Sunday 9 June 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

 Our weather is being very odd - it's been rather chilly of late!  Mind you, this I prefer to the heat, so really, long may it continue!

I managed to complete my dress today.

I really like this pattern, and as a result have bought fabric for two more!
I had nearly finished it during the week but I altered the darts today and love it.
I have also got to the sleeves for my Maywick  - hopefully they won't take too long as I don't want long  sleeves 
I spent a little time in the garden this weekend,  just a bit of tidying really.  I did get some more rhubarb so I can make some more rhubarb gin.  The last batch was lovely, so I'm very keen to make more!

We have a busy week this week.  It is Thomas's last week of exams and Daniel has a school trip.  But hopefully, will be able to put in some crafting time!

I hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. The dress looks lovely. What a delightful fabric you selected. What is the name of the pattern?

  2. Your dress looks great on you. I can see why you want to make more. Dresses are so much cooler in the summer heat! Good luck to Thomas on his exams and hopefully Daniel will have a great trip.

  3. What a pretty dress. Now you just need it warm enough for cap sleeves. Rhubarb gin does sound wonderful.

  4. I love your dress. It’s been Baltic up here, heating has been coming on every morning and I had to dig out all my winter clothes so I could stop moaning about being cold. Now I’m just pretending it’s still March/April and it’s much easier to tolerate. The dress is lovely, have you thought about applying for a series of the Sewing Bee?

    1. Doh that was Liz…I’m sure you’d have guessed that from the “up here”