Sunday 28 September 2014

Year of Projects - week 13

A few finishes this week and, of course, some more CO's!
First up, I finished the sock, wrote down the measurements and stitch count and then promptly frogged it!!  I have cast on a new sock, but haven't got far so there is no photo yet.
I finished the chunky bag and I am very pleased with this.

I have CO a new one in a different colourway to make with wooden handles here:

I also finished the reindeer hat, which I love.  Of course my model loved it too - honking the nose!!

I have, therefore, had to cast on a new hat complete with nose for him!

Finally, I have CO two other new projects - little stockings for the Xmas tree and another Raspberry tart for me in some lovely Mellifera yarn which arrived this week in cerulean.

On the sewing front, I cut the fabric for my top and started cutting the fabric for a quilt I would like to make - going to sew it all up next week.

I think that is about it for this week!
Have a good week x

Sunday 21 September 2014

Year of Projects - week 12 - The Week of Cast Ons!

Wow, I've cast on a lot this week!!  One finished object, two with progress and three started.
Last week I went to the Goodwood Revival with my family.  For those that don't know this is a huge race meeting for period racing cars (1920 - 1950 ish) where most people dress up and everything is in keeping with the era.

I went on Saturday and had a lovely time and the boys returned on Sunday while I did the last craft fair till Xmas.
Anyway, to the projects!!
I finally made some progress on the Xmas jumper (still on the bottom ribbing though), but reality has hit and I realise, unless I work on it monogamously I will not get it done by this Xmas.  So, I have rethought my timetable and aim to finish for next year!!

I made a little progress on my socks, I am at the toe now.  I think since I know they won't fit properly I have lost enthusiasm for them - but if I want the next pair to fit I need to see it through.

I made a little hat for the stall and started another - the finished one just needs the ends sewing in and bobbles adding.

I cast on some mitts for the stall.  These are coming on nice and quickly and the yarn is so lovely and soft, (it is Malabrigo worsted) I might just keep them for myself!!

I also cast on for a little bag in a superchunky yarn.  This is coming together incredibly quickly and easily - this too is destined for the stall.

Most of these are lovely quick knits so although I have lots on the go I'm hoping to get several finished this coming week.

In other crafty news, Darren brought home a huge bag of cooking apples from a friend's garden.  So having made crumble yesterday, I am making apple cake today and stewing the rest.  The boys want star shaped cookies for some reason - so will be doing that later too!

Also, I have been neglecting the sewing machine, so am hoping to cut the fabric for a top and another Delphine today.

Phew, that sounds a lot so better get to it!!  Hope you all have a good week x

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Plum Tart - My first test knit

I spotted Raspberry tart a while ago, when Annamaria Otvos called for testers in her Ravelry group - 11 wild swans.  At the time I thought "no - I've too much going on and I'm not that experienced".  Whilst at Unwind - Brighton, I met up with a Ravelry friend who said I should go for it, and I happened to purchase a sq of yarn in plum from Eden Cottage.
Anyway, that was all the encouragement I needed, I signed up as soon as I returned from Brighton.
Here is the first bit!!  I decided to do a slightly different CO from the recommended as I didn't want my underwear showing or having to wear a t shirt.

I progressed to the short rows quite quickly, but here I encountered my first problem!  Despite doing short rows several times before, I have never realised that you pick up the wrap when coming back round.  I didn't know this and therefore, lost a few stitches off the front.  This wouldn't have been a problem, but the cable pattern hinged on the right number, so I increased to the right number.  This would have been fine, but then the cables didn't run from the ribbing correctly!  Now, for the pattern that wasn't right, but I did manage to get it symmetrical, and for me, that is fine.  You can see the mis-matched ribs here.

After that I split for the arms and it all went swimmingly to the end.  I had a really silly moment with the knots - I couldn't work out how to do them for the life of me, then looked on Google and found that I shouldn't have been taking the stitches off the left needle!!  Silly, but easily overcome.

When I finished and weaved in the ends, I was so excited I took FO photos there and then - I loved it, even though the length was slightly shorter than I would have liked.

Since then I have washed and blocked it and it has grown - hurrah - I loved it anyway but now it is even better.

The yarn was oakworth dk by Eden Cottage in plum - it felt a tiny bit scratchy, but since washing even that has disappeared and now it is lovely and soft and squishy!!

In summary, the pattern is gorgeous and very well written with lots of helpful hints and tutorials.  I would make another at the drop of a hat.  The yarn is lovely and again I would definitely get some more of the same.
Linking up with Frontier Dreams here - come on over for some more.

Sunday 7 September 2014

Year of Projects - week 10

Well, here we are again!!   This week we are all back to school, so my knitting has severely suffered!

Thomas is into year 2 and started on Friday, and I went back on Wednesday.  I quite like the start of a new year, but I will miss the time with my boys!

Anyway, knitting...
Raspberry tart was published 2 weeks ago (my test knit) and this was my finished version after blocking - I love it.

I will blog about it this week as it was quite a learning curve.

I made a tiny bit of progress on my socks, but I think, despite doing all the calculations, they are unlikely to fit properly.  So I will use this one as a test, and have another go with adjusted stitch counts.

I finished off several little projects for the stall next Sunday - a pumpkin hat, a 'Mike' hat, a purse and a pumpkin garland.

So there you have it, lots of little things.  Hasn't satisfied the urge to CO though, so I need to have a good look at my queue for next week!!
Hope you all have a good week xxx