Sunday 3 February 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 32

It's been a bit of a chilly week here, but I feel a bit silly saying that when some people have had temperatures of -40 and 50!  Anyway we have had to wrap up and this morning our boiler has stopped working. We are currently waiting for an engineer but I suspect it has broken down completely.  It is a very old boiler and there are no parts for it so now I am worried as to how long it will take to fix or install a new one.  We have no other source of heat, so the knitwear is well and truly out.
Anyway, I have made some progress this week, before this happened.
I almost finished one of the Team Hard hats for the racing.  It needs a pom pom and then it is ready for Daniel. I have since started my version.
I have made progress on Daniel's sweater.  This is Flax by Tin Can Knits in a yarn that a friend got for me.  It is a 400g acrylic/wool blend, so will be more than enough and should be easy care.  I have made a Flax before and love this free pattern.
I have made a bit of progress on my Christmas cast on.  These are a modified hazelnut sock by Helen Stewart in the yarn that I got by Little French Meadow in their advent set.
I have cast on the Grass River Tunic by Elizabeth Doherty, but have not done too much so it doesn't have a photo yet.
I have also made a fair bit of progress on my leg warmers.  I think I would like one more repeat of the pattern and that will be long enough for my needs, along with a second one of course!
And I think that is it for the week.  Now to go and see if I can source a heater!
Have a great week.


  1. Oh, poor you! Hope you will find a heater soon! Maybe you can visit some friends with a functioning heat system? Or an open fireplace, maybe? I love your speckled socks, so pretty! And the grass river tunic also looks interesting.

  2. I hope you can source a heater and that the boiler doesn't take too long to either fix (fingers crossed) or else replace. Cold is relative I think to where you live and so your temps are cold and freezing for you, the last thing you needed was the boiler packing in. Good job you're a knitter and can wear all the knit wear things.

  3. Those are all great projects. I especially love the leg warmers with that gorgeous detail.
    My first sweater was Harvest by Tin Can Knits, and it came out perfectly. I've always found that Tin Can patterns are excellent.

  4. Brrr a house without a working boiler, I hope it is fixed very soon. In the meantime, at least you will have one warm leg whilst knitting the 2nd leg warmer. Stay cosy in your knitwear.

  5. It doesn't have to be very cold outside for it to miserable inside if your boiler isn't working. Shiver!

    I love that red hat you've finished. The cables are so pretty and smooth. And your other projects are lovely, too. That's a really pretty and interesting design detail in the leg warmers.

  6. I am glad to see your boiler got repaired and you are one again warm. Good thing you have lots of knitwear incase this happens again. The hat is great and the Flax jumper looks like a lovely knit to do. Your socks are moving along quite nicely as are your leg warmers. May this week be warmer for you and yours.

  7. Oh my! So sorry to hear that about your boiler. I replaced the HVAC when I moved here as they were limping along but I did it in the fall before it got cold. But when we lose power here from ice...nothing helps! I hope you have heat soon!
    Love your hat! So pretty...just the right hue of red too. I'm going to look at that sweater pattern from Tin Can Knits. I've yet to find a 'boys' sweater pattern. Everything I see if for babies and toddlers. It look so nice! Love your legwarmers and the socks. You always use the prettiest yarns. I hope your week gets better!

  8. Wow, you worked on a lot! I keep thinking about making Flax, but I'm really trying to keep to the list (socks not included or gifts)....Can't wait to see all the finishes...