Sunday 6 October 2013

Year of Projects - Update

I have numerous WIP this week!!
I have started the Morticia KAL - It came out on Tuesday and I have made fairly good progress as you can see.
Here it is pinned to the carpet!!  I am going to do a small one so this is nearly the first clue finished.  The colour is more red than shown here - rather than pink.

Here is the progress on my 'one skein' KAL!!  Now it is more than one skein as I have turned it into a scarf!

And here is my crocodile scarf - I have nearly finished one and have started the second.

This is the finished first cowl of the Amy Miller KAL for September - I really love this one although my finishing wasn't brilliant (I can cover it with my hair!)  There are 3 more but I am working on the other pieces at the moment so will complete them when I get a chance.  I also signed up for a dishcloth KAL but I haven't had a chance to start that yet but have the first 3 patterns.

So that is my progress this week - nothing to cross off the list so will update that next week when hopefully I will have some FO - you never know!!


  1. You've been very busy! That Morticia pattern looks very interesting :)

  2. That colorful scarf is very nice. I love the alligator one. What fun it would be to wear that. You've made a terrific start on the Moriticia KAL.

  3. Some beautiful knitting.....the morticia shawl is looking gorgeous and I love the stripey cowl.......great finish.

  4. Oh, Ruth is doing that shawl pretty! I love your striped cowl and the alligator scarf that I bet my grands would like. Your other scarf is pretty too. You are getting LOTS done! You go girl!

  5. Really great wip's love them all. Your Morticia is looking great. I'm using a Fingering weight and doing to the instructions but not going up to many needle sizes so I'm hoping it doesn't come out to large.

  6. That crocodile is so cool! Good luck with your WIPs this week, they are looking good :D

  7. I agree with Ylva and Kepanie, that crocodile looks amazing! Great job with that! And I'm also in love with your Morticia, it 's beautiful!!