Sunday 30 June 2019

A Year of Projects - Round Up Post

I usually do a montage photo for my round up and almost forget about my list.  But this year I thought I would focus on my list!  So here was my list from last year.  How did I do?


Quiet Stars - finished
Waters - finished (worn with my Landers pants - outfit was made for the outfit along 2018)
All The Love - finished

Rugged Coat - finished
Epistropy - all ready to go!  But still not started - I still want this one.

Christmas Jumper 2 - Julgran finished
Nasreen - Finished

Socks - various - use some of the many patterns I have but never used.  Yes I did some, not sure I used many different patterns but did knit some socks!
Grass River Tunic - finished but ..... frogged.  Once done (and I am very stubborn when knitting, I will see it through to the bitter end) I quickly realised I didn't like it - not the fault of pattern or yarn - I just didn't like it and so frogged it.  I am going to use the yarn to make sanctuary.which is already cast on - will update you on this one in a later post.
Enchanted Mesa - didn't make it, when I finally get to the end of my immediate queue I will cast this on.

Two blankets - um yes - I did start one!

Colourwork mittens - Finished

Cleo - 3 completed

Landers trousers - finished - see above

tunic tops - have an Agnes cut out, but not sewn up.

Coco - have made several now - and some modified ones

PJ bottoms - finished


Mittens - three pairs complete

Scarf - finished and gifted

Advent socks (gift for myself!) - have not done one more.

Christmas jumper for Daniel - not yet (maybe for this Christmas)

Socks for Daniel - bumblebee socks finished


Brioche - no

wool exploration - no - but did get several samples to use at my leisure.

Other crafts

Keep up drawing - yes have done a fair bit of this

Complete the embroidery a day challenge - not yet (there are not enough hours in the day!)

Bath bombs - done

Candle making - not yet - this year!

My overall aim was to complete Me Made May which I did so the year was a definite success.  I also completed many things that weren't on the list - two hats by Woolly Wormhead spring to mind!
So there we are - I think I accomplished quite a bit last year.  Here's looking forward to the next!

Sunday 23 June 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 52

I quite like this - I think we should have a 53 week year every year!  This way I get to do 51 updates as well as the round up post and start up post!
This is going to be a short one this week as we are off in a bit for Thomas birthday present (it was his birthday in January but we are now going to the race track for his first driving lesson)
It may be short but I have a FO and a HO!
I have finished my Vianne.  I knit this in John Arbon Textiles Viola which is delightful.  I made several adjustments which I put on my project page on Ravelry.
This is an unblocked photo and obviously without buttons and one end to weave in!  Better photos to follow in the new YOP year
My Ho is the sock.  I finally finished my Dragon Hill Studio sparkle sock that I knit with the 9" circular needle.  I didn't love it but I didn't hate it.  However, I do hate that I have another to go - much better to do them both at once (in my eyes!)
My other shortie socks are coming along - I took them to sports day and did some work on them.  I also did a little on Sanctuary, but not enough to photo.
That will be it for this week.  I will round up next week and then it is the unveiling of the new lists if you want to go classic YOP and do July to June.

Sunday 16 June 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 51

And yet another week goes by and we get closer to the end of the YOP and school year (I so look forward to both, it's the best time of year!)
I have a FO this week.  Well, the ends need to be sewn in, but I am calling it finished.
My Understated by Joji Locatelli is done.  I knit this in Penelope by De Rerum Natura which is delightful.
My socks are progressing.  Here is my stripey sock.  I have decided it I don't really mind the 9 inch circular.  What I don't like is the fact that I have a whole other sock to knit!  I usually knit them two at a time and that is very much my preferred method.
Anyhow, these are nice - I am just not looking forward to having to knit a whole other one.

Vianne is progressing nicely.  This is knit in John Arbon textiles Viola that I love. I would't be surprised if I wasn't nearly done by next week.
I also took the opportunity to cast on Sanctuary from the latest Pom Pom.
And that is it this week!  Next week I am likely to be late for the last normal post of the year as we are taking Thomas driving at Brands Hatch - very exciting.

Sunday 9 June 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 50

Just a quick one this week.  I thought I would do a sweater update as well as showing off an FO.
The FO is my hat - Azula.
I love this one and I loved knitting it.  I haven't knit a hat like it - this is knit from side to side, with short rows and then grafted together to form the hat shape.
This is Azula by Woolly Wormhead and I knit it from some left over Rosy Green yarn.
In terms of sweaters, I have two on the needles.
Understated is coming along nicely.  This is by Joji Locatelli and is from the latest Interpretations book.  I am knitting it from De Rerum Natura Penelope (a merino and  mulberry silk mix).  I am now on the second sleeve and should have finished that by the end of today - I should have an FO by next week.
The second sweater is Vianne by Andi Satterlund.  I am knitting this from some John Arbon textiles - Viola in the colourway Fern.  I am also really loving this knit.  The yarn is absolutely gorgeous.  I am making some modifications to the pattern including shortening the armholes and I will not be doing the waist shaping as I want a simple cropped cardigan.
I am actually much further on than the photograph, I have got to the joining of the body now, it is such an addictive knit.
That is it for today, I hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday 2 June 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 49

We have had a lovely week.  I got all of the DIY jobs done that I wanted, Me Made May was completed and me and the boys got out and about a little, but there was much time for crafting.
Firstly, I completed Me Made May which was on my YOP list and I blogged about it here.
I have an FO!  I finished the Moss Rose mitts.
I think these are beautiful if I say so myself.  The yarn (Eden Cottage carlisle) is fantastic and gorgeously soft.
Otherwise, my WIP's have been progressing nicely.  I am pretty much at the botttom band of my understated by Joji Locatelli.  I am knitting this from de Rerum Natura Penelope.

My hat, Azula, is progressing well, I am currently on repeat 6 out of 8.
I have put a few rows on both pairs of socks, but nothing really to write home about.
I am also planning for three KAL's (well two really)  I am going to play along with the outfit along again.  This is a yearly event hosted by Andi Satterlund and Lladybird (a sewing blogger).  It runs from the 1st June to the 31st July and consists of participants sewing an item and knitting an item.  Both have to be adult garments.  This is going to be the last year so there are no featured patterns, but one has to be a WIP.  So I am going to enter two.  I am going to make two new modified Coco dresses, pair one with Vianne by Andi Satterlnd and the other with Sanctuary from the latest Pom Pom magazine.  As a result I have cast on Vianne in some splendid Viola from John Arbon Textiles.  This yarn I purchased during the week and didn't take a picture as I was so excited to wind it!  I became a member of the John Arbon mill earlier in the month as I often use his yarn and so used the discount that comes with membership.  This yarn is beautiful, I got it in the fern colourway and is much more green than it is showing.

Finally, in terms of WIP's, I thought I would show my blanket which I forgot about last week.  I am getting there with this but the rows are very long now and I only do it now and again and I don't mind that at all.  I love the fact it looks like something Stephen West would put together (that is not blowing my own trumpet about my knitting or belittling his designing - just a comment on the colours!)
I have started planning for the other KAL which is the Colours of Fall KAL ran by the Yarniacs podcast group. This one runs from the 21st June - 21st September.  The idea behind this one is that you incorporate one of the colours from the Pantone colours of fall collection and knit/crochet etc a garment.  What they really want is that you style your FO in the way you might wear it.  I love this KAL.  I am going to knit Faience which is also from the new Pom Pom.
And so there you are for another week.  Please catch up with the rest of the group by clicking the link.