Sunday 21 June 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 51

It is quite amazing how fast this year has gone.  And this year, despite seemingly having  more time, I am not prepared for the next couple of posts!  I usually have them ready to go by now!  I shall see what I can do today.
I have no finished objects today and probably no photos.  I will see if I can find some garden photos.
All of my projects are a little further on than where they were!  So I  hope in two weeks time, I will have something to report!
I have recieved most of my purchases from last weekend.
 First came a beautiful bag from mindful Magpie, who is on Etsy

It's raining this morning, but otherwise I have been spending a lot of time in the garden.  I have been crafting Benn there is not much visible progress yet.
So I will leave you with some of the visitors to the garden.


  1. Is that your cat? HE/She is gorgeous! The photo of the butterfly is quite lovely. I am not a fan of bees but know they are vital to our environment. If one falls into our swimming pool, I do my best to get it out so it can fly away and find some pollen. Your new project bag is very cute. BTW, I am having an issue coming up with next years list too. Maybe it's because we have had too much time at home. Need to get out and get inspired.

  2. I can't tell if that's a baby Robin on the ground. Looks a bit like one. I've installed birdnet app on my phone and it is amazing. Your goodies look lovely and I like the sound of that bedtime tea that was I guess just an extra in the pack. I cheated with my list for next year...its mostly things I didn't achieve on this years, so I did the hard work last time.

  3. What gorgeous photos of your garden and critters! Your feline is gorgeous and your "haul" is so awesome! The bag, the magazine the yarns and the tea? Heaven!

  4. Gorgeous nature photos - and that cat has gorgeous markings! Your goodies look delicious!

  5. I love all the pictures, Lucy. While we can only see a portion of the bag, it's obvious it's a lovely bag.