Sunday 27 January 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 31

We have had a busy week this week, what with a birthday and a parents evening.  Thomas' birthday was this week.  We had a cake on the day, and we went karting and out for a meal yesterday.

I did manage to get some pics of my FO's this week.  I really like my Julgrun and am very happy that I have a new Christmas sweater for next year.
I also finished blocking the scarf - Sevilla.  I have plenty of scarves and so this will be a gift, probably next Christmas as well.
In between events I have done a little knitting.  I have made some progress on the Flax for Daniel.  I really like this sweater as it comes in so many sizes and is a breeze to knit (it is knit in aran weight so goes quickly).
I do have a couple of finished objects this week. I was invited to go along to a knit group last month, which I attended, and there is another meet up in a couple of weeks.  The organiser suggested that we might like to knit some preemie hats for our local hospital as they were in need of some. So I have knit a couple but intend to knit many more before the meeting, so will post a picture then.
My Christmas socks are coming along, but very slowly as I am only doing one repeat at a sitting. These are the hazelnut socks by Helen Stewart, but I have modified them to be my bauble socks.
I have made a little progress on both the legwarmer and the hat, but not enough to photograph!
I also intend to cast on the grass river tunic today, so I am back to having loads of WIP's having got them right down!
I think that is enough for this week - hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Sevilla looks lovely finished and you are all set for Christmas jumper day next year, it’s the nicest Christmas jumper I’ve seen.

  2. Julgrun looks great, I do like the look of the cropped, it seems I'm coming around to cropped. Love the other projects are moving along and belated birthday wishes to Thomas.

  3. The go-karts look like a lot of fun. What a great birthday treat! And the cake.....YUM! Your Seville is quite striking. Love the 'ornaments' on the tree branches. Your socks are coming right along too. You have some lovely projects on the go. Premie hats are always needed, so nice of your group to knit them up for those wee ones.

  4. Love the Christmas sweater! I have Christmas socks to complete too....Yes, I am trying to get my WIPs down too...and I've been good at not starting anything the moment

  5. That is one amazing cake! The Christmas sweater is very cute.
    And you are so clever to get a head start on this year's holiday knitting.

  6. What a fun cake! And that Christmas sweater is wonderful. How nice to have some all ready to pull out next year and wear. Your Sevilla is pretty. Someone will love receiving that as a gift. :)

  7. Did you make the cake too? If I remember you are quite the cake maker and decorator. At first I thought the picture of the Thomas was some sort of action figure for the cake but it's really him! LOL! He looks so professional in all that gear! Happy Belated birthday to him.
    Love your tree turned out so nice and looks great on you. I like the yarn for Daniel's it a tweed? The Sevilla is gorgeous...I'm tempted to make that one myself.
    The socks are so pretty! Isn't that the purpose of finishing things so we can cast on more? LOL! Have a great week!