The Garden Project

January tasks
  • Clean the greenhouse - remove all dead plants, re pot any living plants, tidy and clean as necessary
  • 'book' Julie and her chainsaw for the February half term to take down the decking and book a skip for the same time
  • Clear the garden of leaves
  • Cut back all brambles
  • Prune the raspberries right down in fruit cage
  • Research a stand for the strawberries
February tasks
  • Take down decking
  • sort out patio
  • Make strawberry stand
  • Sow cabbages, lettuce and basil
  • Soak sweet peas
  • Buy potatoes
March tasks
  • Sow peas
  • Sow more lettuce
  • Sow tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers
  • Prepare pots for courgettes
  • Sow carrots
April tasks
  • Sow potatoes
  • Build barbecue
  • Sow cougettes
  • Sow beetroot and french beans
  • Sow pumpkin and squash
May tasks
  • Earth up potatoes
  • weeding
June tasks
  • sow more carrots
  • harvest fruit and veg
July tasks
  • Harvest
August tasks
  • Harvest
September tasks
  • Harvest
October tasks
  • Harvest pumpkin
November tasks
  • Clean greenhouse
  • dig over veg garden
December tasks
  • Review

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