Sunday 3 December 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 22

 Oh we have had a lovely week!

On Monday, myself and younger son, Daniel, went to London to check out the Christmas markets.  Despite the slightly dismal weather we had a lovely time and saw lots of festive decorations.


At home I have finished my Golden Grass - I say finished I did run out of yarn and went for a parallelogram.

I made this from stash yarn, (so was not about to buy more) de Rerum Natura gilliatt and the pattern is from Pompom magazine. 
I have a new cast on.  This is the Tolsta tee  which I am knitting in some Lay Family Yarn as a Christmas set - I am going to do stripes.

I have also very nearly finished a Christmas dress, so should be able to show next week!

And that is all for this week - only 2 more weeks til our Christmas hols!  I hope everyone has a good week.


  1. What a fun special day with your son!! Treasure those. They grow up WAY TO fast. I look forward to seeing your Tolsta Tee.

  2. Golden Grass turned out very pretty. Glad you had a fun shopping trip with your son.

  3. Golden grass looks a perfect size. I’m glad you had fun on your day in London. Liz