Sunday 19 December 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 25

 And we made it!  Me and the boys made it to the Christmas holiday!  Hopefully ...

We will be taking a test everyday and hopefully, the government will keep us open long enough to go to mum and dad's just after Christmas. 

I thought I had been productive this week but then I tried to find what I had been up to and couldn't find anything!

Well that isn't strictly true.  I started my needle felting project and became so enamoured by it I  have ordered some more needles and some wool tops to do some more for a project I have planned over the next few months.

Meet Finley.

Between that project and thd next I have decided on a Year long project inspired by Sam - a fellow yopper. 

Before I elaborate, here is the next project on my needles.

I am using a lucky dip bag from Kate Selene as my advent calendar this year and I wanted to do something with them other than a blanket.  And I decided on some mitts.  I am just following a recipe by Kate Atherley in her knit mitts book.
Whilst I was knitting these up I realised they would make an ideal present and so I have decided to make my mum an advent calendar for next year.   Iam going to do mitts and various needle felted items to start with.
And that is that- I have two more projects I would like to start very soon so watch this space.  I should be able to reveal next week.  So until then have  great week and great Christmas if you celebrate. 


  1. Finley is very cute. I'm still trying to come up with a project to use with an advent calendar. Since I don't wear shawls, that's not an option. A little fearful about making a striped sweater if I don't know what the yarns are going to be. I have some time to think on it.

  2. How cute is Finley? He turned out very nice. Those mitts are really pretty too. I think I have a clue on what your inspired project is going to be. But, I will stay quiet just in case I am waaay off track. Happy Christmas. I hope you get to be with your parents this year.

  3. Awesome needle felting. Finley looks awesome and your idea for an advent calendar sounds inspiring!

  4. Finley is too precious! An advent calendar for your mom sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing how you execute it!

  5. Finley is very cute. I recommend Living Felt videos on YouTube, they have a huge selection of how to videos for needle felting things. Enjoy your new ho. Y and hope you had a nice Christmas.