Tuesday 14 April 2015

More Socks!

Last week I had some elements completed of 'Bob'.  And here he is finished!!

Elefante - he has been in my Ravelry library for a good couple of years, so that is a box ticked on love your library.

I have started this

It's going to be a headband for the stall.

I have made some progress on Abate and Aiken, but not much to take pictures of.
And lastly, because I don't like to be without a pair on my needles... a pair of socks

These are Dave by Rachel Cooley - a vanilla sock for this stripey yarn.
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  1. The elephant is just so cute!
    Plain vanilla socks are perfect for that yarn.

  2. I like your vanilla sock project. Made me smile.

  3. Beautiful projects! I love the bright and happy colours for the socks - instant boost of energy :-)

  4. love that stripey sock yarn! great colors!

  5. Heheh I'm knitting stripey vanilla socks at the moment too. I like the colours in yours. Bob is adorable

  6. The elephant is so cute, and your sock looks very promising - love the bright colours! x

  7. Love that little elephant! What a great idea for a headband as well. The socks will look great in those colours.