Sunday 24 February 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 35

It has been such a lovely week here - weather wise particularly.
We had our first barbecue of the year on Monday.  Grant you , that was the one rainy day, but we had fun anyway!
We also went swimming, did some gardening, had a playdate and went to Unravel.  I will come back to Unravel later.
I have made progress on most of my projects this week.  I finished the team hard hats (one for all three of us for the motor racing).
They are actually bright pink.
I also finished lots of sewing.  I finished two Coco dresses (one of which I wore to Unravel).  This s a pattern by Tilly and the Buttons which I have made many times before, but I love this easy to make and easy to wear dress.
I also finished a dress that was actually my oldest WIP.  This is the ultimate wrap dress by Sew Over It.  I started it to wear at a wedding 3? 4 years ago.  I didn't finish it at the time - obviously.  It didn't need much doing to it - I don't know why I had put it off for so long.  I still think it needs another line of topstitching to keep the facing in place, but the sewing machine is still threaded so I will try to do that today. 
I also made some pyjama bottoms from Tilly and the Buttons first book - Love a t first stitch.
Unravel was fabulous as last year.  I got what I wanted and didn't get too much that wasn't planned.
I got some self striping to make sock arms from Dragon Hill yarns.  Whilst there I did get tempted by some sparkly pink striping as well for me and Daniel fell in love with the yellow and black colourway that reminded him of bees.
I also picked up some dark grey to make the body of sock arms from Amy of Stranded Dyeworks.  I was wearing my Quiet Stars that I made with her metelsome colourway that I had picked up last year, so we were able to have a bit of a chat as I was purchasing.  I also got some plum from John Arbon Textiles (bought from the lovely man himself) to make a vest top called Lange that I have had my eye on for a while.  And I finished off with a pin badge from Pom Pom magazine, bought while I was perusing the sample knits from the latest edition and Interpretations from Joji and Veera that were on show there

All in all a great day, and now I have to return to work to pay for it all.  Six weeks to the Easter holidays!


  1. Wow, what an amazingly productive week, and I bet it feels great to finish that long term WIP. I have been oohing and aaahing at all the yummy yarns at Unravel through Instagram as it is just way too far for me to get to. At least 6 people I follow were vending there, including Amy and John Arbon...Your yarns look yummy. I have some fibre from John Arbon to spin...yet to buy any of Amy’s but love her anti valentine. I have decided to go to Perth Yarn Festival in September, I missed the chance to buy Edinburgh advance tickets.

  2. Your Coco dress is one of my favorites that you sew. How nice to finish off a languishing project too. Your acquisition from Unravel is marvelous and I look forward to seeing things made with all that yarny goodness.

  3. Your bright pink hats with the pink pom poms are wonderful. Have fun wearing them! The Coco dresses are pretty. And they look so comfortable. And good going finishing such a long-standing WIP. I looks like it will be a very stylish dress still!

    Unravel sounds terrific. How fun to chat with the person who died the yarn your sweater is knitted with. While you're wearing it! Maybe that's common at such an event, but it strikes me as really serendipitous. Oh, it sounds like you had so much fun. :)

  4. I just love the hats and how cool will you all look at the motor racing with them on!
    The Coco dresses worked out great, what type of fabric did you use? Love the check one in particular.
    Love the Unravel haul and hearing how it was. How have you found John Arbon yarn to be in garments?

  5. Are you sure there aren't duplicated of you? Have you cloned yourself? I don't know how you get so much accomplished but glad you do as it is more rye candy for us! LOL! Look at all your lovely dresses and the pajama bottoms look like slacks I would pretty. The hats are the cute and I do love the pink.
    Lucky you to go to Unravel, meet celebrities and come home with such beauties! Enjoy!

  6. You did have a productive week! Your hats look super professional. And you can justify those Unravel purchases by how much you saved by making all those lovely garments rather than buying them at a department store. :)

  7. Beautiful sewing. I have some material for some bedroom drapes I want to make. I ought to get on that! lol. But there are just so many squares I need to knit for my KAL blanket. So much to do, so little time!