Sunday 31 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 40

The clocks have gone forward today, and it's mothers day.  I think that's a bit rude!  One hour less to get everything done!!
Anyway, I have a cup of Grannies Trifle tea and I have a moment to catch up with an update.
I have no finished objects this week, but I have made a fair bit of progress with my projects.
I have finished the body of the Grass River tunic.  I only want to do short sleeves and I have the crossover neckband to do, but I don't envisage that taking very long.
I have also finished the first half of Nasreen. And I have now started the second half. Again this didn't take too long so I should be able to get through this quite quickly, then I only have the finishing to do. 
I had started Daniels bee socks last week and I am now more than half way along the first sock as I have completed the heel.  I almost never knit socks one at a time now, but the cake was so nice I didn't want to ruin it.  I just hope I have the motivation to knit the second one!
I also got some more yarn from De Rerum Natura in France this week to make two sweaters from Interpretations 6. I want to make the community tunic and understated - both by Joji Locatelli
I hope everyone has a great week.
Next week is due to be a bit busy what with one thing or another.  I don't think I will be able to post on Sunday, but I will see what I can do!

Sunday 24 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

This week has been busy at work.  If you don't know, I am a teacher at secondary school (11 to 18 year olds) here in England, and we are nearing the exam season.  I mostly teach exam groups so we are in full preparation mode!  Nonetheless, I have still fitted in some knitting of course as this is the only thing I do to wind down.

I have two FO's.
I finished the socks at long last.  These have taken me 3 months.  I am not totally sure why they have taken me so long.  I am not a monogamous knitter so the fact I have been working on other projects shouldn't have made too much difference to these.  The pattern was not hard - it was a modified hazelnut sock by Helen Stewart.  And the yarn was the Christmas skein by Little French Meadow, which was gorgeous.
I have yet to weave in the ends, but I call them finished anyway (there are only two ends).

My other finished object is some more guinea pig pencil toppers.  I say finished - the individual ones are done but I still need some more!
In WIP's, I have still been putting in some time on both sweaters (Grass River Tunic and Nasreen).  I hope to have put some significant progress by next week.  I have also cast on more socks - because as one pair come off, another pair need to go on!  I have cast on a pair of bumblebee socks for Daniel as, hopefully, a quick sock knit.

And that is that.  I hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday 17 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 38

Some progress has been made this week and I have a (tiny) FO!
Thomas was home from school this week for 3 days so I had to stay with him (nothing too terrible just miserable with cold and possibly flu.  Which was obviously bad, but I did get to do some knitting.
As a result I have put in some time on both of my sweaters.
Nasreen is coming along nicely.  I am really enjoying this knit and the yarn is wonderful.  I am now making my way through the angled stripes on the front.  So I have the top band and the back to go.
And the Grass River Tunic is going nicely as well. I am now onto the hip shaping, but it essentially now just stockinette in the round.
I did also make progress on my socks but I am so nearly finished I will take pictures when I am done.
I do have an FO.
It is coming up to Daniel's birthday.  He is having an animal party.  I wanted to do most of the organisation (apart from the actual party) myself, to perhaps save some pennies and to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  So have made the invites myself (I will show next week when they are printed) and was going to make some knitted guinea pigs to give as little gifts to the invitees. In one of the groups on Ravelry, I was inspired by another member to modify a pattern to make guinea pigs as pencil toppers - so I have made a prototype.  They have been approved by Daniel, so I am now into full production!
And that is that for this week.  I hope everyone has a relaxing and crafty week.

Sunday 10 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

We have had a busy week, so it's been a miracle any knitting has gotten done.  However, I have fitted in some!

I only have WIP's this week, but all are coming along nicely.
I have done some more on the Grass River Tunic.  I am now onto the waist decreases, but as it is a fingering weight it is taking a while. 
The socks are progressing well.  We are at shortie length now, but I want longer so we are still going for the time being.  You never know they could be finished next week.
The only spanner in the works is that I have cast on a new project that I am loving.  I finally cast on Nasreen from Pom Pom 26.  I have had this yarn for about a year now and it has been wound up for most of this.  I am loving this project.  The yarn is amazing.  It is Rosy Green yarn and is 100% merino - all organically sourced and dyed.  I love it.  The pattern is constructed in bits then seamed.  It is reminding me of Stephen West at the moment and I love it. 
And that is a wrap for this week!  Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday 3 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 36

Back to school this week, which was as busy as ever.  We did manage to get to swimming on Monday and hope to keep this up more regularly.
I have a finished object this week.  Completely frivolous and one that you won't have seen unless yo follow me on Instagram. 
Meet Gnatalie.
She is a gnome!  I had seen the pattern at Christmas and liked it, but hadn't been inspired to make it until I saw Ellie at Crafthouse Magic doing a gnomealong!  I really like her - pattern is Here we gnome again and the yarn is from South Downs Yarn.
Otherwise I have made progress on my Grass River Tunic.  I have joined both fronts to the back and now have a few more rows to go until I join in the round.  Pattern is by Elizabeth Doherty and the yarn from Eden Cottage yarn.
I have also made progress on the socks.  I have now done the heels and am making my way up the legs.  These are an adapted version of the hazelnut socks by Helen Stewart and yarn is by Little French Meadow.
I am now looking at another sweater to cast on.  The Grass River Tunic is a fingering weight sweater and I fancy having something a bit heavier weight to work on.  Not sure what though!

And I think that is about it for this week.  I had a few bits come in the post.  I got some stitch markers from Highland Heffalump and a few, along with a stitch gauge from another shop that I cannot remember the name of now!
I also got some more fabric so that I can sew a couple more dresses.

I hope everyone has a great week.