Sunday 30 August 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 9

We are all back home now - feeling a little sad that the holiday is nearly over, but there are a few days left.  I got a little knitting done on holiday, mostly on the socks.
Curiosa are nearly done!!  I have a few more rounds on the foot to go, then I'm onto the toe - I hope to finish these today.

Rather than knitting, I have been dreaming about my next projects, even though I have a thousand already set up and on my list!!  I have updated my list slightly as a result.
First addition is From Way Back (linked below) - I am hoping to use Mellifera Yarn in Paynes for this but I need one more skein, so we will see if I have any luck in that.
Second set of additions is for sewing.  I have been following Sarah from Crafts from the cwtch and she has made lots of sailor tops by fancy tiger crafts.  So I have signed up for creativebug and got the pattern as well as the tutorial and I have lined up lots of fabric to make lots (I'm hoping I like it!)
The pink gingham I want to use to make pyjama bottoms, the purple tartan I want to use to make a skirt, and all of the others I will use to make sailor tops!!

WIP's and Deadlines
  • Christmas jumper - timetable is here - hope to finish by Christmas (2015!)
  • Socks  - I aim to complete 6 pairs this year - Hector - finished July - I want to do the Rachel Coopey MKAL, Otis and Jesse
  • Rhombing Around - sweater using Mellifera yarn in stash
  • Outfit A Long - Vianne by Andi Sutterland and Megan by Tilly Walnes - finished August 2nd
  • Second chance frog cowl - made with my frogged yarn from my cardi - finished
Projects for me - knitting
  • From Way Back - mellifera yarn
  • Hitofude - Mellifera yarn
  • Samantha
  • Miranda - Sweater using Madelinetosh Pashmina worsted
  • Wind Wave by Jo Allport form The Knitter magazine
  • Drumcliff - vest from The Knitter magazine
  • Byeline - by Jimenez Joseph
Projects for me and the boys - sewing
  • Pyjama bottoms for me
  • Coco top
  • Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Outfit Along - Megan by Tilly Walnes
  • Knickers!!
  • PE bags - Finished
  • Pencil cases - Finished
Gift knitting
  • Quilted owl for mum
  • Sun hat for Daniel
  • Rainbow hat for Daniel - finished August 11th
  • Ongoing swatch baby blanket - yarn bought - patterns from Lets Knit
Products to develop
  • Hot water bottle covers
  • Furry hats - started July 25th
  • Hat and bootie sets - started August 11th
Techniques to learn
  • Double knitting
  • Quilting

Sunday 23 August 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 8

Just a quick one this week as we are at my mum's.  I have managed to do a little, in between packing and entertaining.
Here are my socks..
I have finished clue three, turned the heel - yay!
I have also done a little on Rhombing around.
I'm hoping to make more progress this week.
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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Yarn Along

Oh it's been a busy weekend and will probably be a busy week to come.  We have been busy with playdates, swimming and medieval jousting!
I have managed to get on with some knitting in between.  I finished the second clue on Curiosa.
I did a little more to Rhombing around
And I have made inroads on the second newborn set from a yarn I found in my stash.  I can't really decide if it is male or female (if I want to be stereotypical!) - I think it is unisex.
I have also read a little more of The Seas although I have had to renew it.  I read some at the jousting although I have no photographic evidence.  I'm quite enjoying it, despite it being a very different style than I am used to (which tends in all honesty to be chick lit).
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Sunday 16 August 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 7

I love mornings like this.  A few years ago (probably more then a few!) I would have bulked at being up so early.  But now when my boys wake me they are happy to play while I do 'things'.  This morning it was putting the washing out and having a nice cup of coffee while writing this.We have had a reasonably quiet week this week - I put name labels into every piece of school clothing known to man - it took about 3 hours!
 In crafting news, I got a bit distracted by knitting baby things for the stall, so I knocked up a new born giftset.
I have made a little progress on Curiosa, but yo probably can't tell - I have one more pattern repeat to go on clue 2 - apparently clues 3 and 4 go much faster!

Otherwise, we went to Hever castle yesterday to see the jousting.  It is a beautiful setting, so is gorgeous to look at and has lots for the boys to do.

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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Outfit Along - unveiled

I completed my outfit-a-long outfit!  This is a sew/knit along hosted by Andi Satterlund and lladybird, where you have to sew an item and knit a garment designed to wear together.  Last year I was only brave enough to make a skirt and a Myrna.  This year I decided to make a dress, and settled on Megan by Tilly Walnes.  I again went for the featured sweater - Vianne.  So here they are..

Please excuse the terrible photos!  It's not a great day weather wise, so the flash was needed and I got my son to take some but they were a bit blurry!  This was one he took at the weekend of the dress.
I'm really pleased with the dress, it fits really well and I think I will make another of these.
I'm not so sure about the Vianne.  I really like the pattern but I'm not convinced by the length.  It is unblocked at the moment, so I may try that and see what I think.  Both years I have knit a cropped cardi, thinking they would be ok with a dress but next year I will definitely rethink!

Otherwise, I have started Daniel's rainbow hat which shouldn't take too long to finish and a pair of thick slipper socks for me.  I am still moving slowly along with Rhombing around and Curiosa.
I have read a few pages of The Seas and enjoying it so far.
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Sunday 9 August 2015

A Year of Projects Update - Week 6

We made our way home from mum and dads yesterday.  We took a little detour down to Southampton to see my friend for the christening of her little boy and had a lovely, if not long, day.
I did do a fair bit of knitting this week, but finished nothing!
I made progress on Rhombing Around - I have now got the back onto waste yarn.
 I have also made some progress on the mystery socks (Curiosa), but am still plowing through clue 2.  I will get there!!
This week, I have purchased all of the snuggly snowflake to make Daniel a rainbow hat - so I shall work on that as well and I may make a start on some newborn sets that I want to make for the stall.
I shall leave you with some highlights from our trip.
 Setting off!
 Beside the steam train that took us to the beach.
 On the beach
And me in my Megan - Not the best picture of me but I love the dress!
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Tuesday 4 August 2015

Yarn Along - visiting grandparents

Me and the boys have travelled West to visit the grandparents this week!  We have been shopping this morning to buy school shoes and I have spent far too much money.
I have been making progress on both projects that I have brought with me - the purple is Rhombing Around (love this stitch - it is the seersucker stitch pattern) and the blue is my curiosa socks by Rachel Coopey.

The yarn is Mellifera yarn merino sport, which is so lovely and soft it is a delight to knit with.  The yellow is waste yarn as a provisional cast on.  The blue is splendid and is also a Mellifera yarn, this time a cash twist that is also great to knit with.
I have started The Seas, but have only managed about 4 pages while the boys were in the park playing in the sand this morning.
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Sunday 2 August 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 5

Well, it's been a week of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back!  I finished a cuddly hat for the stall modelled here by Daniel.  Now he wants one, in the colours of the rainbow no less!

I made progress on my Vianne, but I don't like the first sleeve, so when I have modified the second, I shall frog the first and start again!

In spending time on that, I have done very little to my curiosa socks - I am still stuck on clue two.
I have found time to make Thomas a pencil case and PE bag for school.  I have also sewn a PE bag for a friend of Thomas and Daniel.

This next week sees us in Somerset with my mum and dad, I'm taking the socks and Rhombing around, which I hope to make great progress on!
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