finished one of the Team Hard hats for the racing.  It needs a pom pom and then it is ready for Daniel. I have since started my version.
I have made progress on Daniel's sweater.  This is Flax by Tin Can Knits in a yarn that a friend got for me.  It is a 400g acrylic/wool blend, so will be more than enough and should be easy care.  I have made a Flax before and love this free pattern.
I have made a bit of progress on my Christmas cast on.  These are a modified hazelnut sock by Helen Stewart in the yarn that I got by Little French Meadow in their advent set.
I have cast on the Grass River Tunic by Elizabeth Doherty, but have not done too much so it doesn't have a photo yet.
I have also made a fair bit of progress on my leg warmers.  I think I would like one more repeat of the pattern and that will be long enough for my needs, along with a second one of course!
And I think that is it for the week.  Now to go and see if I can source a heater!
Have a great week.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 31

We have had a busy week this week, what with a birthday and a parents evening.  Thomas' birthday was this week.  We had a cake on the day, and we went karting and out for a meal yesterday.

I did manage to get some pics of my FO's this week.  I really like my Julgrun and am very happy that I have a new Christmas sweater for next year.
I also finished blocking the scarf - Sevilla.  I have plenty of scarves and so this will be a gift, probably next Christmas as well.
In between events I have done a little knitting.  I have made some progress on the Flax for Daniel.  I really like this sweater as it comes in so many sizes and is a breeze to knit (it is knit in aran weight so goes quickly).
I do have a couple of finished objects this week. I was invited to go along to a knit group last month, which I attended, and there is another meet up in a couple of weeks.  The organiser suggested that we might like to knit some preemie hats for our local hospital as they were in need of some. So I have knit a couple but intend to knit many more before the meeting, so will post a picture then.
My Christmas socks are coming along, but very slowly as I am only doing one repeat at a sitting. These are the hazelnut socks by Helen Stewart, but I have modified them to be my bauble socks.
I have made a little progress on both the legwarmer and the hat, but not enough to photograph!
I also intend to cast on the grass river tunic today, so I am back to having loads of WIP's having got them right down!
I think that is enough for this week - hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 30

I shall be posting a bit later this week, as I need to take photos of my blocking party!
I finished both my Julgrun and my long term wip of the Sevilla scarf/shawl.
So that is them blocking, I have even decorated my Julgrun, which I'm very happy about!  Next week I will show you blocked photos.
Other than that I haven't worked on much else.  I still have my flax for Daniel, Christmas socks and blanket but now I'm ready to cast on.
My next sweater will be the grass river tunic by blue bee studio.  But this going to wait today.  For today I have cast on some legwarmers and a hat!  And I've always got Daniel's sweater if I need a jumper fix!
They both start off with ribbing so that's where I am at at the moment!  Ribbing island.
So what have you been up to this week?
I hope you all have a great and crafty week.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 29

It has been the first full week back at school and so my crafting time has been limited.  Still  have managed to do a few things.
Thought I would share a photo of my only long term WIP.
This is a scarf that I cast on one and a half years ago.  I am using a yarn that was gifted to me from Painted Desert.  I am trying to do two rows a day and so I am now about 3/4 done.
I am also slowly ploughing through my Christmas cast on.  These are being knit in yarn from Little French Meadow and the pattern is loosely based on the hazelnut socks by Helen Stewart.
I am nearly done with my Christmas jumper (Julgrun) by Andi Satterlund.  I have done all but the sleeves and it knits so quickly I don't envisage these to take too long.
I also had a bit of a purge in the bedroom yesterday.  I cleared out a whole lot of clothes, partly to make more room and partly to tidy the place a little.
And I think that is all I have been up to this week.  Check out the link in the sidebar for more.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 28

We had a lovely relaxing week and now we are pretty much back to normal - most of the decorations are down and we are all back to school.
I have done some crafting this week and some planning.
In the Yarniacs group there has been some discussion about the make nine challenge.  Now the make nine is not for me as my year of projects list is testament to!  However, I do like a good list so I came up with this instead.
This is essentially my YOP list in grid form.  I also was inspired by something I saw on the East London Knits podcast.  She said that she had taken a photo of herself from head to toe in her underwear, printed the photo, drawn around it to produce an outline of her body so she could see the proportions of her body rather than a stylised one.  So I have done the same  I also took all of my measurements at the same time so that I have an image together with figures to refer to when planning the next project.  This is hopefully going to serve two purposes - one to see what garments might suit and two to hopefully reduce some of those measurements by the end of the year.
I did finish my headscarf this week - here is a bad photo of it in action.
I have also made lots of progress on my projects.  I have worked on every one of them but will photograph next week.  I have also cast on one new project which is a jumper for Daniel in a huge ball of yarn that a friend bought me.
I also ct out all of the fabric for my next few sewing projects.  I now have fabric ready to sew for two more Coco dresses, a pair of PJ bottoms, a Mina skirt and an Agnes top.  I also found a dress that I have all but made that just needs the hem doing and the facing.  So now all I have to do is get the sewing machine out and get sewing!
And to be honest, that is it for this week.  I will endevour to document all of my WIP's next week as I am quite pleased with them all and there is a very real possibility I shall cast on another - now a pair of legwarmers is calling to me!
I hope everyone has a great week.