Sunday 28 July 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

Slightly more progress has been made this week!  We started our summer holiday this week and so have been out and about a little bit.  We are still at home for most of this next week but we are going camping at the end of the week.

I have one!
I finished Sanctuary this morning.  This is from Pom Pom magazine and I loved it. 
The yarn is Eden Cottage yarn Askham 4 ply in the colourway crocosomia, which was also lovely.  I originally used it for my grass river tunic, but it was never the right combination.  This is much better.
This now means that I have finished both of my outfit along outfits just in time for the deadline.
I also managed a few more rows on my shortie socks and turned the heels on both.  Now I only have to do a little more and they are done, since I have done them toe up.
We are having a very lazy day today so I have take the opportunity to start making some candles, which I will report back on next week.  I also pulled out my Margot pattern pieces as I want to make some shorts and trousers from my stash of fabric.

I am also going to cast on two new sweaters - epistrophy (that has been ready and waiting for a couple of years now) and Faience, so I have to wind all of the yarn in a bit. 

Sunday 21 July 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 3

It's going to be very short and sweet this week.  It's been a bit of a week and there has not been much knitting going on. 

That said I did finish the bottle carrier.  This is knit in leftover Rosy Green yarn and should be just the ticket.
I also knit a few rounds on Sanctuary, but not enough to see much progress. I also took my socks with me to mum and dad's so did a bit on them but again not really enough to photograph.  Hopefully next week should be a more fruitful one!
Have a great week.

Sunday 14 July 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 2

Since revealing my new list last week, I have mostly worked away on existing projects.
The majority of my time has been spent on Sanctuary.  I am loving knitting on this.  It is slow going, but that is because it is virtually laceweight.  It is very addictive where every round is different, but also easy to memorise.
The yarn is my repurposed Eden Cottage.
I have knit a little on my shortie socks.  I also decided that I needed to start the second stripey sock, or I might never do it.  So I have added it to the same needle just to do the toe and then I will transfer it to the short circular needle.
I have one new cast on (one!)  I cast on Bishi (the water bottle carrier) so that I have it in time for the summer.
I am not entirely sure what my next cast on will be.  I would love to finally cast on sock arms, but I don't really want to have two fingering weight sweaters on the go - I think it might be Epistrophy (which I have had in my queue forever) or the Enchanted Mesa.  Anyway I'm going to stay reasonably monogamous for a minute.  We have a busy week this week.  My grandmother passed away last week and so we have to travel to her funeral.  And when we come back it is the boys last week in school and so we have various leaving activities to attend.  No new cast on's this week!
Anyway that is it for this week, please check out the rest of the group using the link to the right.

Sunday 7 July 2019

A Year of Projects 9

Year of Projects
Year 9 - wow.  I have been participating since year 3 (not an original I'm afraid) and have loved every minute of it.  I am a very organised person and love lists, so this has been right up my street.  Right from the outset, everyone in the group has been so supportive and encouraging and I love seeing what the other members have been up to.
So let's get into this.  This past year (and the previous one) has had a focus of my handmade wardrobe.  This year I participated in Me Made May and wanted part of the process to be able to identify what I need in my wardrobe, and I think this was a success.  I was quite surprised by my two main observations (I don't like wearing skirts but love wearing a pinafore with a cover-up over the top and that I shouldn't wear jeans, rather leggings).  So with all of that in mind - here we go.

OAL - finish number 1 - dress ready - Vianne to finish
OAL - finish number 2 - dress ready - Sanctuary to finish
Colours of fall KAL - Faience
Enchanted Mesa
Daniel's Christmas jumper
Sock arms

Stripey socks - finish
Shorty socks - have some on the needles at all times!
Chai latte socks
Clark socks

Bottle carrier
Continue sock yarn blanket

Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper theory
Trousers and shorts using Tilly and the Buttons Margot pattern
Dodgy bag to recycle my jeans

Other crafts
Candle making
Improve my photography skills for next Me Made May

I think that will do for a minute - I will add and change it slightly during the year but that is the plan for the moment.  Please click the link to find our group and see what the rest of the group are planning.