Sunday 31 December 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 26

 And another year draws to an end.  This is my 50th year!  I have been working my way through 50 things this year.  I've not achieved them all  but I have done a lot and more!  Anyway  that is a different post.

In terms of my projects, I have done a bit this week, especially since a couple of days were spent with my parents.  Whilst there, I continued my Christmas eve cast on.  These are my first pair of socks for the 24 in 24 (or 12 pairs).  I have no doubt that I will not be able to make 24 socks but I shall but try!  I wear knitted socks almost every day that I am not wearing a dress or skirt, so the ones I have are starting to look a bit tired.  This is my chance to spruce up my sock drawer and cut down my sock yarn stash!

These are knit in some Eden Cottage yarn I got in their Christmas stash box from a few years ago.  The picture doesn't do it justice - it is a lovely denim blue colour with a good bit of sparkle.
I have also made some progress on my Tolsta tee. 
I am now on the bottom ribbing  and as I want shortish sleeves, I should soon be done.
Otherwise, I have done some more digging over the veg plot, planted out some garlic and taken some cuttings.  Tomorrow I intend to have a very lazy day, but plant some winter sowing seeds into the greenhouse and on the windowsill.
I have also been baking today - we like to have a buffet style tea on New Year's Eve, and so I made banoffi pie, made some more mince pies and a few quiche!

Well I wish everyone a fabulous new year and may it be everything you want for another year.
I  will see everyone on the other side!

Sunday 24 December 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 25

 Happy Christmas to all who celebrate and hope you have a great holiday if not.

I have had a lovely relaxing week.  I have worked on several projects and I  think I am ready for tomorrow!

I made progress on my Tolsta tee

I am making good progress on the body, you never know,  it may be finished before the end of the holiday.

I finished my socks.  I cannot remember how long I have had these on the needles  - they are made from an unknown sock blank.

Sorry about the photos!  I have been prepping veg and turkey all day and now it is dark!

I wanted to get these off the needles so I might be able to start a Christmas eve cast on and perhaps take part in the 24 socks in 24 being run by Dandelion and Dogwood.  I do not anticipate being able to do all 24, but am going to have a go!  I have wound my yarn for the first pair and will cast on after dinner.

The yarn is from Eden Cottage and was from their super secret seasonal stash box from a few years back.

Other than this, I have been working on the garden which I did a separate post for.  I have started to dig over the vegetable/flower plot.  Hopefully, I will be able to do a bit more before we go back to school, but we shall see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and relaxing new year.

Friday 22 December 2023

The Garden Project - part

 It's time....

To resurrect the garden project.


I started the garden project in 2018 - my main goal was to renovate the area near the back door - most of which was accomplished.  Now 6 years later, this area is in need of a bit of love again.  Last year I spent very little time in the garden - we'd had two big trees come down which we had dealt with, but it left us with one big tree that was hard to get to and growing at a horrible angle over next door and so was a constant source of anxiety.  

But in this last month, a lovely man called Mark has been over and sorted it out - he cleared a patch of bramble and removed two problem trees for us.



My mind is whirring!  I have been following Jazzy Rose Flowers (the lady behind Sew Over It) and, although I have no intention of making it my living. I have been really inspired by what she has done with her land.
Things that I did do this last year that were successful, even though I thoroughly neglected it, were our raspberry patch and the potatoes.   So with that in mind I want to continue with a few vegetables and the raspberries.  But I would like to revamp this back patch - create a seating area with the tree stumps - add a second compost heap and second water butt - but mainly to dig over the main patch and divide into a patch for vegetables and patch for cut flowers.
So these are my immediate tasks - I shall report back when I start to do these things!

Sunday 17 December 2023

A Year of Projects - week 24

 We have broken up!  It's been a hard term, so this is a very welcome break.

I've made progress on my Tolsta tee this week, and have split for the sleeves.  It's now just round and round for a while.  No photos this week as it is too dark!

I have also done a few rows on the Hitchenbrook and a few rounds on a sock I found!

We went to Glow Wild at a local garden on Friday night which was magical and I do have a few photos of that!

Today I spent a good few hours in our garden.  I have somewhat neglected it this year.  We had three big trees in the garden - two fell in the last 5 years and we were left with one which was starting to rot.  We had a company over to quote for felling it, but it was so expensive we couldn't afford it.  So for the past 18 months I have been constantly worrying about it falling which has really put me off spending time outside.  Anyway, a few weeks ago, next door had a few trees cut down and I spoke to the guy.  He agreed to do it as part of his training - as a tree surgeon!  Short story is that the tree is now gone and I feel so different about the garden and have grand plans for this year!  There is a lot of tidying to do right now, but I can hopefully put in a few hours this holiday and start to get it ready for next year.

And that is my week.  I hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday 10 December 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 23

 It is definitely beginning to look like Christmas here.  Because I could really do with more mugs, I got a couple more from Anthropology today!

They are beautiful and I can't wait to start using them!  (Full disclosure - I need no more mugs - but I just can't resist!)

Anyway, I have made some crafting progress this week.   I have put in some rounds on my Tolsta tee in Lay Family Yarn. 

Sorry about the lighting, I took the picture early morning.
I also cast on something new.

This is Hitchenbrook by Martin Storey.  And the yarn is a now discontinued Yarnadelic blend by John Arbon Textiles.
I also found time to make up a batch of Nigella Lawson's gingerbread.  She has it with a lemon icing but we think it is good enough on it's own!

Well that is it for this week  - next time we will be on our holiday so we are definitely counting down the days!  Hope everyone has a great week. 

Sunday 3 December 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 22

 Oh we have had a lovely week!

On Monday, myself and younger son, Daniel, went to London to check out the Christmas markets.  Despite the slightly dismal weather we had a lovely time and saw lots of festive decorations.


At home I have finished my Golden Grass - I say finished I did run out of yarn and went for a parallelogram.

I made this from stash yarn, (so was not about to buy more) de Rerum Natura gilliatt and the pattern is from Pompom magazine. 
I have a new cast on.  This is the Tolsta tee  which I am knitting in some Lay Family Yarn as a Christmas set - I am going to do stripes.

I have also very nearly finished a Christmas dress, so should be able to show next week!

And that is all for this week - only 2 more weeks til our Christmas hols!  I hope everyone has a good week.