Monday 25 July 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

So we are on our hols!  We went to do a car boot yesterday morning and made a few pennies and a bit of space.
I have some progress this week.
I finished the tea cosy and it has gone to it's recipient.
I got totally over excited by the sheep and here are my first two!  I love them - the first was the grey one.  There were numerous mistakes with this one, not least the fact I cannot Kitchener stitch.  I have avoided it with socks this far but now I may need to learn. They have no faces as yet, but they will soon.  Daniel reckons the grey one is naked!
I have made some progress on Buchanan.  I have finished the waist shaping so now it's a few rounds working even and then onto the slow bust increasing.
I haven't touched the socks as I am taking them next week on holiday and on that note I will be posting late next week, but will post!
Not as yet, but I saw a bag on Instagram and decided I could make it.  So I have bought some fabric to make me a bag and some PE bags for the boys, it should be with me soon so will show you next week.

Sunday 17 July 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 3

Ok so I've had a little more time this week but I don't seem to have made much progress.  I do have an FO though!

I finished Zinone - I do not have modelled shots as it is not blocked yet, but she is finished nonetheless.
 She is knitted in Eden Cottage Milburn in stone.

I have turned the heel on Daniels Scooby Doo socks (Blueberry waffle pattern knit in Knitting Goddess)
I've not done much work on mine.
I have nearly finished a second teacosy - I need this one for the end of the week as a present so I will work on this one later.
I have worked a few more rounds of Buchanan, but not enough to show.
And finally (I will count this as a WIP even though I have not actually started knitting them yet) I have added  to my list already but only as I forgot it.  I saw this pattern a while ago but wasn't sure why I would knit it.  I have now decided to knit loads and give them as presents.  What am I talking about?  sheep by Susan B Anderson is what I am talking about.  I have a mass of 4 Ply that I am going to use to make them - a whole flock.
I have also cut out the fabric to make a mimi top which I will probably put together next week.
I have - shock - horror - no acquisitions this week.
I think that is it for this week.  To see more progress in the group click the link on the right.

Sunday 10 July 2016

A Year of Projects Update - Week 2

I will be posting this late this week as we are off on our first camp this weekend!  If it is successful I will update in a midweek post.
I have nearly 3 weeks to update on this week, what with the round up and the list last week so here we go!
I have 3!
Firstly some more socks for Thomas - I decided to knit him some matching (to me) Arne and Carlos socks.
I also finished the second sock club installment from The Knitting Goddess.  These are Dalez by Rachel Coopey and the yarn is much more green than the pic implies.  It's not really my favorite colour, but they fit well (I did a FLKH and a rounded toe) and the yarn is so soft.
I also finished and gifted a teacosy for my friend who had expressed a wish for one a while ago.  So now only one more to go.
Zinone is coming along nicely.
But I haven't touched the hat or Xmas jumper.  However, I have cast on for another 3 projects (!)
I needed to have some easy sock knitting for our camping adventure, so I cast on a pair for Daniel and a pair for me.  Both blueberry waffle on the left is mine colourway mathematical camel spit and on the right scooby doo - both by the Knitting Goddess.
And I cast on Buchanan as I couldn't wait any longer.  I have done the initial colourwork and now am on the stockinette.
I haven't had any acquisitions this week but thought I would show you some stitch markers I received
last week.
So there we have it - hopefully I should be able to get some progress in this next week as well and then the summer holiday looms!
Just as an edit - our camp adventure was fantastic as you can see - I'm a bit tired now though!!

To join in the fun or to catch up on the rest click the banner on the right.

Sunday 3 July 2016

A Year of Projects - Week 1 (The List)

Even though every year I change it, I am going to stick to largely the same format as previous years. However, I have been following the wardrobe architect series with Colette sewing patterns.  As a result I am going to try to keep to shapes, colours and textures from images that I have set up on Pinterest.
Very much like boxy: Love all of these shapes apart from the miniskirt:

Garments - Knitted
Zinone - Andi Sutterlund
Buchanan - from Yokes
Christmas Jumper
Epistrophy - also from Yokes
From Way Back - Hanna M
Breathing Space from Interpretations 3

Gift Knitting
Hats for the boys - with the John Arbon Knitting by numbers
Washcloths to go with the soap x  9
Teacosies x2

Shirt dress, cardie & flat pumps by sewlittletime on Polyvore featuring polyvore, mode, style, Myrtlewood, ASOS, fashion and clothing:
Garments - Sewing
Tunic tops
Coco dress and top - Tilly and the Buttons
Shirt dress as in the picture
Mimi blouse - Tilly and the Buttons

The Wardrobe Architect: My Silhouettes  |  Colette Blog:

The Knitting Goddess Sock club socks
Patterns from New Directions in Sock Knitting
Lots of Blueberry waffle socks to use up stash!

New Techniques
Put double knitting into practice - ?brioche
Buy and use a sock blank

My perfect pallet: Palette - these are the colours I am really drawn to.

So, there we go - there is the new list.  Next week I will be able to update on the projects I have made progress on in the last 2 weeks.  Now to see all the rest!