Sunday, 1 August 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

 We made it - back to see mum, that is!  It's been a year but here we are.  As a result I have very few progress shots for you. 

I do however, have a collage of shots of my new dress on.

Having written I was going to do this last week, I  wasn't sure if it was possible.   However,  the pattern (Esma by Sew Over It) came as did the fabric and so I was able to fit it in before our trip.

I love it - there are a few things I would like to change, and I will do in my next one.  I wrote a little more about the make here.  And there we have it for this week!  Hope everyone has a good week.

Friday, 30 July 2021

The Esma Dress

 I did it!

Having said last week that I was going to sew a dress before I went to my mum's I regretted saying I would!  Thinking that I would not have time.

However, the pattern and fabric came at the start of the week and Wednesday and Thursday saw me running it up.

I saw the Esma dress on the Sew Over It  vlog and loved it - so immediately bought the print at copyshop version.  (I don't like printing at home and sticking together so was very happy to see this option!)

I got the fabric from Minerva and is a viscose jersey.

Loved sewing this - there are a few things I will change for next time - and there will be a next time!

The fabric wasn't the easiest to handle and was a bit thinner than I expected (but I am a newbie - so others would probably have realised this).  It was nice to sew, but was a bit fiddly to pin.  The waistband is obviously not pattern matched and is upside down!  But I don't think many will notice - next time I may make it in a plain jersey.

I cut the size 24 as that fitted my largest measurement, but this turned out to be a little big - next time I will cut the 22 and consider reducing the cut on the waistband.  But all of this aside - I  love it!

The pic is on Patricia - I  will get a modelled shot in the week as I intend to take it away with me.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

 And now we breathe!!  We havd got to thd summer holidays.   Albeit with ten last days self isolating.  I quite enjoy working from home on the quiet, but I always work far more hours than I would at school, and so have much less time crafting than I would like.

It's been ridiculously hot for some of the week as well which doesn't help - we are lucky that we have a lovely garden, but it's been too hot to sit in for some days!  Anyhow,  I have one FO.

I give you sparkly summer socks!  Not the best photo, but the weather,  of course, is not playing ball today.

I have also made some progress on my skirt.

I am knitting this with Travelknitter yarn in Uluru, and will later add zig zags in other colours.  I have also put in the elastic waistband to give me a bit more motivation!

I  also totally got inspired/enabled by Lisa Comfort at Sew over it and their new dress pattern - Esma.

Of course I had to buy yhe pattern and some material from Minerva immediately!  She is doing a sewalong on Wednesday/Thursday which is perfect, so I will join in - hopefully I will have a new dress by next update!

And that is pretty much all that has happened this week!  Hope everyone has a good and safe week.