Sunday 24 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

This week has been busy at work.  If you don't know, I am a teacher at secondary school (11 to 18 year olds) here in England, and we are nearing the exam season.  I mostly teach exam groups so we are in full preparation mode!  Nonetheless, I have still fitted in some knitting of course as this is the only thing I do to wind down.

I have two FO's.
I finished the socks at long last.  These have taken me 3 months.  I am not totally sure why they have taken me so long.  I am not a monogamous knitter so the fact I have been working on other projects shouldn't have made too much difference to these.  The pattern was not hard - it was a modified hazelnut sock by Helen Stewart.  And the yarn was the Christmas skein by Little French Meadow, which was gorgeous.
I have yet to weave in the ends, but I call them finished anyway (there are only two ends).

My other finished object is some more guinea pig pencil toppers.  I say finished - the individual ones are done but I still need some more!
In WIP's, I have still been putting in some time on both sweaters (Grass River Tunic and Nasreen).  I hope to have put some significant progress by next week.  I have also cast on more socks - because as one pair come off, another pair need to go on!  I have cast on a pair of bumblebee socks for Daniel as, hopefully, a quick sock knit.

And that is that.  I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. The finished socks turned out great Lucy, some socks just seem to take a lot of time and its nothing to do with the design, the yarn or even us, they just do. How adorable are the guinea pigs, I can't wait to see them all when they are done!
    Best of luck with exam season, we have nobody in the house for exams this year, next year though we are back to 2 eeekk, it can be a nervous time for them all.

  2. i like how that sock yarn looks like hazelnut nibs in ice cream. I like the 2 tone guinea pig best, very cute.

  3. I love how those socks turned out. The cabling is very sweet, and I love Liz's comment above about hazelnut nibs in ice cream. That image makes these even more special. And cute, cute guinea pig pencil toppers! :)

  4. The socks are grand. Love the detail on the side. Those guinea pigs are going to be a big hit at the party.

  5. I love the pencil toppers. Do you give them to your students? I bet some would love them - teenagers or not!

  6. Pretty, pretty socks. The guinea pig pencil toppers made me laugh! They'd make great finger puppets too I bet.

  7. Love the socks and per usual...your yarn choice. Those pencil toppers are so cute! My grands would love those. I just got my sock yarn to start a pair but you are so right....I need to order more yarn now for the next pair....just in case! LOL! Have a great week and hats off to you for dealing with the 'teenagers' at school.