Sunday 25 January 2015

A Year of Projects - week 30

It's been quite productive this week.
I knitted the next clue of my socks.  I'm now onto the heel, we are doing a Fleegle heel - never done one myself, but I'm sure some of you have.

I CO my Abate for Daniel.  I am loving how fast this is knitting up.  If I didn't love knitting sweaters for myself so much I would only ever knit for him!  The yarn is Drops Nepal.

I made a little more progress on my Fragile Heart.  This yarn is gorgeous - it is one of Mel's yarns at Mellifera yarn on Etsy.  It is a silky sock and is devine!

And that is about it.  I suspect that this next week I will only work on the socks ad little else.  We have a busy couple of weeks - lots of parties to go to and Thomas' party next Saturday, swimming lessons, parents evenings etc.
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Tuesday 20 January 2015

Love your Library - post 3

Since finishing the sweater (Raspberry tart - seen here.) I have been furiously knitting my socks, so have made little progress on anything else.

I have managed to CO Abate for Daniel and I've made a little progress on Fragile Heart.

So my stash of patterns have been used a little.
My stash of yarn has faired less well!  I took possession of some lovely yarn from De rerum natura - Gilliatt to make another sweater.  The only other problem is that I don't think I have the right pattern for it, so may have to buy one!!
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Sunday 18 January 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 29

I finished Raspberry tart!

Don't look too closely at the final cables - I was knitting whilst tired and missed a couple.  But it is for me and I don't mind!  I love it already, the colour is fabulous - it is merino DK in Cerulean by Mellifera Yarn.

My socks are coming along nicely - I really like using DPN's but I have been watching progress in the KAL and think I might try 2 at a time on 2 circular needles next time.
 I have also CO my Fragile Heart for my wedding outfit - I am thinking there may be a blue theme here!

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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Love your Library - post 2

Yay, it's finished!  Raspberry tart that is !

 I apologise for the photos - I had to take them after work and the sweater is in the bath blocking!! The colour of the sweater is a much more intense blue.
I love knitting sweaters, but they take me forever to complete, this has taken about 3 months and the last 3 weeks, I haven't really worked on anything else.
I have been knitting clue one of a mystery sock KAL, but that's about it.

I am now ready for a CO frenzy!!  All from my library.
I have CO Fragile Heart by Boo knits.

I will CO Abate for my youngest (a small sweater will hopefully progress much quicker!)
And I have CO the second square of a blanket from my library of magazines.

The square is from stash, but the other two projects are being knitted from specially purchased yarn, so don't think it counts as stash!  Also I noticed that De rerum Natura has a sale this week so I had to buy more Gilliatt!  I will try harder next week to knit from stash and not add to it!

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Sunday 11 January 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 28

Well I have knitted away at my Raspberry tart and I am nearly finished.  I just need to do a few more rounds on the cuffs, and I think I should finish today.

I haven't been totally monogamous - I find it so hard to be now.  A year ago I would hate to have more than one project on the go, but now I love the choice.  So I started a mkal with Maria Rosa Knits Away on Ravelry.  This is a sock KAL, since I want to knit a few this year.  I have got off to a good start and see no reason why I won't have finished the first clue by Wednesday next week.  I have included a picture this week as it is just the toe so gives nothing away.

I have also nearly completed a new fox purse, as I sold the last one.

Today I'm hoping to finish all of these projects, complete a skirt (Delphine by Tilly Walnes - I love this fabric) and then to cast on something new that is in my library.  I'm thinking Fragile Heart next and maybe an Abate for the boys!

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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Love your Library - Week 1

So this week I have organised!!
I put the next few projects into bags, along with pattern and needles if possible.

I also made a little progress on project WO.  I have now cut the fabric for the dress and I received the yarn from Mel (Mellifera yarn on Etsy) to make the bag.  I had asked her to dye a matching aran to the silky sock she did for me in November.  Also one of my Christmas presents was a knicker kit from Sew Over It!!  So I am all set - hopefully next week I should have started some of these projects!

Sunday 4 January 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 27

Despite loving Christmas, I love the new year - a new start and all that!

To that end I have joined a group of bloggers to fight the stash (of patterns mainly but I hope to fight the stash of yarn as well).  It marries up with the year of projects and my own project wo.  If you would like to join us, it is hosted by snapdragon crafts.

I haven't got lots of projects to show this week, in fact, the only one I've worked on is Raspberry tart - I'm getting there!

 Oh and I sewed up my booties!

I am going to be fairly monogamous now to finish this, but to get the year off to a productive start I have bagged up my next few projects (from 'the list', from the Ravelry library and the project wo) ready to get going on.

The next two will be the new year sock mystery KAL and then the bag for the wedding.

So that is it for this week - if you like the idea then join us at YOP.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Love Your Library Challenge - 2015

I have been a little lacking in my weekday posts of late.  But I just saw in one of the Ravelry groups, the above challenge and thought it was a good idea!!

My library just gets bigger, never smaller!
This year, one pattern I will definitely be tackling is Fragile Heart as it is for my sister in law's wedding.

Second up is Abate that I want to knit for my two boys.  I have just got them to choose the colours they want and have bought the yarn from Loveknitting (came in two days over New year - very impressive!)
I would also like to knit a few socks this year, but have yet to settle on patterns.  I have several in my library and Rachel Coopeys, Knitted Sock Society book so between the two I should be fine!  I may organise a list in a subsequent post.

In addition to all of these I want to knit a few sweaters from my library.  I hope this is the encouragement I need to get that sorted.  No pictures this week as I have to start on this plan!   I'm just finishing Raspberry tart - I have finished the body and just need to do the sleeves - then I'm off!

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