Sunday 27 April 2014

Year of Projects Update

I haven't made a huge amount of progress this week.
I have put together a whole load of purses for the craft fair.  Here they are in progress yesterday and then completed today.

Have also cast on for my cardigan - Ravelry link is here

Saturday 26 April 2014

what are we up to?

We haven't done a great deal, but I thought I would update on our holiday, Thomas's zoo adventure, the garden, a little knitting and some inspiration from pinterest.

I don't think anyone wanted to come home from our holiday.  We had such fun on the beach - here is the four of them in a hole (my 2 boys and their cousins)!

While me and Daniel went back to work and the childminder, Thomas and Darren went to the zoo.  They went to a new one (for us) called Port Lympne and had a fabulous time.  Thomas came home exhausted and here he is making a face with one of their gorillas!!

The garden is starting to come back to life.  We have sown lots of seedlings and most are in the greenhouse.  The trees are blooming, such as this lilac.

I have cast on a cardigan since finishing Lilys poncho - here it is in its early stages.

I didn't get enough of Mel's yarn to do it entirely in one colour, so I am going to do stripes with gingerbread and honey.
I have also started work on some smaller purses for my craft stall.  Here are the purses in progress.

Finally, my pinterest inspiration for this week are these:

The bag is patchwork - I am building up to making a large tote bag to carry all the 'stuff' in for the boys.  It will probably not be patchwork but I like the idea.  The ice cubes I have done before with herbs, but love the idea of the raspberries.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Year of Projects Update - Easter Holidays

Just a short update this week as we have been away.
I have knitted a few purses on the road and I finished the poncho for Lily.  The model is my son, on who it doesn't really suit, the poncho is unblocked and it's for her birthday which is not for 8 months, so it is a little big!!  But it is finished - hurrah - I will be casting on my next garment which will be for me.

Nothing else to report in the knitting department, so I will leave you with a couple of pictures from our holiday - 2 from the beach and 1 from earlier today Easter egg hunting!!

Sunday 13 April 2014

Year of Projects Update

I have made much progress this week!!

I have made progress on the poncho for Lily, but not finished yet.

I finished Miss Winkle and here she is on the only model I could find!!

I made my skirt, and a pegbag.  The skirt isn't brilliant - hence photo of small bit(!!) and I may never wear it, but I did it and I know better for next time.

I have been making various flower brooches and want to do a few more - I especially like the fabric one, but my pinterest inspiration this week will be for these to turn into keyrings.
                                          Amigurumi | Owl - Mr. Murasaki | Free Pattern & Tutorial at - Part 2
This is not mine, I hasten to add - but I would like to make something like this and I think it would be easy to adapt to a minion!

                                          David Textiles - Blue Angry Birds Float On Flannel - cotton fabric - I'm going to make the boys pj's!!

My next foray into sewing will be some pjs for the boys - I have the fabric and this forms the basis of my second pin - the fabric!

Also, (can I fit in more? - yes, I'm on holiday!) I was inspired by Supertinks 2 weeks ago, who said she was working on her new list.  So, I started thinking about mine - a few ideas have come together and some project bags have been assembled!

Finally, I have realised if I ever want to sell anything I will have to get more arty with my photography!!  So here is my first real attempt at arty!!  As you can see the sun is shining so we are off out to enjoy the spring weather - going to Tilgate Park near where we live to visit the animals.  Have a lovely day and week!

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

Thought I would share my WIP's today, together with my inspiration for next week.
Firstly, I have made a whole host of knitted flower brooches.  This is a WIP as I have many more to make before the craft fair, but they are nice and quick and easy.

My poncho for Lily is progressing, but I haven't done any more this week.

Look what came today!!  They are all from Mellifera Yarn.  The browns and yellows are cash sock and destined to be my next WIP - a featherlight wrap to knit.  The rest I do not have a project in mind yet but am browsing!!
Also picked up this week, are these - the red on the bottom to make a dress!!  The rest I am not sure yet but I do want to make a top and an apron.
fresh hues | color + inspiration -  we are so into bubbles at the moment - these are beautiful!

At home, bubbles are the big thing at the moment, so when this turned up on my blog list, I had to include it!

And finally, we have had a playdate today and had an Easter egg hunt and did some Easter crafting - here is a sneak peek!

Monday 7 April 2014

Miss Winkle - the conclusion

Well she is finished!!
I got to 35 loops and had the tiniest ball of yarn left, so I decided not to risk a last loop!
Then there was the blocking - I had thought a stake but forgot to buy new ones when we went to the garden centre and thought an old one wasn't really the thing to do.  In the end I went with some childrens golf clubs - as you do - they were the only tubes of the right size I could find.

Anyway, she's lovely and here she is

Of course, I cannot take good pictures of myself wearing garments - so I found a willing model!!  I think he wears it well!
I have really enjoyed this knit-along.  It was organised by Sarah of Crafts from the Cwtch - please check the link for more Winkles!!

Sunday 6 April 2014

A Year of Projects Update

Another week flies by!!  I didn't update last week as we went to see the Touring Car championship.  We had a great time, the weather was fine and I managed to get some knitting done.  Thomas got to sit in a real live racing car so he was happy!!

I have made progress on Miss Winkle - here she is at the 30 loop stage - I have since completed another 4 and expect to be able to do a further 2 and then cast off in the next couple of days.

I have also progressed on the poncho for Lily - I am nearly at the division for the sleeves - again I hope to nearly complete this by the end of the week.

I finished the bunting!!

Finally I bought some flowers for myself today.  I chose the alstroemeria and my son chose the 'colourful' chrysanths!  But you know what?  I think they look quite good together - very spring\summer like and just the thing to lift the spirits!!

Hope you all have a lovely week - we are now on Easter break, so hope to get lots done!

Thursday 3 April 2014

An Update on Everything!

Thought I would update on all my latest projects.
Firstly, the pins!  I have been choosing 2 pins a week as inspiration for my crafting and acting in some way about them.  My first 2 pins were these:
pattern ~ scissors ~ cloth: The Miranda Skirt Pattern - tutorial for a simple skirt                  bunting for the boys rooms

I have nearly finished the bunting as you can see here - hopefully I will have it completed by the weekend.

I have also cut the fabric for my box pleated skirt - I have managed to cut it wrong of course, which means I will be essentially working without a pattern (whether this is very silly or inspired, remains to be seen!!)  I hope to get to work sewing this at the weekend.

My next pins were these:

I successfully baked cupcakes for a charity sale, pictured here

I have not made any progress toward the dress as I am waiting to complete the skirt before I purchase fabric and am awaiting a pattern.

Have chosen these as my next pins:
Ideas for Easter crafts              More ideas for Easter craftsMy son is having a friend over at the start of the Easter break, so we will have an egg hunt and make Easter cards as per the first pin and make some bunnies as per the second!

From the other projects that I am in the midst of:
Miss Winkle is coming along nicely, am up to 30 loops and hope to cast off in the next few days.  Here she is at the moment

My poncho for Lily is also coming along, I am nearly at the division for sleeves as you can see here

My purses to sell at the craft fair are progressing well as you can see on my products page - here is my latest one, I am currently putting a slightly different colourway together.

So there you have it - all my projects at this moment in time.  It is very nearly the Easter break, so in 2 weeks I hope to have much progress to report!