Sunday 9 August 2015

A Year of Projects Update - Week 6

We made our way home from mum and dads yesterday.  We took a little detour down to Southampton to see my friend for the christening of her little boy and had a lovely, if not long, day.
I did do a fair bit of knitting this week, but finished nothing!
I made progress on Rhombing Around - I have now got the back onto waste yarn.
 I have also made some progress on the mystery socks (Curiosa), but am still plowing through clue 2.  I will get there!!
This week, I have purchased all of the snuggly snowflake to make Daniel a rainbow hat - so I shall work on that as well and I may make a start on some newborn sets that I want to make for the stall.
I shall leave you with some highlights from our trip.
 Setting off!
 Beside the steam train that took us to the beach.
 On the beach
And me in my Megan - Not the best picture of me but I love the dress!
For more of the same join us here.


  1. Both your projects look like fun. The texture on Rhombing Around is wonderful. The socks looks hard. I admire people who do mystery knits; I have a hard enough time with the entire pattern in front of me!
    Looks like a fun family trip!

  2. I agree your dress is fabulous! The print is so pretty. Both your knitting projects look great. I love the Rombing Around sweater pattern. I'm curious to see what other colors you choose for it.

  3. Those socks look so intricate! What a great KAL... I look forward to seeing them further along too!

  4. I really love how those Curiosa are coming along, I think I'm going to have to move that pattern up my favourites pile I also really like the colour your working yours in. Your Megan dress is just so pretty, it's gorgeous and your tirp sounds like you all had lots of fun.

  5. Gosh, Curiosa looks so pretty! I might have to add that to my list!
    The boys look like they enjoyed the train and the vacation! Fun!

  6. The color of the yarn on your mystery socks is really pretty, Lucy. Actually the color of sock yarn following the purple of the Rhombing Around project is pretty. I wonder what they would look like together in one item. :^) And I love seeing the pics of your boys. Great times!