Sunday 26 December 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 26

 My, December has flown past!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day if you celebrate, and now is about to have a lovely relaxing time.

I can't believe it is Boxing day.  We were supposed to be going to my mum and dad's today, but it is not to be.  Daniel tested positive in the week and so we are confined to the house.  Not to worry, we are homebodies anyway and we see mum on the Alexa.

I have started many projects this week.   I started my cross-stitch. 

I cast on  some spring socks - this is a yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners  - I think it is mojito.

I took possession of some tops for needle felting after the success of Finley.  

I am going to make some things for mum's advent calendar.   Liz gave me the name of a YouTube channel - Living Felt - that I am going to watch before I do anymore.

I saw a pattern this week and watched the podcast.   I'll be honest I was going to do it anyway, but then she mentioned it would be nice as a dress... and that was it.  So the Festive Sweater KAL by Skeindeer Knits was cast on.

I am using Navia Duo which was one of the recommended yarns. 

I also cast on a second Sweater as my Christmas eve cast on.  This is Susurrus by Joji Locatelli which was in Pompom magazine and I am knitting it in some yarn from Countess Ablaze  which has been in my stash for  while waiting for this project to be cast on. 

I also finished my advant hardwares.

I also received this book for Christmas. 

It is amazing and I want to make almost everything in it!

I think that is enough for now!  I hope everyone has a great week however you are spending it and I will see you in 2022.

Sunday 19 December 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 25

 And we made it!  Me and the boys made it to the Christmas holiday!  Hopefully ...

We will be taking a test everyday and hopefully, the government will keep us open long enough to go to mum and dad's just after Christmas. 

I thought I had been productive this week but then I tried to find what I had been up to and couldn't find anything!

Well that isn't strictly true.  I started my needle felting project and became so enamoured by it I  have ordered some more needles and some wool tops to do some more for a project I have planned over the next few months.

Meet Finley.

Between that project and thd next I have decided on a Year long project inspired by Sam - a fellow yopper. 

Before I elaborate, here is the next project on my needles.

I am using a lucky dip bag from Kate Selene as my advent calendar this year and I wanted to do something with them other than a blanket.  And I decided on some mitts.  I am just following a recipe by Kate Atherley in her knit mitts book.
Whilst I was knitting these up I realised they would make an ideal present and so I have decided to make my mum an advent calendar for next year.   Iam going to do mitts and various needle felted items to start with.
And that is that- I have two more projects I would like to start very soon so watch this space.  I should be able to reveal next week.  So until then have  great week and great Christmas if you celebrate. 

Sunday 12 December 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 24

 I'm a little late today as I wanted to finish Saknes.   Which I did.

Well  I say finish - it needs ends weaving in and buttons, but I'm calling it done!

This was in in last Pompom magazine and I knitted it in Malabrigo rios in Frank Ochre - I shall properly finish it later.

I also finished all 7 washmitts, so I can take them in next week.  Here are 6 of them, but I did the 7th, I promise!

I also knit up a quick petpal for Daniel  - this is a Doggerpillar!

And that is it for this week - lots of finishes.
I have some sewing planned for this next week and then I have many things I want to start.  So until then, have a great week!

Sunday 5 December 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 23

 I missed last week, and to be be honest I haven't really made much progress of note this week!  I thought I would check in and report on projects I would like to do.

I am making progress on Saknes - I am making my way down the sleeves,  but it is slow going.

I am also now onto number 6 washmitt of 7 so I'm nearly there!  

After that I  want to knit one petpal for Daniel and then I can concentrate on things for me!

So plans: 

I want to plan a make nine for the new year.

I want to do a needle felting project and do my very first cross stitch.

I would also really love to sew a Christmas dress as well as finish my wips!!

I  did do the Christmas Dec's 🎄 this week.

And that is my week really.   I'm hoping I get a bit of motivation back this week and I get a few things completed for next week's update!  Hope everyone has a great week.