Sunday 28 April 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 44

Well it has been a very productive week despite being back at work.  I finished three projects that I detailed here, but will summarise below.
I finished my version of Coco by Tilly and the Buttons.  I haven't worn this yet as I intend to make much use of it throughout May.
I finished my market bag.  In response to lots of questions about strtching, yess it does stretch a lot so is great for holding lots.  Also I like to carry it cross body so it needs to be quite long to be comfortable.  I have been using it all week for school and it has held up very well!
I also finished (sort of) my Grass River Tunic.  This needs ends weaving in and a bit of finishing - also I want to do something to the sleeves.
Talking of sleeves  I also finished Nasreen this week.  I love the body but again am not sure about the sleeves.  For this one I am going to pick up the stitches at the armhold, work some short row shaping and make some short sleeves.

I made a little progress on my socks, but other than that, I have finished everything.  I have therefore, prepared bags and needles for some mitts I want to knit, the Camden Cap by Woolly Wormhead, some rose city rollers and the understated (V neck boxy) sweater by Joji Locatelli.
I will bring you photos of these new projects next week, together, hopefully, with finally finished and blocked pics of my sweaters!
Hope everyone has a great week, please catch up with the rest of the group by clicking the link to the side.

Monday 22 April 2019

Finished (or almost) Objects

I have - wait for it - three finished objects.
I decided to give them their own post, I wanted to record the modifications I made to the Coco dress and I have the time today.
No. 1
The Coco pinafore
I used the Coco dress pattern by Tilly and the Buttons and some stretch jersey from Fabric Godmother.  I cut the front neckline lower by about 3 inches and finished the neckline with bias binding.  This is the only part of the dress that I am not happy with, it gapes a little bit - I think I might try a V neck next time.  I stabilised the shoulders with ribbon, which is the original pattern, but I have never done it.  I put in a couple of bust darts as the armholes looked as though they would gape, and this meant that I could then lower the armholes by about an inch at the back.  I also lengthened the length by about 3 inches.

Overall I am very happy with this.  I think it goes with a range of tops underneath (as you can see) - I do have a cheeky photobomb in one!
No. 2
The Grass River Tunic
The knitting on this one is finished. I have already adjusted the front to fit a little better.  It clearly needs to be blocked and have the ends woven in.  However I am not totally happy with the sleeves.  I am going to see what I can do to try to bring them in.  I don't want to reknit them!  I think I should be able to make them puff sleeves
No. 3
My Girlfriend Market bag
This easy knit is knit in cotton yarn I had in stash.  This is to replace one I lost. It is ready for me to use this week.
And so, there we have it.  Three almost finished objects.  I am hoping I am now ready for Me made May!

Sunday 21 April 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 43

We are enjoying a gorgeous long weekend here in England.  I hope the weather is treating all well elsewhere.  We went to the wildlife centre yesterday and my husband and older son are going to the football tomorrow, but otherwise we are spending some quality time at home.  I for one am enjoying lots of time knitting, a little sewing and have picked up the pencils again.
May is looming, and one of my goals this year was to take part in me made May.  I could probably put something together already, but I am hoping to have a few other pieces to be able to add to my wardrobe before May.
So what have I been up to?
Here are Daniel's socks - these were finished last week but this is the first picture.
The yarn is No Parking by Dragon Hill Yarn, but Daniel thought it looked like bumble bees so bees it is.
I have finished one sleeve on the Grass River Tunic and have picked up the stitches for the second.  I only have this and the finishing to go on this so this should be ready in time for May
The yarn that I am using is by Eden Cottage and is so soft and drapey it is going to be the perfect summer top.
I have made progress on Nasreen and I am hoping this may be done by May as well.
My market bag is nearly done - I just have the rest of the handle to do and then it is done.
I also cast on a new sock the other week.  I have not made much progress on this and I am doing it one at a time (which is not like me at all) in some more Dragon Hill yarn.
And that is it for knitting.
I don't have a photo, but I cut the fabric for a Coco by Tilly and The Buttons.  I am going to alter this one to turn it into a pinafore dress, which means there is very little sewing to do, so that should be done by the end of the weekend.
I have been recently inspired by a few things to pick up my pencils again - the portrait artist of the year show on Sky Art, our visit to the gallery's in Brighton and a class on Creativebug called artist trading cards.  This is a couple that I started with yesterday, I am going to do a few portraits next.
And that, as they say, is that.  I'm going to enjoy another day in the garden.  Some gardening today - I have a few more vegetables that need to be planted out. And I need to harvest some more rhubarb to make a crumble.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and week.

Sunday 14 April 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 42

We are in the middle of our Easter break here.  Me and the boys have just returned from visiting my mum and dad in Somerset.  While there we went to the zoo which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.
We got back on Friday and then went for a day trip to Brighton yesterday.  Me and Daniel enjoyed lots of time on the pier and I am feeling very inspired to do some drawing today - we also spent a lot of time going into some art galleries on the sea front.
On the knitting front I did finish Daniel's socks but he wore them straight off the needles .  I knit them one at a time so he wore one for a week then the other joined it!  Anyway I will take a picture when they are out of the wash.
I made a lot of progress on the Grass River tunic and am now at the sleeves.  I am only going for short sleeves so I'm hoping they won't take too long.
I also made a little progress on Nasreen and started a new project.  I lost my market bag a while back so am knitting a new one.  This time I am using up some cotton that I had in stash.
And I think that is it for this week.  We don't have too much planned for this week so I should be able to make progress on most projects.
I hope everyone has a great week, all should be back to normal next week.