Sunday 27 December 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 26

 Well this is two weeks in a row!  And  I have a finish!

My finish is my Winterberry.

You will have to excuse the bottom half - we have been isolating and so I was dressed for comfort!  I loved this knit and knit it from John Arbon Textiles Viola which is splendid.

Having finished this, I now have few WIP's.  My Battenberg is coming along.  I also picked up my garter stitch blanket for the first time in ages.  I haven't worked on my skirt, but may do in the coming days.  

So, what next?  There is a lovely pattern from the John Arbon annual called Oare Water and I  have some more John Arbon yarn which I  think will be perfect.   I also have some lovely pink yarn for a pair of socks for the rainbow chronicles KAL hosted by Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet. 

Christmas day was lovely, we have an Alexa Echo Show, which means mum and dad were able to watch us open our presents and spend the morning with us as it were.  We were very spoilt!  I got lots of lovely things which I  hope to be putting to good use!  And the boys were very happy.  

Well I  think, there is more cooking to do! I hope everyone has a good week and here's to a happy new year!

Sunday 20 December 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 25

 I seem to be on a biweekly schedule at the moment!

It's been quite a couple of weeks.  We had a couple of Covid cases in our sixth form in November, then we cruised along a bit.  But this last couple of weeks saw a bit of an outbreak in year 8.  We are not allowed to shut the school, so we sent groups of students home until sending all of year 8 homd on Tuesday.  I made it to the end of the week but at present Thomas is self isolating until the 25th as he came in close contact with a positive case.   We almost made it!

Anyway, I have been able to do some crafting.

I am progressing with my blanket. 

I am knitting this with an advent that I put together myself.   I am still loving it!
I have also made progress on Winterberry. 
Sorry about the photo,  I try to do sleeves two at a time so they are the same,  but it makes photos tricky!
I am looking forward to a week relaxing, I think we are all ready for the big day.   Hope everyone has wonderful Christmas if you celebrate and a lovely rest.

Sunday 6 December 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 23

 Despite having a lovely day off this week, I still did not manage to get around everyone this week.  I don't have much of an excuse, I  did spend all of Monday making the house look Christmassy  and we did have a parents evening on Tuesday, which caused the whole week to disappear!  I shall again make a real effort this week.

I have made good inroads into my first (new) project.  It is my advent project for this year using the minis I  wrapped myself to make an advent calendar.   Before I show you, I am very well aware there are some very accomplished chocheters in our group, and my efforts pale in comparison to others amazing projects.  However,  as a first time chocheter I am quite chuffed!  (I also know that no one here will judge me!)

I also know it needs to be blocked but while I'm very excited about it, I  need to keep the momentum going, so I  am not blocking yet and am joining as I  go (as well as sewing kn ends) as I  know full well I  shall run out of steam otherwise!

I have made a tiny bit of progress on Winterberry. 

Sorry for it being on its side!

And, I  nearly forgot... I  finished my Christmas socks.

These are knit from a sock set from Stranded in her last year's Christmas colourway gingerbread haus.   I may have just taken possession of this years 😉

I shall leave you with part of my efforts from Monday.   I hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 29 November 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 22

 I missed another week.  We hardly have time to stop at the moment and I just ran out of time to post!  I have been able to squeeze in some crafting though. 

I have made progress on my socks. 

I am hoping to finish the cuffs today for this to be an FO next week!  I am knitting these from Stranded Dyeworks gingerbread haus.  On that note, I finally managed to snag a   skein of Stranded's zooming home for Christmas in this week's update!

I also updated Christopher's look for Christmas.   If I get time I will Christmas trousers!
Thomas and I have a day off tomorrow,  so I am hoping to decorate the house.   We like quite a number of decorations any year, and that is when we spend Christmas with mum and dad.   This year we will not be going so I shall be going all out!
Right, so now to post this and get on with the days chores.   I hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 15 November 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 20

 And yet another week has gone in a flash!

Before we know it, it will be Christmas.   I am trying to get organised, but, this year, of course, is much more complicated!  I'm hoping the boys will be able to tell me what they would like from Father Christmas today.  I am also going to put my advent calendar together today.  I usually buy a yarn advent, but couldn't really justify the expense this year.  So I have been accumulating miniskeins that I am going to ball up and place into bags so I  can randomly pick one out each day.

In crafting news, I  have made progress on Winterberry. 

I am really enjoying this, but it is slow going.  Mind you I don't have many wips, so I am working pretty exclusively on this.

Apart from ...  

My Christmas socks!  I am very nearly at the heel - I will be doing a short row heel.
And that is it for this week.  Time to settle in for our film!
Hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 8 November 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 19

 Another week has gone by and Englanď is back in lockdown where all of the least risky places are shut and the most risky open!  By that I  mean schools and universities - I hope I  am wrong and shall eat my words!

Anyway in knitting news, I  have only really made progress on Winterberry.

I have split for the sleeves and and making my way down the body.  I am really enjoying it and the yarn is delightful (viola by John Arbon).

I did do a few rounds on my Christmas socks, but not enough to see any difference.  We went to get more fish for our tank and the shrimp are doing nicely.

And that is about it.  I hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday 1 November 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 18

 We have had such a nice week!  We did a bit of socially distanced shopping, some picking of pumpkins, (although we got the car stuck in the mud) we took possession of some shrimp for our new aquarium and met with a couple of friends for a socially distanced bbq!

I also made progress on my knitting!

I made lots of progress on Winterberry.

I am knitting this in John Arbon Textiles Viola and am really enjoying it.   The technique is a bit different - the yoke was knit in a band then stitches picked up and now I  am knitting through the raglan increases.

I also made some progress on my Christmas socks. 

I am knitting these in Stranded dyeworks gingerbread haus. 

We are back to school next week - numbers are going up and while the rest of the country is in lockdown,  we will be carrying on as normal!  Anyway, I  think it is just a matter of time before we have an outbreak in school.  Lets see!

Hope everyone is staying safe.  Have a great week. 

Monday 26 October 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 17

 We made it to the half term break!  I am looking forward to a week of relaxing.  We can't go very far as the car is in for it's MOT and of course everywhere has restrictions anyway.  We will be getting our pumpkins on Thursday  and hopefully a couple of my friends that I  haven't seen since last Christmas are coming over on Saturday to sit in the garden!

And... I have not one, but two, finishes.

Modelled by Patricia,  here is my finished lacy shoulders tee and Cornhill.

The tee is knit in Rowan Summerlite 4ply which was a delight!  Cornhill is knit in Eden Cottage yarn in the Keswick fingering.  Both need a block but other then that, they are done.

So what next?

I wound up my Stranded dyeworks gingerbread haus last week so have cast on a pair of socks.  I have also cast on Winterberry by Jennifer Wood in some beautiful Viola from John Arbon.

I would like to make some candles this week to use a few of my mug stash!  I don't think I have any sewing to get on with but I may sort some out.

I hope everybody has a good and safe week.

Sunday 18 October 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 16

 I am determined to get this up earlier today!  We have one more week of school before the half term break and I can't wait.

We had our first parents evening this week via zoom!  It was ok but hectic.  Despite that, I  did manage to get a bit of knitting done this week.

First up, I  knitted Christopher an autumn jumper and pumpkin!

I'm tempted to try to fashion him a witches hat for Halloween!

I also finished my Dreaming of Paris socks. 

I love these!  But I'm not converted, I am looking forward to winding some Christmas yarn to knit a pair of Christmas socks, two at a time, toe up and with a short row heel!

I am still making progress on my lacy shoulders tee, but as you can see I  am so nearly there - this week I'm sure of it!

This is knit in Rowan Summerlite 4ply.  I really like this yarn and is the nicest cotton I  have ever used (not that I  use it much!)  Now to prepare the roast and hopefully,  get more knitting in.  I hope everyone has a great week x

Sunday 11 October 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 15

 So, last week went by in a blur, and I  didn't really have any progress.  The upshot was, no blog post.  Anyway I am up early this week, have a lazy Sunday planned, and have some progress to share.

First up is my lacy shoulders tee.

I am just making my way down the back and then it will be finished with a neckband.

My Dreaming of Paris socks are now coming along.  I am at the heel flap.

I am really enjoying these despite the fact that I am knitting them in all the ways I  dislike!  I prefer toe up, magic loop, short row heel and two at a time!  These are exactly the opposite!  I think it is the helical knitting which I am particularly enjoying.

We don't have much other news.  We have a new, smaller fish tank to replace our second, leaky one!  I may go out into the garden and get some more potatoes - we have a few left along with beetroot and carrots.  And we have a parent, teacher meeting this week via zoom which should be amusing!

And there we have it.  We shall settle in to watch Forest Gump in a bit and try to do some knitting.  I hope everyone has a good week and stays safe.

Sunday 27 September 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 13

 Well last week's promise nearly didn't happen!

We had a bit of evening drama when our second fish tank sprung a leak! Anyway we are now drying out, so I can do a brief update.

I have finished the first dreaming in Paris socks but I don't have a photo.   I will show you next week.   

I have been making good progress on the lacy shoulders tee. 

Just a bit of stockinette down the back and the neckline to go.

I have been making progress on the cornhill scarf. 

Here it is whilst I was watching Stephen West this evening. 

I signed up for his colour play webinar a few weeks ago and I didn't regret it.  He was excellent - I could listen to him for hours.

And I think that is going to have to be that for a minute as I still have some cleaning to do!

Monday 21 September 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 12

 I'm a  day late posting this week.  I ran out of time yesterday and to be honest, there has been little progress made this week.

I have been knitting, but it has been slow and steady- which is fine.

I have made some progress on the socks, and some on the top, but not enough to photograph.   Saturday saw me doing lots of baking - bread, bread and butter pudding  and a strawberry cake.  Again no pics - sorry!

In fact the only pic I  have this week is of my getting ready for barbequeing on Saturday night!

I will be back properly next week, I  promise.  Have a great week everyone.

Sunday 13 September 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 11

 Well it has been a strange week.  Wonderful in many ways.  Wonderful to be back with the kids - I have really missed the interactions with them.   But, of course, so many things are different and we are getting used to teaching differently.   I have to stay at the front as neither myself or the students are required to wear face protection.  I can wear it if I want but I prefer to keep my distance so they can see me, hear me clearly and lip read if necessary - so no wondering amongst them it is!  As things are different and we teachers need to move a lot more, since the students are in their bubbles, I have been very tired this week!

Anyway, crafting has still been done!

This was me this morning.

The knitting is the lacy shoulders tee - I  have completed the lacy portion and now am making my way down the back.  I'm still really enjoying this and should be nearing completion soon.

I have also made progress on my Dreaming of Paris socks.

I have turned the heel and now am on the foot.  Hopefully I will be on the second one by next week. 

And to be honest,  that is it for this week - first full week of school coming up, so I'm taking it a week at a time!

Hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 6 September 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 10

This week has breezed by!  Going back to school was good, although we are yet to start teaching - Tuesday is when it kicks off properly.

I have been beavering away at my Projects.  My lacy shoulders tee has seen very little love this week.  I have started the lace though and should get back to it before I  forget!

 The Rowan Summerlite is gorgeous,  wonderfully soft and not splitty at all.
I also cast on my Joji project in the week for the fall KAL.  
I am really enjoying these even though it is everything I don't like when knitting socks.  I am generally a two at a time, toe up kind of girl, but these are none of those!
In other news, I made some curtains and a kind of beanbag for Thomas's bedroom.

I also went through my wardrobe and checked on work clothes.  I realised I didn't post the skirt I hand sewed the other week.  Sorry for the smudges on the mirror!  I  must clean that.

And I altered a dress that was too short and turned it into a tunic top.

I think that will do for this week - I  did some sorting and cleaning of the greenhouse, but otherwise that was it.  I hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 30 August 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 9

  Ok, so I didn't mean to miss two weeks!  Two weeks ago I was packing to go away and last week we were away.

You would have thought in two weeks I may have made a good bit of progress on my projects... no - virtually none!  So I will share what I have been up to.

I have done a little work on my lacy shoulders tee.

I am knitting this in Rowan Summerlite 4ply.  I am nearly to the lacy part!  I also did a couple of rounds on my skirt while we were away, but not enough to warrant a picture.

I have done a fair bit of work in the garden over the past few days.  We had some harvesting to do...

And I  created a little beachy area with the pebbles and shells the boys have collected over the years.

There has also been much weeding and mowing completed!

I signed up for the Joji fall KAL.   I was not as ambitious as previous years (I have not completed a Joji KAL yet!)  So, I signed up for her new sock pattern - Dreaming in Paris - I should be able to do that in time.

I also, having missed the rest due to timing, signed up for the colour play webinar with Stephen West on the 27th September.  I was sad to miss the rest so am really looking forward to this one.

Right now I  am enjoying sitting in glorious weather (the best in my opinion).  It was really hot as we went away, far too hot for me.  We had ok weather in Cornwall (pics to follow), and have returned  now to perfect weather, sunny, but chilly enough with the breeze to wear knits!  Hurrah - I am sat out with my Like a cloud on and it is perfect!

Otherwise, I am getting ready to go back to work properly on Thursday.  Apart from a couple of days supervising keyworkers children, this will be the first time since March.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it.  I'm not looking forward to having to get up and ready - I have fully embraced getting up at my leisure and getting dressed when I feel like it!  Anyway it is for the best although it will be very strange and unlike it was before.  I teach in a secondary school  (11 to 18 year olds) - the year groups are going to be in "bubbles" and the teachers will move to them.  I am lucky in that I teach mainly years 12 and 13 (17/18 year olds) so I will be fairly static.  We have no teaching this week however, just Inset and enrolment for year 12, so it will be fine.
And I  think that is it - for a post with very little crafting, it seems to have gone on a bit!  I will leave you with some pics of our holiday - have a great week. 

Sunday 9 August 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 6

I have FO's!  Plural!

Firstly I finished Breathing Space no. 2.

I knit this in The Wool Kitchen in merpeople.   The yarn is gorgeous and soft and I can't wait for the weather to cool down so that I can wear it. 

I also finished my shortie socks.

These are knit in leftover Dragon hill fibre yarn - the same as my sock arms sweater.  When it is cooler I will show you that they match!

So now I am working on my other WIP's as my brain doesn't function fully in this heat (its between 32 and 37 at the moment - I don't do heat!)

On that note I will sign off.  I hope everyone has a great week and I will leave you with my boys pond dipping last week.

Sunday 2 August 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

Just a quick update this week as I am currently at my mum and dads.   For those of you that have been in the group a while, you will know that I usually spend the summer going to car racing meetings (the British touring car championship). Obviously  this year is a bit different - it is starting today behind closed doors and is on the TV.   So we will be watching all day!
I have made some progress this week and have brought 3 projects with me.
I am moving down the sleeves now and hope to finish this today. 
I have done a little on the socks.
And I've done some on the shawl.
And that is all for this week!  Have a good and safe week.

Sunday 26 July 2020

Year of Projects Update - week 4

I have been reasonably monogamous this week!  I say that, but I  have 2 new cast ons!
I did finish the other socks which are here.
They look a bit odd because although I followed the numbers from a dk pattern, they were too tight to start with.  I added a gusset, but they are still fairly snug to get on.  I used various scraps to make these.
As a result of finishing these, I have cast on a new pair.  
I did choose a skein to knit them out and wound it (pictured below with the cast on socks)  however, I then discovered my leftovers from sock arms that were ready to go, so decided to knit a pair of shorties first.
My other new cast on was Cornhill by Eden Cottage yarn, knit in the new base from Eden Cottage.
I am really enjoying this, shawls are not really my thing,  but I love knitting them.  I am planning on wearing this!
And finally,  the piece that I have been working on the most, is Breathing Space.
I am now on the ribbing for the body, so I'm hoping this will be finished soon!
And that is that!
We are going to visit my mum and dad this week.   We haven't been to visit for obvious reasons, since Christmas so we are really looking forward to this.  We are going for a week and not doing anything apart from walking!
I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing week.