Sunday 26 April 2015

Year of Projects Update - Week 43

I cannot believe there are only 10 weeks before I will be planning my next year of projects - this year is flying past.

I did a craft fair yesterday and here is a snapshot of a commission I got from that 

I had larger versions but the customer wanted a smaller one so here it is!!

In terms of my list, I have made a little progress on my socks

I am going to do an afterthought heel as I thought I could use up some of my other sock yarn.

Now I have got the craft fair done I can get back to my selfish projects, so by next week and especially over the bank holiday weekend I hope to fit in lots of knitting.
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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Spring Dreams

Ah, spring has well and truly sprung.  We have been having some splendid weather of late.  These tulips are in my kitchen - I love tulips!

Once I had taken the picture I realised the colour of them picked up the colour in my stripey socks - made me feel better about the colours.  I am a bit further than this now and am onto the foot.  I shall be doing the afterthought heel for these.
My friend gave us some frogspawn so me and the boys are watching its progress with interest!!

And finally, I don't usually share these but I love him!!  This is sheep for the stall on Saturday!
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Sunday 19 April 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 42

Bits and pieces this week!
I finished off some sandals for the stall.  I am doing my first craft fair of the year next week so I am busy getting things ready this week, but then I am back to purely selfish knitting!

Second up is also for the stall but I really like it so I've included it here, even though it's not on the list.
The third is on the list though, my latest socks.  These are Dave by Rachel Coopey and the yarn is heart and soul from Sirdar.  It's not my colour choice to be honest, but my 7 year old wanted this, so who am I to argue!?

I have CO for the sleeves of Abate, but I've not made too much progress.  Hopefully, after the fair next week, I should be able to make some real progress and get back on track, especially with the sewing which has really taken a back seat of late.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

More Socks!

Last week I had some elements completed of 'Bob'.  And here he is finished!!

Elefante - he has been in my Ravelry library for a good couple of years, so that is a box ticked on love your library.

I have started this

It's going to be a headband for the stall.

I have made some progress on Abate and Aiken, but not much to take pictures of.
And lastly, because I don't like to be without a pair on my needles... a pair of socks

These are Dave by Rachel Cooley - a vanilla sock for this stripey yarn.
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Sunday 12 April 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 41

And yet another week flies by.  But in this week, I have finished several projects.
I finished the socks - hurrah!  And here they are...

I also knit a couple of purses for boys for the stall - I have a fair in a couple of weeks, so want them for that.

Daniel wanted Elefant, so I knit him.  I knitted him in various worsted and chunky yarns - so he turned out much larger than he should, but Daniel loves him, even with no eyes and has christened him Bob!

And this is the start of another knit for the stall in a gorgeous sparkly yarn.  I have just finished this, this morning, but have yet to take a picture.

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Tuesday 7 April 2015

An FO and 2 Sneak Peaks!

I finished my socks yesterday.  They are Phyllis by Rachel Coopey.  I have coveted Rachel's socks for a long time, but these are my first. Lovely pattern and perfect fit - I did the medium size.  Yarn is a cash twist by Mellifera yarn in cayenne.
And I also have two sneak peeks

The first is something requested by Daniel, that happens to be on my year of projects list and has been in my library for years - so has lots of ticks!
The second is a new product for the stall that I have been meaning to do for ages and with the first craft fair looming its about time I got my skates on with it!

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Sunday 5 April 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 40

It's a bit late today - we have been to the opening racing from the British Touring Car Championship. So no knitting today but I have made some progress this week.

I am so close to finishing my socks - I am on the toe decreases!  I hope to finish tonight.

I am also very close to finishing the body of Aiken.  I am going to Somerset this week and will not be taking this with me so this is it for a moment.

I am taking Abate and Daniel has requested Elefant, which has been on my list for forever!! Hopefully next week I will have these done and I will have time for a more detailed update.  Have a good week.