Sunday 25 February 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 34

 We have had a fairly normal week here in the South of England!  Despite that I still don't have a photo of my jacket - hopefully next week. 

I have made a little progress on my socks and my Delovely skirt. 

It's coming along nicely   I am using John Arbon Textiles Yarnadelic and am now beyond all of the calculations and just going round and round increasing occasionally. 

I have done a little bit on my socks, but not enough to finish them this month - not to worry!

I have managed to spend a bit of time in the garden this weekend,  I  have done a bit of mulching of raspberries, set up a new compost bin and organised a few pots.

We also had the second of our Swedish nights yesterday.  We are holidaying there in the summer so we are preparing by having some Swedish evenings where we eat the food and practice some phrases.

Anyway - my aim this week is to take more photos and get round to commenting on the other blogs!

Sunday 18 February 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

 So I said I would prepare a proper update this week, but it isn't to be.  By the time I return home I will have to get us sorted for the week ahead so will not gave time to do it properly. 

I have finished my jacket, but do not have a photo, so will post that next week.  The only thing I  have  is my socks for this month.

As you can see, they are only just started.  They are being knit in Fine Fish Yarn.

And that is all I have time for this week.  Hopefully, we will be back on an even keel next weekend. 

Hope everyone has a great week. 

Monday 12 February 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 32

 Oh my, so I nearly missed this week as well!

I think, despite the fact that I have made progress on my projects, I will do a quick update and work towards a proper update next week!

A couple of weeks ago my mum got taken into hospital.  She was there for a week while they put in a bile duct stent and found a tumour.   She is the sole carer for my dad who therefore, had to be put into respite care.   Mum and dad live 4 hours away and so my brother stayed with her and looked after dad in those initial days.  When she was due to come out she obviously needed someone there which was me.  So I went to Somerset for last week to look after her.  I returned Saturday morning and am going back at the end of this week for just a couple of days.

So all in all, its been a bit crazy and hence no update last week.  This week is half term and so hopefully, I will be able to do a proper update next Sunday.

I hope everyone is well and has a good week.