Wednesday 30 October 2013

Had a lovely baking day today with my friend.  She has 2 girls and we all decorated biscuits!!

 And here is the outcome!!

Sunday 27 October 2013

Very short Year of Projects Update!

It's going to be a very short update this week, as, although it is the start of half term, I'm trying to get some serious knitting done during the week.

We are due a storm this evening, so have been weather proofing the garden as far as possible.

I have no FO this week, but have made great progress on Morticia and hope to finish this week in time for Halloween.  Then I should be able to finish the scarves and get on with some dishcloths.

On the baking front, we have been making lots of Halloween biscuits and will make more on Wednesday when my friend and her girls come over.  And I have my first paid commission for a wedding cake in March!!

All have a good week and hopefully, I will have lots to report next week!

Sunday 20 October 2013

Year of Projects Update

Had a week off last week - it has got so busy at school I ran out of time all round, but there is only one week to go to half term so the end is in sight.
My hubby has been away this weekend in Spain watching football, so I have had a bit of time to do some extra knitting in between entertaining the boys!!

I have been continuing with Morticia and have been just about keeping up - am nearly finished with clue three, so should be ready for the forth and last clue on Tuesday.

Also suddenly realised last week that time is coming along and the boys need hats for the 5th November.  So set to knitting the Strib hats I had picked out for them.  They were very easy and both are now done - I have got a basic mitten pattern that I will do for them as well in the same colours.

I have not made any progress on the crocodile scarves or stripey scarf, but will do these when I have finished Morticia.

Hope everyone is well 

Sunday 6 October 2013

Year of Projects - Update

I have numerous WIP this week!!
I have started the Morticia KAL - It came out on Tuesday and I have made fairly good progress as you can see.
Here it is pinned to the carpet!!  I am going to do a small one so this is nearly the first clue finished.  The colour is more red than shown here - rather than pink.

Here is the progress on my 'one skein' KAL!!  Now it is more than one skein as I have turned it into a scarf!

And here is my crocodile scarf - I have nearly finished one and have started the second.

This is the finished first cowl of the Amy Miller KAL for September - I really love this one although my finishing wasn't brilliant (I can cover it with my hair!)  There are 3 more but I am working on the other pieces at the moment so will complete them when I get a chance.  I also signed up for a dishcloth KAL but I haven't had a chance to start that yet but have the first 3 patterns.

So that is my progress this week - nothing to cross off the list so will update that next week when hopefully I will have some FO - you never know!!