Sunday 17 April 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 42

 Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

We made it to mum and dad's - woohoo!  We haven't visited since last summer so it's really good to be here.  It is just me and Daniel this time,  but that is OK.

It is actually mum's birthday today,  so we took her out for afternoon tea yesterday,  which was magnificent!

I have brought two projects with me, but only worked on one which is Soorik.   I am doing very well with this, but will post a pic next week when, hopefully,  you will be able to see real progress.

Otherwise, I have been inspired by a few other crafts, which I hope to be able to show you in the coming weeks and I have made my plans for MeMadeMay 2022 - Here

We are going to Donington next week for the touring car series opener so am unlikely to post from there.  So I will return in two weeks when I am back at work ready for the summer term.

Saturday 16 April 2022

Me Made May 2022

 “I - Lucy Bowen - pledge to wear all of my Me Mades in different combinations throughout May 2022”

I tend to wear me makes everyday anyway, but this MMM I would like to highlight which me mades I am likely to wear, those that need alteration, those that could be recycled for me and those that I should donate to make space in my wardrobe.

I would also like to identify the gaps in my wardrobe/pieces I could do with multiples of.

To help me do this, I will take a few photos, but these are likely to be more at the weekends and to document which combinations work, as opposed to prove I wore me made!

Sunday 10 April 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 41

 Here I am for the third week running - a recent record!

We have made it to the Easter holidays and Covid testing permitting, we are hoping to go and see my mum and dad this week - hurrah!  I am hoping as we have all had it recently, we should be ok.

We have very few plans for this first week, until Thursday, when myself and Daniel will make the trip to Somerset.  Other than that, there is a bit of gardening planned,  some cooking and baking and hopefully lots of crafting. 

Anyway, this is about the last week, so I have been making steady progress this week through 2 projects.

The baby blanket is coming along - it is quite addictive and just putting in random colours is fun.

I am knittingvthis out of some sparkle DK and various greeny/neutral Sirdar snuggly that I have in stash.  The pattern is painting honeycombs by Stephen West.

Talking of Stephen West,  I signed up for his brioche basics workshops this week as I have been intending to learn brioche for years.  I hope to start that this week.

My other project is my Soorik,  which is a pinafore from the Shetland Trader book three. 

Since it is a pinafore I am still on the miles and miles of stockinette,  but that makes it good mindless knitting.

So, the rest of today I will be knitting and looking through some cookbooks to find some different meals.

I will be at mum's next week but will endeavour to keep up the posting from there.  I hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 3 April 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 40

 Well it's been a fairly calm week here in the run up to the Easter holiday.  I have managed a certain amount of knitting in amongst some other fun things!

Yesterday, while my husband and older son travelled to watch some football, me and Daniel went to the theatre to see Skellig.  Daniel read the book last year and really liked it, so I thought he would enjoy this, and he did!  We then went out for pizza afterwards.   No photos - we just had a nice time!

In knitting I have been going round and round on Soorik. 

This is John Arbon Textiles Exmoor Zwartbles DK and the pattern is from the Shetland Trader book 3.  It is making good TV/podcast knotting as I don't have to think about anything!

I also cast on a blanket this week.  One coffee my colleagues is pregnant so I thought this time I would knit a baby blanket.  I chose a pattern I already bought last year as part of a collection by Stephen West when I did one of his classes.  It is the Painting Honeycombs blanket.

J am using a whole bunch of leftover Sifdar snuggly for this and so hope it will also be a good stashbuster.

And that is that for this week.  I have parents evening this week but other than that it should be a quiet run up to the holidays - hurrah!  I hope everyone has a great week.