Tuesday 31 March 2015

Love Your Library?

Okay, so a couple of months ago I joined in with the love your library challenge, to try to use as many patterns from stash as possible.  Well in all honesty, I've not been doing too well!

Abate was in my library, and my last socks.  The mystery KAL socks were technically in my library, but had only been there for a few days.

I am knitting Aiken for me at the moment, but I bought that instead of using a pattern I already had.

And now I am obsessing over a new sweater pattern called Rhombing around, that I just have to buy when it is released!!  I do, however, have yarn in stash for this one!
Rhombing around in pink by La Maison Rililie. malabrigo Arroyo in Borrajas, prussia Blue and Plomo This version is one of the test knits - any day now!!

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Sunday 29 March 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

A little more progress this week.
I have knit a few more rounds of Abate.  Hope to get this finished over the next two weeks.  And having turned the heel of my socks, I am making my way along the foot.

I knit a few more rounds of Aiken. I hope to finish the body over the next two weeks.  I am hoping to finish this quite soon as I have been obsessing over a sweater on Ravelry that I really want to start. Mind you, it's not been published yet, but should be any day now.  It's called Rhombing around and is by Le Maison Rilili.  The test knits are gorgeous and I have some sport in stash....

When I was in London, I saw loads of dresses with crystal details on the neckline.  So I bought a necklace, took it apart, embellished it and have incorporated it into the neckline of my dress.

Also, decided to bake today - some Easter cakes for the boys and coffee cake for me and my husband. We are all off this week so will need cake!!

Sunday 22 March 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 38

Just a very short update this morning as I am off to London with my sister in law today.  I have been looking forward to this for ages, a day of coffee and cake and lunch - maybe a cheeky glass of wine!!?

Anyway, I digress, what about knitting?  In all honesty, I have made little progress this week.  I have worked fairly exclusively on the Phyllis socks.  They are gorgeous and a lovely pattern that is well written, but they are taking me forever.  I have now got to the heel turn and the pattern is only on the top, so hopefully, I will speed towards the toe.
Otherwise, I have done very little - a row or two on Abate.
I have CO a bathmat in some Boodles, fabric yarn - as you do!  I've been meaning to for ages but this week I needed to make more room for some sock yarn purchases!!
Right, best get ready to go - will post photos and hopefully, lots of progress next week.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 37

No real FO's this week, unless you count a quick sheep hat for Daniel for Comic Relief!!  Which of course we do!
Other than that I have made progress on everything, but you may not be able to tell!
I have progressed on the Abate for Thomas and the Aiken for me.  I have divided for the sleeves on both and working down the body.

I have cast on Phyllis in Mellifera yarn cash sock, I am really enjoying these socks, I have done the ribbing and am now going down the leg.  It is somewhat slow going but the KAL runs until the end of April, so I should be ok.

I have done a couple more rows on the shawl.

So thats all for this week - I have finally updated the list, so here it is.
WIP's and Deadlines
  • Christmas jumper - timetable is here - hope to finish by Christmas (2015!)
  • Myrna - FINISHED 19th July (accompanied by Delphine skirt)
  • 2 baby hats - for Thomas's teacher's twins - FINISHED 19th July
  • Raspberry tart - test knit for 24th August - FINISHED 17th August - second FINISHED
  • Wedding Outfit project - whole ensemble for 4th July 
  • Rainbow KAL socks  - year long KAL with UK sock knitters will not do every pair but aim for some! 1 KAL complete 
Projects for me - knitting
  • Aiken - gillaitt yarn - in progress
  • Aquae tank top - mellifera yarn
  • Spiced cocoa mitts - malabrigo rios - 4 pairs finished
  • Take it Easy - mellifera yarn
  • Socks - will aim for six pairs - yarn from stash 3 pairs completed
  • Samantha
  • Hat - Odd Stripes - Finished
  • Fragile heart - shawl for the wedding - in progress
  • Miranda - Sweater using Madelinetosh Pashmina worsted
Projects for me and the boys - sewing
  • Pyjamas - pink gingham fabric - FINISHED 1st August - will continue to make more
  • Delphine skirt - FINISHED 12th July to accompany Myrna
  • Blouse for work - Spotty fabric in stash - Finished
  • Dress - as part of wedding outfit - Coco complete
  • Quilted owl
  • 2 Jumpers for boys - we think abate - 1 complete
Gift knitting
  • Bunny purse for Debs
  • Little Tourist Poncho for Lily - completed
  • Sun hat for Daniel
  • Ongoing swatch baby blanket - yarn bought - patterns from Lets Knit
  • 3 baby hats
Products to develop
  • Bangles and knitted jewelry - finished
  • Small purses for boys
  • Lavender bags - Completed - more to follow
  • Wreaths - nearly finished 4
  • Baby range - hats and socks - developed - more to follow
  • Christmas decs - completed some - more to follow
  • Pom Poms!
Techniques to learn
  • Double knitting
  • Quilting

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Project WO - an update

I haven't updated on this project for a little while as there has been little progress.  But over he last few weeks I have made strides.
I changed my mind on the pattern for the dress, as I made a Coco
I really enjoyed the pattern and it was so easy to follow, I decided a Coco was the way to go.  So I purchased some lovely fabric from Minerva Crafts, which still goes with the colour of the shawl.

And so having laundered the fabric last weekend, I made up the dress this weekend.  And here it is..

I am very happy with it - I made it slightly longer than the pattern and obviously with shorter sleeves. I made one mistake, putting the sleeve on the wrong way which required unpicking, but I have seen them do that on the sewing bee, so I know even the best do it!!  At the moment I have omitted pockets because I thought the pattern was enough but I may change my mind - I will look at others on Pinterest!
So the next stage - I have not one but two knicker making kits, so I think I will have a go at these!  I need to finish the shawl, and then I'm even contemplating a fascinator!
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Sunday 8 March 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 36

Lots of lovely progress this week, although I feel somewhat guilty as to how I managed it!!
Thomas was ill for most of the week, so my husband had him on Monday and Tuesday, but I had to be home with him on  Wednesday and Thursday.  An enforced holiday to knit!

So, I finished the aran socks last weekend.  Love them and worn them already.

I finished the commission yesterday

All ready to package for delivery.

I made progress on my Aiken - I have now finished the lace part and now am onto stockinette body.

I CO the second Abate for Thomas.

And decided I couldn't live without socks OTN (very odd for me, but I'm going with it).  I received some more needles at the start of the week so I'm attempting my first TAAT on 2 long circular needles - which has started well.  These are Phyllis by Rachel Coopey, she is running a KAL with these in her group on Ravelry.

I also completed my Coco today to wear at the wedding.  I am very pleased with it - now just need to finish the accessories.

To read more - pop over to the year of projects group here on Ravelry.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 35

My word, another week flies by!

Last weekend I knit a whole sock in one day!!  Grant you, it was in worsted weight, but still it's a whole sock!

It is a plain vanilla sock knitted in Mellifera Yarn in vamp - gorgeous.  I have started the second but have got a little distracted.

By what, you may ask?  Well, I've cast on Aiken and made good progress on that.  Notes are on my project page.

I got a new commission on Monday, so I started work on that - two pairs of wristwarmers.

And I received the material to make another Coco for the wedding - it's washed and dried - just needs to be ironed and I can start cutting.  I think the shawl will still go with it.

Think that's about it - to read more, check out the year of projects group here on Ravelry.