Sunday 3 March 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 36

Back to school this week, which was as busy as ever.  We did manage to get to swimming on Monday and hope to keep this up more regularly.
I have a finished object this week.  Completely frivolous and one that you won't have seen unless yo follow me on Instagram. 
Meet Gnatalie.
She is a gnome!  I had seen the pattern at Christmas and liked it, but hadn't been inspired to make it until I saw Ellie at Crafthouse Magic doing a gnomealong!  I really like her - pattern is Here we gnome again and the yarn is from South Downs Yarn.
Otherwise I have made progress on my Grass River Tunic.  I have joined both fronts to the back and now have a few more rows to go until I join in the round.  Pattern is by Elizabeth Doherty and the yarn from Eden Cottage yarn.
I have also made progress on the socks.  I have now done the heels and am making my way up the legs.  These are an adapted version of the hazelnut socks by Helen Stewart and yarn is by Little French Meadow.
I am now looking at another sweater to cast on.  The Grass River Tunic is a fingering weight sweater and I fancy having something a bit heavier weight to work on.  Not sure what though!

And I think that is about it for this week.  I had a few bits come in the post.  I got some stitch markers from Highland Heffalump and a few, along with a stitch gauge from another shop that I cannot remember the name of now!
I also got some more fabric so that I can sew a couple more dresses.

I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. I love the Gnome Lucy! I have that pattern all printed out and ready to go....when I just get a chance, like you just not inspired right now but I do love the colour of yours! Good progress on the Grass River Tunic and socks and looking forward to seeing what you decide for your next garment.

  2. I saw the gnome at instagram and showed it to all my friends. Of course now they want me to make them one. She is just so darn cute! The color of the socks is great. The little pattern up the leg is just perfect.

  3. A gnomealong! I love that idea. Your gnome is uber cute!

  4. I love Gnatalie! I love her name and I love her. Quite a fancy gnome with those beautiful cables. :)

  5. What a cute gnome! They are all the rage and yours is darling! Your sweater is looking great and I love the yarn you are using for the socks. It reminds me of coffee latte or caramel mocha....yum! Have a great week ahead with your busy schedule!

  6. Love all the gnome puns, made me laugh! Gnatalies, sweaters, socks... you have been busy this week.