Sunday 11 August 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 6

We have had a nice quiet week here.  We have just spent lots of time relaxing and crafting.  We are about to enter a fairly busy couple of weeks, so I will probably not post next week.  I will try to update in pictures in a couple of weeks!
But for now I have lots of progress - no finished objects - but lots of knitting has happened.
First up are my stripey socks.  I have turned the heel on my second sock and am now making my way along the leg.  This is yarn from Dragon Hill studio and I did quite a long leg on the first sock, so I have a little way to go.
I have made great progress on Epistrophy.  I have all but finished the body and am now working the sleeves.  This is a cardigan by Kate Davies for the Yokes book and the yarn is from Coldharbour Mill.  This is my proper first full steeked project so I am quite excited by that part.
I have also finally cast on Fariage from Pom Pom.  This is using my moth saved yarn and is going very nicely at the moment!
The yarn is my own dyed using onion skins.
And finally, I joined the ChelseaMakes Patreon group because I love the knitting she comes out with.  She is hosting a brioche along from the 16th August.  Now brioche has been on my list of things to master for a long time so I thought I would take the plunge.  I first was going to have a go at a hat, but soon thought if I have to master increases and decreases as well I may as well try a garment I might use - so Askews Me here we come!
I shall be attempting Askews Me by Stephen West which is a fully brioched sweater with lots of leftover yarn - wish me luck!

And that is it for this week.  As I said, I may not check in next week as we are away this week, then meeting Darren at the weekend and then going on holiday. 

Monday 5 August 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

We have had a very pleasant week and will finish off with us at Snetterton race circuit camping for the weekend.  I am writing this in the week and will put this up when we return on Monday.
I have an FO this week!
The shortie socks are finished and have been well used already.
This is a toe up version of the Rose City Rollers with a German short row heel.  I used some leftover Christmas yarn from Amy at Stranded dyeworks, with a tiny bit of a random mini to make the leg a little longer.
I also cast on Epistrophy using some Coldwater Mill yarn that I bought a few years ago.  A photo will be provided next week!
I didn't cast on Faraige as I had some minor moth dramas!  I found evidence of moths in both sets of yarn for Faraige and Epistrophy, so into the freezer went most of the yarn for 72 hours.  There was some for Epistropy that was fine so I started with that, but had to wait for the rest.  Following it's icing, I then put the yarn on the back shelf of my car to heat up, so hopefully I have them.  I also invested in some industrial strength moth traps.  I already have lavender all over the place but obviously that wasn't enough.
Last week I also worked on some candles for Christmas.  It was so easy, I made 5 although I have lots more mugs to go.
Lastly I will leave you with some cushion covers that I made for Daniel a few weeks ago.  He picked out the fabric and I ran them up for him a bit later.  He loves them!