Sunday 27 June 2021

A Year of Projects - Round Up


So there we are!  Another year goes by. I feel that despite the world's best efforts, I accomplished quite a lot this year.  Let's look at the list!

Finish Breathing Space - finished July 2020
Finish From Way Back - finished July 2020
Lacy shoulders tee - finished August 2020
Forest berry jacket - finished Christmas 2020
Antiquity blouse - finished May 2021
Christmas jumper for Daniel - in progress
Oare Water from John Arbon annual no. 2 - finished April 2020

Any! - I think I  may have only made one pair this year with another on the needles. 

Finish skirt - it's still at the same point - so it's back on the list!
Outfits for Christopher - I  made a few of these 
Market bag
Finish blanket - garter stitch blanket finished
Sunburst blanket - started the Battenberg blanket instead.
Cornhill scarf - completed October 2020

Curtains and bean bag for Thomas - finished
Circle skirt - finished
Olive - finished

I have actually completed a lot more sewing projects than are here, and my goal was to complete Me Made May.   I did this and posted everyday.

Other crafts

I did not get  to any other craft,  but they may reappear next year. 

Sunday 20 June 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 51

 Although some things have calmed down this week, it still seems as though life is abuse as ever!  The week also began unbearably hot, but finished quite chilly with flooding!  Somewhere in the middle would be nice!

I shall start this week's update with a forgotten FO from last week.

This is my vest no.2.

I knit this in some Exmoor Zwartbles from John Arbon Textiles and I am delighted with it .  I think it will go with lots of tops in my wardrobe.  I won't wear it next to skin as it is a bit toothy, but that was never the idea anyway. 

I have done a bit more sewing this week  but more on that in a couple of weeks time.

Otherwise my four quarters is trundling along.   I have completed one quarter and now am on the second which is long and thin, as it makes a tie.  So I have about a meter to go!  I am knitting this in a linen yarn from Drops.

I haven't done a lot more this week.  Last week's sewing Weekender was great I really learned a lot including pattern matching, which may link to my current sewing project!

Anyway,  more of that later.  I hope everyone has a great week.  

Sunday 13 June 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 50

My, this week has sped past!  I haven't done a lot other than work this week!

I have made some progress on my new project, which is Four corners by Julie Robinson from the spring Pom Pom magazine. 

I haven't really worked on any other knitting.

I have been participating in the Weekender - a weekend of talks and workshops on all things sewing by the Foldline.

Whilst watching I have sewn a new pair of pants (panda pants this time!) And some pj bottoms for Daniel.

And that is that for this week.  I hope everyone has a great weeko⁷

Monday 7 June 2021

Me Made May - the summary!

 So Me Made May is over for 2021.  This year I managed every day.

I think I have missed an image somewhere?!
Anyway, what have I learned?
I really enjoyed wearing skirts.  I am currently knitting a skirt so I  need to progress with that.  Otherwise the two I  wore during May were lovely and I could do with more of those.  The brown skirt is great to wear with longer length tops (as it is fitted on the belly and I  don't like showing that off!  The red is perfect except for the fastening which at the moment means I need to wear it with longer length tops again - I would like more of these with a zip fastening so I  could wear my more cropped tops. 
I loved wearing my Coco style tops  the only thing I might look to doing is bringing the neckline in so I don't risk showing my underwear. 
I really should conquer my trouser fear!  I now have a lovely pair of shop bought, comfy, but smart trousers that I could draft a pattern from. 
So there we have it - more skirts and more tunic tops!  Let's see if I can sort myself out for next year.

Sunday 6 June 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

 It has been half term this past week, which has meant I have been able to get on with a few bits and pieces!

At the start of the week we went back to Brands Hatch for the first time in over a year to watch some historic racing cars.

I then managed to clear Daniel's bedroom in time for the plasterer on Tuesday.   

The rest of the week has seen me in the garden, sewing, knitting and planning.

Whilst clearing Daniel's bedroom I found this

This doll my mum made me about 40 years ago!  She was in a bit of a bad way - she had a couple of rips, was very stained and her clothes had lots of holes in them.
Anyway, I cleaned her up and here she is now - my only FO this week.
She is clean and has new pants and a skirt.  I shall do a proper post on her next week.
Talking of pants... I made some for me this week ( another FO I miscalculated!)
These have there very own post Llama pants

And here they are!

I love them and intend to make a whole pile of them!
Finally, i did work on my vest, I bound of he body and now only have the finishing around the neck and arm holes to go.  I will post a pic of that next week.   I also intend to get my Me made May post up next week - let's see how that all goes!
Next weekend  I have bought a ticket for the weekender with the Foldline website.  It is a weekend of various talks and sessions about sewing techniques.  When you buy your ticket you can either watch along at the time, or you cam watch at your leisure as all the talks are available to you.
I should be able to fit my YOP post in though!  So, I hope you all have a good week

Thursday 3 June 2021

Llama pants!

 I made pants today!

I used this brilliant Jersey knit fabric from Minerva - Llama fabric

And I used the free pants pattern on Sozoblog 

I did do a trial run, but thought I knew better than an experienced sewing and that was a mistake.

So I followed the pattern and they worked brilliantly.   Now they don't look brilliant off as the elastic (fold over elastic) has gone all wavy (there is probably a technical term!)

But they fit lovely and are very comfy so that is the main thing.

I sewed all of the seams by hand, using my favorite zig zag stitch.  And I used some old fabric for the gusset.

Next time - and there will be a next time - I shall:

  1. Try to make the front a little higher (I think that is the rise)
  2. Pull the elastic a bit tighter on the waist
  3. Will do the legs pretty much the same
And there you have them - my first pair of llama pants!