Sunday 27 May 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 48

And so I missed another week!  Yet again time got away from me.  We went to the touring cars last Sunday and then I was into the last week of school for some of my students.
I do have a few bits to update and there are only four weeks left of the year of projects!!  We are nearly into year 8.
I have no FO's but several things nearly there.
My shortie socks are almost done.  At the time of writing I have turned the heel on both socks and since they are shortie socks, there is very little left.
I started the girlfriend market bag with my leftover Blacker Lyonesse (which is a linen blend yarn) and I am making good progress through this.
My Quiet Stars by Joji is coming along but it looks very much like it did last time I posted so I haven't taken a pic this week.
Dream Knitting
The Outfit Along (OAL) is a knit/sew along hosted by Andi Satterlund and Lauren of Lladybird blog.  I took part in the first 2, but I definitely didn't do last year and I might not have done the year before.  This year I thought I might take part and then I saw the two featured patterns.  Waters is a tee shirt style top by Andi which is similar in style to Zinone of which I have 2 and love.  The sewing pattern is the Lander pants.  Now I have wanted to make some trousers for a while but thought this may be the motivation I need.  So I am ready for the start date of the 1st June (it runs until the 31st July). 
The fabric is a lovely linen I got from Fabric Godmother here in the UK.  And the yarn is yet more Blacker Lyonesse that I love.
I also decided to make a muslin of a pair of shorts from the pattern - I have cut the pieces and may start to run that up this afternoon.
I also purchased Like a Cloud this week as I already have the yarn for this.  As soon as I cast it on I will share - I think it may go into my year 8 list.
And I think that is it for this week.  I have this week off and although we are going camping for a couple of days I envisage getting lots of knitting in.

Sunday 13 May 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 46

We have had a birthday weekend here this week!  Daniel is 7 today, can't believe it was 7 years ago!
I have no FO's this week.  But I now have a few WIP's. 
My Quiet Stars by Joji Locatelli is coming along nicely.  The lace is nice and easy to remember and so now it's just a lot of back and forth.
I also made a little progress on my summer shortie socks.  This is the hot air balloon colourway by Little French Meadow. 
I also cast on a market bag with my left over Lyonese yarn, which is a linen blend by Blacker.
Later this week I also intend to cast on some mitts for Daniel.  My drawing challenge is coming along, I will try to put some pics together for next week.

Other than that we are going bowling in a little while and then will be having a birthday roast dinner and cake.  Daniel wanted to help with the cake so he added sprinkles and I needed help getting the Kit Kat fingers to the right length!
Hope everyone has a lovely week.

Monday 7 May 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 45

I'm not completely sure what happened the last 2 weeks.  Last week time just got completely away from me.  We weren't particularly busy but I ran out of time.  This week my husband hd the laptop so I couldn't blog yesterday.  Anyway, what have I been up to?

I finished Thomas's socks last week.  These are basically the blueberry waffle socks knit in the Knitting Goddess Tiger feet. I shall be starting Daniel's soon.
I have also pretty much finished my first pair of mitts.  I unfortunately missed a couple of increases, so the thumb hole is a little tight but I am hoping I might be able to block them rather than rip back, but I shall sort that out later.

This all meant I only have one active WIP on my needles (what...?)  My Quiet Stars by Joji.  This is coming along lovely, but I feel it is going to take a little while now.

I do have 2 old WIP's which I am going to try to progress with soon - honestly!
However, this means I need to cast on more!  I have decided to put the next socks (magnolia) by Helen Stewart on hold for a moment and instead jump back in next month.  I have instead cast on some shortie socks for myself.
I am also going to cast on a market bag out of the leftover Lyonese from my Zinone.  In addition I have put the yarn to one side to knit Daniel a pair of gloves for Christmas - he tells me he wants fingers!

We have been enjoying another warm spell here in the UK.  This is unusual for a bank holiday weekend but we are not complaining.  I have been watching the Green Bean podcast by the lady that illustrates the Pom Pom magazines and she has inspired my to get my sketchpads back out and do some drawing.  I used to draw quite a bit, but haven't done it for ages.  So to kick start this I signed up to 2, 31 day drawing challenges with Creativebug. Daniel is joining me and so far we are keeping up nicely.  We are going to Tilgate today - a local park with an animal centre, so we will take our drawing materials - I may share next week.
I also made some summerfruit jam - I found the fruit in the deepest darkest depths of the freezer so thought I would do something useful with it!