Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 7

I am somewhat late again this week.  Not to worry.
I have been making steady progress on my three main projects.
My All the Love by Joji has been coming along nicely.  I have joined for the body and am now making my way downwards.
The four panels are not cables as they look, they are actually a lace pattern that is lovely and easy to memorise.
My cables down the back socks (also by Joji) are doing very well.  I have altered them to be knit toe up.  I started the cables as written in the pattern but with a fish lips kiss heel, but the heel then turned out to be too tight.  So I ripped back and added some stitches and reworked the cables to be running the right way round, and now they fit perfectly.
I also started running out of the yellow yarn so I have decided to stripe them with the pink.
My mitten is also coming along beautifully.  I love the look of the marlisle but it is taking some time - such is life!  I checked out my dad's hands and have decided these will not be for him as they will not be big enough.  I will knit him some coffee mitts after mine.
I also started to knit some slippers - the simple garter stitch slippers which is a free pattern.  It also uses two strands of fingering weight yarn held together so is a brilliant stash buster.  I have chosen a slightly rustic yarn from the Knitting Goddess held with a gorgeously soft yarn from Hedgehog fibres.
On the sewing front, I cut the fabric to make a third Cleo dress - this time from a cream linen.  I may put that together today.

We are going to have a quiet week this week before packing up to travel to Cornwall for a week.  Last week we were with my mum and dad and had a great week visiting the beech, a zoo and going stock car racing. 

We may make it to Brighton on Wednesday - we want to visit the Harry Potter shop and possibly YAK (which is my LYS).

Anyway, hopefully I will post on time next week - to see what the rest of the group have been up to please visit the link in the sidebar.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 6

Since I only posted on Tuesday, this has been a short week for me.  I have made some progress on my projects, but not as much as other weeks.

I have put in the most work on my All My Love ( a dk boxy winter sweater) and the mittens - the irony is not lost on me!  Since we are in the midst of the hottest and longest heat wave we have had since records began!
Oh well lets see them shall we?
All My love is knit in BFL from Triskellion yarns.  I have done the back to the bottom of the armholes and am now making my way down the front.
The mittens are Delftig by Anna Maltz (from the Marlisle book). I was going to knit these for my dad, but I think they might be too small, so I may keep these and knit him some other ones.  I shall assess the size of his hands this week when we return to the West Country to visit.
My final WIP that has had some love is my Cables Down the Back socks by Joji Locatelli.  I am more than half way along the foot and should make the heel before we go back to mums.
I haven't done much sewing this week, but I am hopeful that I will be able to cut out another Cleo by Tilly and the Buttons before we go.

Anyway that is all for this week, I may be later next week as we are away on Sunday, but I will update as soon a s I get a chance.  To see what the other members of the group have been doing, please hop over to the link on the side.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

We have had a little break from the hot weather this weekend in the form of thunder storms and torrential rain - just as we went camping!
Oh well, we weren't there for the weather, we were there for the car racing.  As a result I am a little late in posting this week.

I have a couple of finished objects this week.  I finished Waters the other day, and today I finished my Landers pants for the outfit along hosted by Andi Satterlund.
The waters is knit from Blacker yarns Lyonnese (which is a linen blend).  Now just to make clear, the sweater is unblocked and the trousers are unpressed so that I could take a (very bad) photo for the outfit along, which finishes today.
I have finally cast on All the Love by Joji Locatelli.  I am knitting this in Treskillion yarns and is beautiful at the moment.
I also cast on another Joji pattern, which is the Cables Down the Back pattern (socks).  Again I'm loving this pattern too.
Last week me and the boys went into London and whilst there, we went to Wild and Woolly, where I may have bought some yarn.
I have wound the yellow and grey yarn to make a Nasreen (a pattern from the last Pom Pom magazine).  The Garthenor laceweight has been wound to make a pattern from Marlisle (the book from sweater spotter in her new technique of the same name), which I have cast on.  These are going to be mitts for my dad for Christmas.
And that is that for this week.  This week is operation clear out as the house is bursting at the seams with stuff!  This was us at the racing in a rare moment of sun!

Monday, 23 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

It's still hot here!

I have not worked on much this week apart from one project.  And in that one, I have an FO.

My Quiet Stars is done.  This is Quiet Stars by Joji Locatelli, knit in yarn by Stranded Dyeworks in the metelsome colourway.  I absolutely love it and cannot wait to wear it, but not in this heat.

I did also put in some work on my Waters by Andi Satterlund, and you never know, I may have another FO next week.

We are now on summer holiday - hurrah!  We went to Hever castle yesterday to watch the jousting, which was lovely.  This week will include a trip to London at the start of the week and we are off to Snetterton at the end of the week.  Snetterton is a race circuit in Norfolk that we camp at and watch the touring cars race along with various support races.
But first, I have to do the ironing!
I hope everyone has a lovely week - please visit the rest of the group by clicking the link on the right.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 3

It's hot here.  The thing is (and I am not usually one for complaining) I don't live in the UK for heat.  I live here for it's unpredictable weather and generally cool and dreary nature.  Surely it can't last much longer?

Anyway I have an FO!
My market bag is finished.  I am very happy with it and used it this morning.  In fact it was only while I was walking down the road with the boys, that I realised I matched my bag perfectly.  I was wearing my Zinone made from the exact same yarn (Blacker Lyonesse) and both matched my trousers (which I did not make) which were the same colour.
I also finished my second Cleo dress by Tilly and the Buttons. I love this as you can wear it with anything underneath to make it summery or wintery.  I shall be wearing it to school this week as the weather is set to stay hot, for the last week of term  yay!
Due to the heat I did little work on my 2 sweaters, but I did finish one sleeve and start the next on Quiet Stars
I also started another pair of socks in an attempt to join in with the Joji Locatelli sock KAL - I am knitting cables down the back and see if I can finish in four weeks.
So there we go, that has been my crafting week.  Hope everyone has a good week

Sunday, 8 July 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 2

Today I thought I would do a quick audit of the projects that I have on the needles.
I do have a finished object.  I started and finished a pair of gloves for Daniel.  He wanted green, so green it is.  These are from the Knit mitts book by Kate Atherley. They were really fun and easy and will be casting Thomas on some very soon.
These are all of my active wip's.  I have two more, but I haven't worked on those in a while. 
In no particular order.
My market bag - now I have picked this back up I am motoring along.  I am looking forward to being able to pack this in my bag for those surprise shopping trips!
I am also getting there with my headband/turban.  I want this to be ready for when we go camping, but that should be easily done.  I am using leftover John Arbon textile yarn.
I have another pair of shortie socks on the needles, but I am not very far on with these.  I am only working on these if we are out and about or if I get too hot with the other projects.  (We are having a bit or an unusual heatwave here in the UK)
My Quiet Stars is coming along nicely - I am working away down the first sleeve, but it is a bit hot to work on at the moment.
And Waters is coming along as well.  Now I am a way down the body the neckline doesn't look too bad but I will still look to bring it in a bit.
And I think that is all.  Most things are nearly there so I am really looking to finishing  few things and getting new projects on the needles!

Well that is me for this week, for more of the same and to see what the other yoppers are up to click the link in the sidebar.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

A Year of Projects - Year 8 - Week one


Last year my list was mainly about creating a hand made wardrobe.  This year I would quite like to take the same theme and work towards Me Made May.

Quiet Stars - nearly finished
All The Love - cast on July 2018
Epistropy - all ready to go!
Christmas Jumper 2
Nasreen - Buy yarn from Wild and Woolly - for Colours of Fall KAL
Socks - various - use some of the many patterns I have but never used.

Cleo (?x2) - 1 completed
Landers trousers - for the 2018 outfit along
tunic tops

Mittens - one complete last year
Scarf - cast on 2017
Advent socks (gift for myself!)
Christmas jumper for Daniel

wool exploration

Other crafts
Keep up drawing
Complete the embroidery a day challenge
Bath bombs

It doesn't seem like much at the moment, but I will add to it as I always do - my aim is to be able to post a picture every day for Me Made May.