Sunday 16 June 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 51

And yet another week goes by and we get closer to the end of the YOP and school year (I so look forward to both, it's the best time of year!)
I have a FO this week.  Well, the ends need to be sewn in, but I am calling it finished.
My Understated by Joji Locatelli is done.  I knit this in Penelope by De Rerum Natura which is delightful.
My socks are progressing.  Here is my stripey sock.  I have decided it I don't really mind the 9 inch circular.  What I don't like is the fact that I have a whole other sock to knit!  I usually knit them two at a time and that is very much my preferred method.
Anyhow, these are nice - I am just not looking forward to having to knit a whole other one.

Vianne is progressing nicely.  This is knit in John Arbon textiles Viola that I love. I would't be surprised if I wasn't nearly done by next week.
I also took the opportunity to cast on Sanctuary from the latest Pom Pom.
And that is it this week!  Next week I am likely to be late for the last normal post of the year as we are taking Thomas driving at Brands Hatch - very exciting.


  1. Hooray for your finish! That seemed to knit up fairly quickly. The 9 inch needles are different. Unfortunately, they really were hard on my hands. I so wanted to love them. My DPN's remain my favorite way. Your Vianne is moving along rapidly also. You will be having some lovely pieces to add to your wardrobe this year. Sanctuary is a lovely spring/summer top. Love the color you have chosen for it too.

  2. Great progress. Love the V-neck, and Vianne and Sanctuary look intriguing (I can never resist anything in a burnt orange colour...).

  3. Understated turned out great...I really couldn't see it t hat well before. I like the design and are those 3/4 sleeves? I love 3/4 sleeves! I guess you can make any sleeve how ever long or short you want. I am definitely trying a Joji pattern this coming YOP.
    Vianne in that yarn is scrumptious!
    Love the socks...I must have lucked out...I do not have 2nd sock syndrome...yet! LOL! Maybe I could start a business knitting people's 2nd socks?
    I love the new cast on in that gorgeous orange yarn! Another I can't wear but love!
    Have fun at the driving place.

  4. I wish I could use the 9-inch needles, but they really hurt my hands. It would be faster than dpns, though, which would be nice.
    I am blown away by how much knitting you are getting done. The Joji sweater looks super comfy. Sadly, it is still sweater weather here -- in mid June!

  5. Love the finish sweater - it may be called Understated but I think it makes a smashing statement! 2nd sock syndrome is a funny thing - I too prefer to knit socks and sleeves two at a time.

  6. Gasp. Understated is gorgeous! The gray yarn looks perfect knitted up into that pattern. Beautiful and comfortable. Great finish, Lucy!

  7. Understated looks great Lucy and it worked up so quickly too!
    Loving how the socks are working up but yeah that whole second sock thing is a bit of a bummer.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Vianne and Sanctuary and enjoy the driving next weekend, sounds fun!