Sunday 31 January 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 31

 It's been a bit of a fortnight!  Not bad, just busy!  

My eldest had a birthday which was lovely and then last week, and this week we had a parent teacher evening.  So it has been a little hectic.

I have put in a little time on all of my projects.  I affixed a few squares on the Battenberg blanket and did a few rounds on the Oare Water sweater.

I am now at the heel of my January rainbow socks.  I am knitting these in some pink rainbow yarn from Kate Selene.

I have also put in some rows on my garter stitch blanket.  It is now big enough to put over my lap whilst knitting, which is lovely right now!

I also cast on one of the new Stephen West patterns.  I'm starting with the honeycomb stripe hat for my littlest.  


I'm really looking forward to the sweater coming out, but that is later in February. 

And that is that!  I hope everyone has a good and safe week.

Sunday 17 January 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 29

 Things have been plodding along nicely here.  We are all getting settled back into remote learning. 

I have made some progress on my garter stitch blanket.

This is very enjoyable as is just knit!  I have also decided to start the decreased as I knlh need a lap blanket for one.  I have plans for a larger one using my heavier weight yarn.
My other projects; socks, battenberg, skirt and Oare water are all coming along as well.  And all except battenburg are knit Projects that require no thought, so I am just cycling through them! 
Otherwise,  I saw that Stephen West had a new collection coming out that looked interesting.  It is called painting honeycombs and is a variant of his latest slip stitch designs.  Anyway, I saw the advert on Instagram a couple of times and then succombed - he was doing an introductory webinar on Friday.  I decided I  could do with an end of the week treat and really enjoyed the last one (colourplay) so went off it and again, very mach enjoyed it.
And so, on to this week.  I think it is much of the same.  The collection comes out on Tuesday so I am very likely to purchase that and then I  will be itching to cast on something  - I am liking the look of the hat to begin with!
I hope everyone has a good week - stay safe.

Sunday 10 January 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 28

 Ok, so this week did not go quite to plan!  We were put back into lockdown on Monday and schools all had to switch to remote learning.  They also cancelled our summer exams.  This lead to an interesting week comprising rethinking schemes of work, planning new lessons and thinking ahead to what was going to happen to all of our exam classes.  Anyway,  we made it through the week!

I did do some knitting on most of my projects.   I did some on both blankets, but you can't really tell, so I  will post a picture next week when there is more progress. 

I did do some rounds on both my socks and sweater.

I ordered a special box for my rainbow socks! And I've done a few rounds using yarn from Kate Selene. 

I also completed a few rounds on my Oare Water sweater.  
 I am using yarnadelic yarn by John Arbon Textiles. 
So I've finished all of the school work that I  had to do today, and now intend to do some knitting!  Hope you all have a good week. 

Sunday 3 January 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

 Another week in a row! I have done a fair bit of crafting this week,  despite trying to spend as much quality time with the family as possible.   New year was lovely, if a little quiet (in all honesty,  we do very little at new year anyway!)  We don't really know what is happening next week  - my school is moving to remote learning for 2 weeks before having everyone back in, but at the moment   Daniel is back on Tues - we shall see how that pans out.

Anyway  what have I  been doing?

My Battenberg has grown.

I am crocheting this from my advent minis of the last couple of years.

I have also broken out my garter stitch blanket and made quite a bit of progress on it.

I am knitting this from all of my leftover fingering weight yarn.

Both of these are destined to become lap blankets.

I also cast on two new projects...

My January socks for the rainbow chronicles KAL. 

The colour for the month is pink!  This is yarn from Kate Selene.

I also cast on Oare Water.  This was a pattern in the second John Arbon Textiles annual and I am knitting it John Arbon Yarnadelic.

And there we have it.  I cut out some fabric yesterday and have some Christmas fabric on order to make a festive dress for next year!
In other news, I have been keeping up my bread making from last christmas and I purchased a slow cooker, which I have been enjoying using of late.
It's back to work tomorrow  so I'm sure the crafting is about to slow down.  Hopefully,  I shall be back next week - I  hope everyone has a great week.