Sunday, 14 October 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 16

I finished my Ess shawl.  During the week I quickly realised I was going to run out of the 5th skein!  I decided then that I didn't really want to get another skein and that it was plenty big enough.  So instead of a triangle I have a trapezoid.  Once I had cut the steek of course, which was great fun and then fashioning the fringe from the steek stitches was magic.

The pattern is from Anna Maltz's book Marlisle, and the yarn is Eden Cottage yarn oakworth dk.  I love it.

I am also making progress on Rugged coat by Joji.
And I have made some progress on my Strictly socks.
Of course I am now excited about the next cast on!  I want to cast on a twiddle muff for my gran for Christmas, and I want to finish the second mitt (Delftig - also from the Marlisle book) for me.  I also want to cast on Julgrun by Andi Satterlund as a Christmas jumper for me to join Ruth in an informal make along - I too want a Christmas outfit , and I would quite like to make it myself!
So I think that is all I have been up to and my imminent plans - I hope everyone's week is going well.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 15

Well having said I was back, I promptly missed a week.  We went to the last meeting of the season for the Touring cars last Sunday and then it was back to work in a whirl.
I have made some progress on several projects.
My Ess is coming along a treat.  I got a new skein from Eden Cottage but I must have had the wrong ball band so it is slightly the wrong colour!  Not to worry, I am busy fading it in so it should be fine. 
I have also made some progress on Rugged coat by Joji.  I have completed both front shoulders and am now working the middle back.  This is being knit in Knit Picks City tweed in the blue blood colourway. 
I have also made progress on my Strictly Come Dancing socks.  I am using some Owl About Yarn that I have had in stash for a while.
And that is it - I hope to make more progress in the week and have some noticeable progress to show next week.
Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 13

Well I think I can safely say that Autumn has hit England.  It's now been raining for two days and it's been veritably chilly!

So, the knitting has to go up a gear...
I have a FO.  My summer shortie socks are done.  Just in time for the cold weather.  Oh well I will have them next year. 
I just used up some leftover yarn for these, I think one is by Stranded dyeworks.
My Ess is coming along nicely, although I am definitely going to run out of yarn.  Therefore, I have ordered another skein from Eden Cottage yarn (amongst other things - I have been so bad!)
Rugged coat is also coming along, but looks very much like it did last week, as does the Hufflepuff scarf, so will update next week. 
Since I have finished my shortie socks, I have to cast on more.  So I cast on my Let's make it to Blackpool socks which are the socks I am knitting for the Little Drops Of Wonderful Strictly Come Dancing sockalong.  I am using an Owl About yarn sparkle sock in Milky Way from stash.
I am hoping to get this pair finished by Blackpool week and then I might be able to get some Christmas socks in.
I think that is it for this week.  We are out again at the racing next week so may not be able to post, but then it is the last one of the season.  To catch up with the others please click on the link to the right.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 12

And so, I missed another week!  We went to the racing at Goodwood and I just ran out of time.

I have various things to report though.
I finished All the Love last week.  I knit it from Treskellion yarn which is gorgeous.  I used every last bit of it and it means that the sleeves are a little tight at the moment, but I'm hoping a block may improve that.  I have worn it all day today and it is lovely all the same, if I say so myself.
I have put in some work on my Hufflepuff scarf.
And made progress on the Ess shawl.  Each row on this takes ages at the moment, but every row decreases, so I'm looking forward to the shorter rows!
Someone asked about the tassels the other day.  The Ess shawl is clever in that it is knit in the round and then at the end is steeked and the steek stiches make up the tassels - I am looking forward to this moment of magic!
I have also made some inroads to Rugged Coat by Joji Locatelli.
And last but by no means least, I have made progress on my latest shortie socks.
I have also lost all willpower this week and purchased some yarn from Homespun Wonders for my new year socks, some Christmas yarn (Naughty List) from Amy at Stranded Dueworks and I bought the Flower Power fund yarn from Eden Cottage Yarn from her second batch produced.
On the whole it has a planned use so I don't feel too bad.  I will share photos in the coming weeks.
Hope everyone has a great week.  To catch up with the others click the link on the right.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 10

I didn't get round to a post last week, but should be back on track now.  I don't have a whole load of progress to report however, for two weeks work!

I am still chugging away on All the Love.  I am at the bottom ribbing now so should be on the home straight now.

I have also put in a few rows on the Hufflepuff scarf
And the shortie socks, but I still have some way to go on these.
Despite having all of these still going I decided to cast on some new things this week, since there were some KAL's starting on the 1st.
I cast on Rugged coat by Joji Locatelli for her fall KAL.
And I cast on Ess by Anna Maltz from the Marlisle book to join Katie at Inside Number 23.
I have only just cast on both of these to say I have cast on - I want to finish All the Love before I put too much into Rugged Coat particularly.

We are back to school this next week so my knitting time will suffer but hopefully I will still get on with most things.

Hope you all have a great week.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 8

We are nearly at the end of the holiday.  We are off to Cornwall as a four next week!
As I have quite a lot that I have done this week I thought I'd get in a quick update but may not be able to next week.
I have plural!
I finished the cables down the back socks by Joji.  I made a few mods to this pattern, namely I did it toe up as is my preference these days.  As a result I changed the heel to a fish lips and modified the cables to go the other way and fit a short row heel.  I also would have run out of yarn so decided to stripe so as to finish up both skeins.
I like them a lot!
I also finished the simple slippers.  I may finish off the tops but that will be in a week or so.
I also have a HO - well sort of.  I have 'finished' one mitten.  I say finished - it does not have the ends weaved in and it lacks a thumb but I am counting it as a HO (half finished object).

I still have my All the Love - I will be taking that with me so hope that this will be early done on my return. 
I have also started a scarf for Daniel.  We are into Harry Potter at the moment so he wants a house scarf.  He is in Hufflepuff with me.
That is about it for a minute .  We went to Brighton in the week to visit the Harry Potter shop.  We picked up some fridge magnets and it wouldn't have been a trip to Brighton without a trip to YAK.  I picked up a couple of skeins!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 7

I am somewhat late again this week.  Not to worry.
I have been making steady progress on my three main projects.
My All the Love by Joji has been coming along nicely.  I have joined for the body and am now making my way downwards.
The four panels are not cables as they look, they are actually a lace pattern that is lovely and easy to memorise.
My cables down the back socks (also by Joji) are doing very well.  I have altered them to be knit toe up.  I started the cables as written in the pattern but with a fish lips kiss heel, but the heel then turned out to be too tight.  So I ripped back and added some stitches and reworked the cables to be running the right way round, and now they fit perfectly.
I also started running out of the yellow yarn so I have decided to stripe them with the pink.
My mitten is also coming along beautifully.  I love the look of the marlisle but it is taking some time - such is life!  I checked out my dad's hands and have decided these will not be for him as they will not be big enough.  I will knit him some coffee mitts after mine.
I also started to knit some slippers - the simple garter stitch slippers which is a free pattern.  It also uses two strands of fingering weight yarn held together so is a brilliant stash buster.  I have chosen a slightly rustic yarn from the Knitting Goddess held with a gorgeously soft yarn from Hedgehog fibres.
On the sewing front, I cut the fabric to make a third Cleo dress - this time from a cream linen.  I may put that together today.

We are going to have a quiet week this week before packing up to travel to Cornwall for a week.  Last week we were with my mum and dad and had a great week visiting the beech, a zoo and going stock car racing. 

We may make it to Brighton on Wednesday - we want to visit the Harry Potter shop and possibly YAK (which is my LYS).

Anyway, hopefully I will post on time next week - to see what the rest of the group have been up to please visit the link in the sidebar.