Sunday 30 June 2024

A Year of Projects Update - round up post

 This year has flown by and here we are again!  Rounding up the Year of Projects Year!

I feel I have accomplished a fair bit this year and a reasonable amount from my list.  Here is just a selection of my finished objects.

I think there may be some other sewing projects but I didn't find them.  I have one more FO that I finished today, but it is not photographed yet so I will reveal that in a couple of weeks!  

Next week, I will have my new shiny list for your delectation!  In the meantime I hope you all have a great week  😊 

Sunday 16 June 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 50

 How is it possibly week 50?  Time is rolling by so fast and yet I am not making much progress on my projects!

No matter!

I have done both sleeves for my Maywick (grant you, they are short sleeves) and attached them so I only have the yoke to go.  And since that is decreasing, I am hoping it won't take too long!

Colour isn't great in the photo - the sun was shining (which is rare at the moment!) so it looks black and white - it isn't- it is grey and purple and black and yellow!

That is all I have done this week.  The only other thing of note was that I had a manicure!  I haven't had one since I got married, but my nails were dreadful (possibly menopause linked) and so I had some new fangled treatment called Biab ( now I sound really old!)  Anyway it looks lovely,  hopefully it will help my nails and I will go back in 3 weeks to top it up!

That's all for this week, except that some were asking about the dress pattern from last week - it doesn't have a name as it is an old retro pattern - Butterick B4790.

I hope everyone has a great week - it is supposed to finally get a bit warmer here this week so we will see!

Sunday 9 June 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

 Our weather is being very odd - it's been rather chilly of late!  Mind you, this I prefer to the heat, so really, long may it continue!

I managed to complete my dress today.

I really like this pattern, and as a result have bought fabric for two more!
I had nearly finished it during the week but I altered the darts today and love it.
I have also got to the sleeves for my Maywick  - hopefully they won't take too long as I don't want long  sleeves 
I spent a little time in the garden this weekend,  just a bit of tidying really.  I did get some more rhubarb so I can make some more rhubarb gin.  The last batch was lovely, so I'm very keen to make more!

We have a busy week this week.  It is Thomas's last week of exams and Daniel has a school trip.  But hopefully, will be able to put in some crafting time!

I hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 2 June 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 48

 I keep running out of time!  I have had all week, albeit some spent with mum, but I haven't had to go to work.   And yet, I still ran out of time!

I did do a fair bit of progress on all projects.

I did more on Maywick and have now spit for the sleeves.  I now need to knit the sleeves to add them in and finish. 

I also did a fair bit on my February socks and am now nearly at the heel. 

I also recieved some bias binding I had ordered and am now finishing the dress I started.  

I know I say this alot but I'm hopeful I will be able to show you the progress next week!

I shall leave you with a couple of photos from my trip to visit mum and a swim at the start of the week.