Sunday 28 June 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 52 - year review

Well what a year it has been?  Here in the south east of England we had the most rain we had seen for a decade,  followed by wind which brought one of our big trees down and, of course followed by a global pandemic which has brought the world to a standstill, but has brought the black lives matter movement to the forefront and perhaps this time, the world is listening.

On a much more superficial level, I  have completed quite a number of projects.
This was my list from last year.

OAL - finish number 1 - dress ready - Vianne to finish
OAL - finish number 2 - dress ready - Sanctuary to finish
Colours of fall KAL - Faience
Enchanted Mesa
Daniel's Christmas jumper
Sock arms


sock arms


like a cloud

So in this group I finished some of these, but added several different ones - some of which were sweaters that have been on the list for a while - I'm looking at you epistrophy!

Stripey socks - finish
Shorty socks - have some on the needles at all times!
Chai latte socks
Clark socks
I haven't knit quite as many socks this year  as I have focused mainly on sweaters.

Bottle carrier
Continue sock yarn blanket
Ok - so I  only did one of these,  but I  did make Christopher  who I think classifies as frivolous!

Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper theory
Trousers and shorts using Tilly and the Buttons Margot pattern
Dodgy bag to recycle my jeans
Again, not actually completed many of these, but have completed other sewing projects instead.

Other crafts
Candle making
Improve my photography skills for next Me Made May
I have been doing other crafts, just not necessarily  these!
candle making


more gardening!


more baking!

And there we have it!  A summary of last YOP year's Projects.  
And so we move to the next years year of projects and I for one, can't wait!  Next week I shall show you my plans for the year ahead.

Sunday 21 June 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 51

It is quite amazing how fast this year has gone.  And this year, despite seemingly having  more time, I am not prepared for the next couple of posts!  I usually have them ready to go by now!  I shall see what I can do today.
I have no finished objects today and probably no photos.  I will see if I can find some garden photos.
All of my projects are a little further on than where they were!  So I  hope in two weeks time, I will have something to report!
I have recieved most of my purchases from last weekend.
 First came a beautiful bag from mindful Magpie, who is on Etsy

It's raining this morning, but otherwise I have been spending a lot of time in the garden.  I have been crafting Benn there is not much visible progress yet.
So I will leave you with some of the visitors to the garden.

Sunday 14 June 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 50

Wow week 50.  It's been a strange old year, but now there is a possibility we may see real change.  I wonder if we will see the same changes in our attitude towards our environment?  I hope so.
Anyway, I have a finish!  I finished it yesterday while taking part in the Knit Tea Retreat.  Obviously the actual retreat couldn't take place, so a virtual one was created.   I took part in a couple of live streams yesterday and today is the marketplace so just need to try to be careful what I  spend!
My finish is Agnes by Tilly and the buttons and Patricia has it on at the moment.
I have also been working on my two sweaters, From Way Back and Breathing Space.
And I think that is it.  I am going to combine, shopping with the portrait artist of the week today and put the final touches to my Colours of Fall KAL planning which I will reveal next week!
Hope every

Sunday 7 June 2020

A Year of Projects Update- week 49

I have another member of our family to introduce today...
Meet Patricia!
I am hoping she may make my dressmaking a little easier!  Only time will tell, in the meantime she is nice to have around.
The dress on her is one I need to finish and alter but I  haven't done anything with it this week.
I have finished the seams on this Agnes Agnes top by Tilly and the buttons.  I now just need to hem it and finish the neckline and I'm done.
I have split for the sleeves on my Breathing Space.
I'm not striping this (obviously), as the yarn is very variegated.   I'm loving how this is coming out.
I have done a little more on From Way Back and am nearly at the sleeves for this as well.
I have taken part in two more portrait artist of the week sessions and really enjoyed them.  I don't know how many more there will be, but there is another next week.
I think that is it for this week. 
I hope everyone has a good week.