Tuesday 29 March 2016

A Relaxing and Productive Couple of Weeks

We have just started the spring break here.  I have been quite productive and cast on all the things.
I finished my Bracken last week.
And I finished my first sock club socks - Whitby yesterday.
I never thought I'd be the sort of person who knit socks (too much second sock syndrome), but since discovering taat I'm away and now I have a whole load!!
Me and the boys have travelled to visit my parents, and now I have started mitered triangles, that I have been planning awhile.
This is also the only book I have going.
I have also CO worsted boxy and the Donder and Blitzen hat by Amy Miller.
So there we go, when we return I have a whole host of gardening to do and I shall be taking the online class from Tilly Walnes to sew a skirt.
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Sunday 27 March 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

Happy Easter, if you celebrate, and if not, I hope you have a restful few days.
I have an FO!  I finished Bracken at the start of the week.
I also finished Daniel's socks, but he wore them, so there are no photos!

I have made some progress on Whitby, hopefully, I will finish this very soon.
Having finished two projects I set to making an owl bag for the stall
And I cast on my worsted boxy, although there is not much to show for it.
I also cast on my donder and blitzen hat.

I have none this week, but I'm going to Coldharbour mill next week and intend to stock up (since it's nearly my birthday!)  So I will share next week.
So anyway, we have my brother and his two children staying for the weekend and we are ready!! (They are chocolate eggs).
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Sunday 20 March 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 38

Oh the holiday is getting tantalising close!  I have been becoming increasingly obsessed by podcasts of late (you may notice the influence today - including the use of the word obsessed!)
WIP's ( I have no FO's)
My Bracken for the anything goes KAL is progressing nicely and I am now up to the sleeve separation.  I am loving how this is coming along although I am about to make a few mods which will be on my project page.
I have also purchased some gorgeous buttons for this and will show those off in a bit.
My sock club socks are coming along.  Just churning away the foot, but I'm nearly there.
And lastly, at the moment, I am nearly done with Daniel's new socks.  This is the second sock - so I have a HO!  (A half finished object - common in podcasts!)  Again I'm making my way along the foot, but his are much smaller!
Oh I have saved a few of these up.
My yarn from Mel - sadly her shop is now empty and will be full no more (luckily I have quite a stash of it already).
I also received my next sock club yarn a little while ago, but still have no pic.
I ordered and recieved the previously mentioned buttons (and a few extras that caught my eye).  These are from Textile Garden here in the UK.
Future Plans
I have started to keep a knitting journal and have bought washi tape!
My next sock project is going to be from the book New Directions in Sock Knitting - mitered triangles.  Now this actually calls for 18 yarns, but I have decided to do it as a memory blanket type affair.  So these are the yarns (leftovers) that I will use.  Some I only have enough for two triangles, but others I can get several, so no need for 18.
I have also become quite obsessed with project bags, however, the budget can only stretch so far and I have a sewing machine and lots of fabric.  So that is my task for today - to make two.  Edit - here they are!

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Sunday 13 March 2016

A Year of Projects Update - Week 37

Yay, I have a FO!
I finished Hitofude and I love it.  I loved knitting it (I love a bit of lace!) and I love the yarn.  I wasn't totally sure if the shape of it would suit me, but I think it does.

I love this yarn and I have been quite saddened this week by the news that Mel (of Mellifera yarn) is stopping dying (I thought she might be as she has not updated for a while).  I know there are lots of others but I did love this yarn!!  I did indulge in some of her last skeins and she sent a bonus skein, I have yet to take photos but I'm sure I will soon, I can assure you they are lovely!
As a result of finishing this, I have not made much progress on the other projects.  I have finished one of Daniel's socks and am in the middle of the heel turn on my socks.  Again, hopefully, I will be able to post more progress next week.
I thought I would check the list!  It's been a while.
WIP's and Deadlines
  • Christmas jumper - timetable is here - hope to finish by Christmas (2016!)
  • Socks  - I aim to complete 6 pairs this year - Hector - finished July - I want to do the Rachel Coopey MKAL, Otis and Jesse
  • Rhombing Around - finished December 
  • Outfit A Long - Vianne by Andi Sutterland and Megan by Tilly Walnes - finished August 2nd
  • Second chance frog cowl - made with my frogged yarn from my cardi - finished
  • Test knit - for Celtic Knits - Finished September 
  • Test knit - for Jenni Santopietro - Finished November
  • Test knit for Betsy - finished December 
  • Hitofude - self indulgent KAL
  • Bracken - Anything Goes KAL
Projects for me - knitting
  • From Way Back - mellifera yarn
  • Hitofude - Mellifera yarn - finished March 11th
  • Samantha
  • Miranda - Sweater using Madelinetosh Pashmina worsted
  • Wind Wave by Jo Allport form The Knitter magazine
  • Drumcliff - vest from The Knitter magazine
  • Byeline - by Jimenez Joseph
  • Waving Lace Top - Joji Locatelli - finished January 
  • Worsted Boxy - Joji Locatelli
  • Bracken - top by Katya Frankel
Projects for me and the boys - sewing
  • Pyjama bottoms for me
  • Coco top
  • Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts - third finished 17th Ocober
  • Outfit Along - Megan by Tilly Walnes
  • Knickers!!
  • PE bags - Finished
  • Pencil cases - Finished
Gift knitting
  • Quilted owl for mum
  • Sun hat for Daniel - finished February
  • Rainbow hat for Daniel - finished August 11th
  • Ongoing swatch baby blanket - yarn bought - patterns from Lets Knit
Products to develop
  • Hot water bottle covers - Finished November 
  • Furry hats - started July 25th
  • Hat and bootie sets - finished November 
Techniques to learn
  • Double knitting - September - now to do some socks
  • Quilting
Finished Projects

Sunday 6 March 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 36

I'ts short and sweet this week!  I have been making steady progress on most of my projects, but now am knitting monogamously on Hitofude as I am nearly there.
I have 2 and a half repeats to go and then it is the bottom ribbing and I am done.  I am loving knitting on this and the pattern is easy to memorise, but interesting to knit.
I am up to the heel on my sock club socks but have stopped for a moment as I finish Hitofude.
And I cast on a pair of socks for Daniel and again am up to the heel on the first one.
I have done nothing on Bracken but hope to pick this up again when I have finished Hitofude.
I took receipt of the next installment of my sock club yarn this week and I am afraid one of my favorite dyers is closing so I had to snap up a couple of skeins and had to break my yarn diet!  I will share the new goodies next week when hopefully, I will have a FO.
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