Friday 31 May 2019

Me Made May - round up post

So we have come to the end of May.  That in itself is a bit scary, but I am at the end of me made May and it is time to reflect.
This week has gone quite well
I started off the week with some shortie socks made with sugar plum fairy by stranded dyeworks.
I then ventured into various DIY projects and wore my turban to protect my hair fro paint and dust.
Day 28 saw me in my breathing space again with leggings. 
Day 29 saw me dig out Rhombing Around by Rililie, again with leggings.
This then became my uniform as I then donned my boxy again.  (Forgive my concentrating face!)
And finally, wearing my boxy again, I finished and wore my moss rose mitts.
So what have I learned from this?
I have found that I love my pinafore style Coco by Tilly and the Buttons.  I fully intend to make more of these and have two more ready to go already.  Of course I don't like leaving my arms uncovered so I will require some more options to cover up.  Close fitting T shirts to go underneath and loose boxy style cover-ups to go over the top.  I am also going to see if I can find some cardigan to go with them as well.  I have found I don't wear skirts, much as I want to I just don't go for them.  I shall be repurposing the material in the skirts that I have made.  I may look into whether I can modify some into shorts?
I have also noticed that much as I love jeans, they are not very flattering on me and I much prefer how I look in leggings.  With that in mind I have been living in boxy style, loose fitting sweaters, so I will be knitting myself more of these. .
So that is two looks that I have definitely see develop during May and ides from this will feature heavily in my new Year of Projects list. 
I still want to try a few new things however.  I have an Agnes top cut out so I would like to see how that looks and I have also been following the hashtag zadiejumpsuit on Instagram and have bought myself this pattern.  It seems to look good on almost everyone, so this is something I would like to try.  And finally, I really enjoyed making my pyjama bottoms and I thought I might run up a few of varying lengths and types of fabric for day wear as well.  My slouchy sweaters should go well with these as well.

I also bought a pin to commemorate my participation this year - I like it a lot!

Sunday 26 May 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 48

We have arrived at the last mid term break for the school year and I for one am really glad.  We have very few plans bar knitting, walking and swimming!  Oh and I have a few DIY jobs that I need to do (I will describe them if I get them finished next week!)
So for this week I have a few WIP's and will try to show all of them.
1) Understated - I am onto the body.  14 inches of stockinette in the round (and since it is boxy and I am not small this is a big round!)
2) Moss Rose - this is a WIP that I have not shared before.  I wanted to use the yarn I got from Eden Cottage for Christmas and found this project. I love them - the are handwarmers.  The yarn is fab and the pattern lovely and even suits the subtlety of the speckled yarn.
3) Shortie socks - I have not worked on these this week, but hope to do so this next week.
4) The same goes for these stripey socks. These are very slow going - I think the problem is that I don't really like using the small circular but I wanted to give them a good go, so that I could say categorically that I don't like them!
5) Azula - by Woolly Wormhead.  I am still loving this - I am now on the third repeat out of 8
So this week will see me concentrating on finishing some of these and I want to make a couple of Coco dresses to go with the rest of the collection.  And I want to complete Me made May with a round up of the month so that I can see what pieces I need for my hand made wardrobe.

I think that is it for this week, do catch up with the other Yoppers by clicking the link.

Saturday 25 May 2019

Me Made May Update 3

I cannot really believe May is nearly over.  I know there is another week to go but I am going to put myself out there and say I think I may succeed at me made May!  I have worn something homemade every day, I may not have put a photo on Instagram every day but I have worn something homemade.  I already have a very good idea about what I can wear and, perhaps more importantly, what I don't like wearing.
I have been wearing versions of the same thing this week.  At the weekend at the racing, I wore my Miranda by Josie Paquain.  This is knit in Madelintosh Pashmina worsted yarn which is gorgeous but it the most pilly (I don't think that is a word but I'm going to use it anyway) yarn I have ever used.  But it is gorgeous so I still wear it quite a lot!  A dreadful photo by the way, but there we go.
At the beginning of the week I wore another Coco dress.
And then towards the end of the week I wore one of my Cleo dresses with a different top underneath.
Since we are now on half term break I should be able to bring in my review post on Friday on time.  So that was last week - here's to the next!

Sunday 19 May 2019

A Year of Projects Update and Me Made May

So I missed another week of me made May. I decided to amalgamate the posts this week, I shall start with a year of projects then move to me made May.
I have no FO's this week, I am in stockinette land for most of my projects.  Which is fine, but can get a little boring at times, so I do have a cheeky new cast on.
I have joined the body on Understated by Joji Locatelli.  This is basically a V necked boxy so I now have 14 inches of boxy stockinette to wade through.  Here I am at the moment - I am using Penelope by De Rerum Natura.
I also have three socks on the needles, one pair of Rose City Rollers and one single stripey, both are going round and round at the moment, I will post pics next week.
I also have a pair of handwarmers on the go that I will post pics of next week as these are about to get past the stockinette part.
My new cast on is one by Woolly Wormhead and I love it.  It is Azula and is one of her designs that is knit from top to bottom and so each full row is composed of a bit of brim, then a bit of head, then a bit of crown.  There are lots of short rows of which I am using the recommended German short rows and it is fantastic.  The wool I am using is Rosy Green wool left over from my Nasreen.

On to Me Made May. Since it has been two weeks I will include a selection of outfits rather than a day by day account.
I wore my Camden Cap by Woolly Wormhead.  Yarn is Countess Ablaze. I will probably have this on again today as we are going to the racing.

This is my modified Coco - I love this dress and actually can't wait to make another.  You will see this lots of times worn with different tops.
 This is my first boxy - the worsted boxy, knit in Drops yarn.
 This is probably my favorite sweater - Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki, knit in my own dyed yarn and some travel knitter.
 Because I wore similar outfits on a couple of occasions here are my pyjama bottoms worn on more than one occasion!
 Another way of wearing my Coco, with my first Zinone over the top.  Zinone is by Andi Satterlund and is knit in a yarn by Eden Cottage but I can't remember which.
 A sneak peak of the socks under my leggings!
Buchanan worn yesterday, knit in yarn from Coldwater Mill.

Sunday 12 May 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 46

Well, where did this week go?  I don't feel like I have done anything.  I did a few me made may updates but then have not blogged about them (I will see what I can do today!)
So, I did have an FO this week.
I finished the Camden cap earlier in the week.  This hat is by Woolly Wormhead and I have the next one lined up.
I knit this in the Countess Ablaze yarn which was lovely, I think I need some more!
Otherwise, I have made progress on Understated and am nearly at the joining in the round stage.
I also did a little work on m socks and mended some that needed it.
We are reaching the peak of the school year in that exams start tomorrow.  With that sees a lot of my students going on study leave so this week should be much quieter.
Mostly this week was spent building up to Daniel's birthday party.  He had an animal party yesterday which was fabulous, held at our local nature centre.

We then went out for pizza.  So a great day was had!
I will be back with a proper post soon!

Sunday 5 May 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 45

It's May!  Part of my Year of Projects aims was to take part in Me Made May.  It has started very well and I blogged about the first three days here.
I have various projects for this week - I still don't have some FO pictures of Nasreen and the Grass River Tunic.  I promise I will have next week!

Having finished these two I started some new projects.
I cast on the Camden Cap by Woolly Wormhead.  I watched an episode of the Fruity Knitting podcast and was so inspired by the interview I used my discount to purchase some of Woolly's patterns (and some Countess Ablaze yarn to knit it in!)
This project is just flying along and should be finished in no time.
I also bought some other patterns and it may be what I do with the left over rosy green yarn from Nasreen.
I also cast on Understated by Joji Locatelli from the new Interpretations book.  I am using some yarn from De Rerum Natura which is gorgeous.
I also cast on some shortie socks in some left over sock yarn (I think it is yarn by Amy again at Stranded - I think it is the Christmas colorway)
And that is my week.  It is a long weekend here in the UK this week so I hope to get lots of knitting done.  Will catch up next week

Friday 3 May 2019

Me Made May 2019 - week 1

Ok, so I know it's not a whole week, but I think it may be difficult to blog on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
May has got off to a great start. 
Wednesday 1st May
I wore one of my newest Coco's by Tilly and The Buttons. The material is a lovely stretch fabric which lends itself to Coco very well. 
Thursday 2nd May
I wore the same Coco dress, but this time with my Quiet Stars cardi by Joji Locatelli.  This is from Interpretations 5 and I love it (I wear it a lot).  The yarn is from Amy at Stranded Dyeworks and is holding up so well.  Given how much I wear it, there is no pilling, in fact it is so good I really want to get one of Amy's pre-orders of yarn for another sweater.
Friday 3rd May
Today I wore another Coco, and another of my newest Coco's.  The material is another stretch fabric I got quite a while ago.
So there we have week one.  I think I have set off ok but we are only 3 days in!
I will check back in next week with the next 7 outfits.