Sunday 9 June 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 50

Just a quick one this week.  I thought I would do a sweater update as well as showing off an FO.
The FO is my hat - Azula.
I love this one and I loved knitting it.  I haven't knit a hat like it - this is knit from side to side, with short rows and then grafted together to form the hat shape.
This is Azula by Woolly Wormhead and I knit it from some left over Rosy Green yarn.
In terms of sweaters, I have two on the needles.
Understated is coming along nicely.  This is by Joji Locatelli and is from the latest Interpretations book.  I am knitting it from De Rerum Natura Penelope (a merino and  mulberry silk mix).  I am now on the second sleeve and should have finished that by the end of today - I should have an FO by next week.
The second sweater is Vianne by Andi Satterlund.  I am knitting this from some John Arbon textiles - Viola in the colourway Fern.  I am also really loving this knit.  The yarn is absolutely gorgeous.  I am making some modifications to the pattern including shortening the armholes and I will not be doing the waist shaping as I want a simple cropped cardigan.
I am actually much further on than the photograph, I have got to the joining of the body now, it is such an addictive knit.
That is it for today, I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Your hat looks great. They are such creative designs WW does, what has put me off trying it is doing the join when you’ve finished it. Was the close easy? I need to start choosing a sweater pattern for when I pick up some John Arbon yarn at Fibre East. Did I already ask you if you were going?

    1. Thank you, Liz. The join was fine - you start with a provisional cast on then kitchener together at the end. I'm well versed in kitchener stitch from sock knitting! I am not going to fibre east, although I really wish I was!

    2. Ah ok, thanks. I’m ok with Kitchener stitch.

  2. The hat turned out super cute. It will be nice and cozy this winter. Your sweaters are really coming along quickly. Vianne is a darling sweater and the idea of no waist shaping is fabulous. It will be a perfect crop for you.

  3. That hat is awesome - it looks like a double knit one I made years ago. Two sweaters on the go? You are amazing.

  4. I've never tried a Wooly Wormhead but I hear about it all the time so I need to go look! I love the Azula but it looks a bit complicated for me right now.
    Understated looks like it is going to be oh so stylish! The yarn color you picked for Vianne is so lucscious...if only I could wear green...I love it.
    You've gotten quite a bit done this week...well, you do every week just about. Are you trying to 'wrap up' before 2019-2020 YOP? You're doing a fine job! I'm trying to focus on what I've done and not on what I haven't. Have a great week!

  5. That hat is amazing! Can't wait to see your Understated all done, the yarn sounds quite luxurious, and the color of the Vianne is perfect.

  6. Love the hat Lucy and the colours you used. I don't know how you manage to have two sweater projects on the needles and get work done on both. If that were me I'd want to work on one more the other and one would get left languishing. I love both equally for different reasons and for what both sweaters will do for your wardrobe, looking forward to seeing both.

  7. Your Azula looks great! And I'll have you know that my curiosity was piqued so I went looking at the designer's page on Ravelry, then followed some links to tutorials for things like "grafting". While I'm sure it would take practice, it actually looks doable. You are making me think I should incorporate some challenges into next Year's YOP plans. Of course, that would be obvious to everyone but me - the list resistant. Anyway... wanted to let you know if I do challenge myself in knitting you are part of the inspiration.