Sunday 20 August 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 7

 I cannot believe it is nearly the end of our holiday!  We are off to Cornwall today so am posting now before we lose internet for a week.

It is going to be a quick update this week as we are finishing packing in a moment. 

I finished my jacket but have not taken photos so will post that when I am back.  I have made progress on my wrap top, although it doesn't look like it!  I got to the end of the right side and realised I had made a mistake.  Now usually I live with mistakes and make them a design feature, but this time I couldn't, so had to rip back.  Anyway,  I started the front again, but this time both sides at once.

It's coming along nicely now - I am not taking it with me, just taking my socks as I hope to catch up on some reading.

And that really is it - we have been visiting places this last week but I will catch you up on that in a couple of weeks.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday 6 August 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

 We have had a nice relaxing week.  Our internet has been down so the boys have had to find other things to do  but the weather has not been kind this week - so we have spent most of it inside.  As a result, I have done lots of crafting!

I have made progress on my Pineberry from Pompom magazine.

I am knitting this in Eden Cottage yarn.   I have nearly finished the front and the back is done  so just the left front and the ties to go.

I have also made a pair of trousers.  I am going to progress to a suit jacket that goes with them but these are the trousers.  I have a bit of finishing to do but otherwise they are done!

And that is it for this week.   I hope to do a few more activities this week!  We are hoping to get swimming and at the end of the week we are flying to Scotland to watch some touring cars!

Anyway,  I hope everyone has a good week and hopefully I will be able to post next week from Knock Hill.