Sunday 22 February 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 34

We have had such a lovely week.  Me and the boys went to Somerset to spend the week with my mum and dad.  It meant we were able to relax and do very little for a few days.  I did, however, manage to fit in a fair bit of knitting.

I finished Abate - Daniel loves it, and, although the arms are a bit long, he has worn it lots.

I finished the bag - I just need to find the right handles now to complete it.

Most excitingly though.... I have made good progress on my Christmas jumper!!  This was supposed to be finished this last year, but I hardly started it.  Now I have finished the bottom ribbing and the first colourwork part, and am making my way up the body.

Very exciting stuff!

I have also finished my Coco this morning, which was so easy and straightforward I am very tempted to change my mind and have this as my wedding outfit.  I know it looks a little like a sack here, but I think it looks better IRL!!

As a result of completing a couple of projects I have CO some more!  I have CO Aiken by Andi Satterlund and snow socks.  Oh yes, and an Abate for Thomas.
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Monday 16 February 2015

Year of Projects/Love Your Library/Project WO

I'm a woman of very little time this week (when is that ever not true!?) - so I have decided a post for all will be the best way forward.  Some apologies for the photos - I've had to use my Kindle today.

Year of Projects
I am still progressing on Abate - I have started one sleeve, just one and the neckband to go.

The bag is also progressing, I am nearly half way through.

For Love your Library, I have done very little apart from the above progress.  I have also decided to knit by Aiken by Andi Satterlund, that has been in my Ravelry library for a while using my Gilliatt from stash next.

Equally, I haven't made lots of progress on project WO, but I have made small inroads.  The material is cut for the dress and hopefully, will get sewn next weekend, along with a Coco.  I have brought my Fragile Heart with me (me and the boys are at my parents this week) and so I hope to make some progress on this.

I will be linking with the Year of Projects group here, KCCO here and Snapdragon crafts this week.

Sunday 8 February 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 32

Some finishes this week.  Firstly, I finished the socks

I blogged about the construction here.
I also completed a very quick knit of a phone case that I will be gifting to my sister in law

She asked for one last week, so that was a nice quick knit, and it used some yarn from my stash.

I made a little more progress on Abate

And I cast on a bag that I want to design for the stall

So there you have it.  This week I want to finish the bag and hopefully, Abate.  Following that I have some plans from my library that I will elaborate on, on Tuesday.  I'd quite like to finish my skirt today as well, and maybe cut out my Coco... we will see!
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Tuesday 3 February 2015


I thought I would document my first foray into knitting gorgeous socks that I am actually really quite pleased with!
So at the end of December, I joined a mkal with the Maria Rosa Knits Away group on Ravelry.  There were going to be 4 clues released every Wednesday through January.

My yarn was a super soft cash sock from Mellifera yarn in Rain.
I have never tried taat socks and I was a little confused by the idea of doing them with 2 long circular needles, so I decided to buy five more Dpn's in size 2mm and use those as I was familiar with them.
Toes went well and fast!!  Looking at the other posts I soon realised how the two circular needles worked - so next time...

The foot section slowed me down a little, but doing taat was definitely speedier than one at a time.

The heel was a fleegle heel, which I had never tried before.  Loved it - it looked a little odd on the needles, but having tried them on now they feel lovely and fit perfectly.

The leg section seemed to be never ending but then all of a sudden it came together and they were done.  I love them - they fit, they are soft and they are a lovely colour.
So there you go - first completed project to reduce my stash (of patterns - I had signed up before Christmas and yarn)

Next project to reduce the stash was going to be See You There - but think I may go for Samantha
by Amy Miller.
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Sunday 1 February 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 31

I don't think there is anything new this week, just progress on WIP's.
The socks are so nearly finished I can hardly bear it!!  There are a couple of flaws, but they are for me and this is my hobby!!  Items for the stall and gifts are a different matter - they should be perfect, but things I have made for myself, to learn a new skill, or simply because I wanted the item, I deal with some imperfections!!  I am not answering anyone by the way - I think I wanted to square it with myself!
 Some asked about the Fleegle heel.  This is is the first time I have done one and I really liked it - it was very easy (when I wasn't distracted by a 3 year old!), it looks a little strange but most people in the KAL found it fit very well, as soon as I am finished I will try them and judge!!  The tutorial for the heel is here.

Abate is progressing, I have separated for the sleeves and making my way through the body.

The second photo is a slightly better representation of the colour - less pink.
I have made no progress on my Fragile Heart, so no photo there!
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Hope you all have a lovely week :-)