Sunday 29 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

Well that was quite a week!  I thought I would do much more crafting but there we go!
I have made progress on Like a Cloud.  Here it is now.
I have decided to start the sleeves even though the body is not finished as I want to see how much of the mohair I have to complete the body.
I haven't knit anything else, but I have made butterfly cakes (this is all that is left)
And we have been out in the garden.   We have dug over the veg patch and planted some peas and potatoes.
Otherwise, between schooling the boys and remotely teaching my students it has been a busy week, much more busy and stressful than I anticipated,  but hopefully,  this week will be better and then we are on what would have been the Easter break.  I think we are manning school for key workers but it shouldn't be too many people that gave to go in.
I hope everyone is still well and staying safe.

Sunday 22 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 38

Ok, that escalated quickly.  Firstly, sorry if I didn't get to everyone's blog last week, but as we all know things changed pretty fast.  As a teacher in England we held the fort until Wednesday,  then were told the schools would be shutting from this monday.  Then in the early hours of Thursday morning my school informed us a parent had tested positive and so we closed immediately.   As you can possibly imagine this was quite traumatic, especially since we had also been told exams would be cancelled and we are unlikely to be back until september.  We didn't get to say goodbye and now we begin remote learning with students who don't know how they are going to progress to a levels or uni.   In England we also have to actually stay open to students who are vulnerable or have parents that are key workers, which is a great idea but poses it's own challenges.
On a positive, I have both boys at home now and we are seeing it as very exciting (at the moment) having me as there teacher!  We have many things planned and a big garden so we should be ok.
Anyway, I'm sure we all have our own tales of woe - I  hope everyone and your families are keeping well.  I do have some crafting and hopefully this is one area that might benefit.
I have an fo this week.   I finished my hat.
I went for a slouchy one this time and love it.  I shall be wearing it later while I start some gardening.
I have also progressed with Like a cloud but will show you next week.
We have also been baking this week.  No photos but we have done crumble, bread and cupcakes!  I will bring you updates next week.   We are also going out in the garden to prepare it!
Well I hope everyone has a good and safe week.

Sunday 15 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

Hmmm, it's been a bit of a week.  I hope everyone is staying safe and well.
We haven't done much this week apart from work and school.  Although having said that we did go out for a meal last night.
On the crafting front I have been plodding through two particularly.
My hat is coming along nicely!  I want it to be quite slouchy with a turned up brim, so there is a little way to go yet.
Since there is a way to go I decided I probably needed a little more yarn so I dug some other out from stash in a lovely grey.
I have also been making my way through my Like a Cloud.  Again I still have a way to go but they are both nice projects.
We will see what this week brings.  School is continuing at present so that NHS staff are able to keep working and not looking after children,  so hopefully that will continue for a while.
Hope everyone has a healthy and good week.

Sunday 8 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 36

I haven't made that much progress this week.  Although I don't seem to have been that busy??
Anyway I have made a little progress on both sweaters but not enough to really be able to tell.
I have also cast on a couple of little projects.
First I wanted to use up some leftover stash, so cast on a pair of DK socks.  I am going to marl several different leftover yarn from previous socks.  I am using the stitch count from some DK socks by Helen Stewart that I have, otherwise the pattern is made up.
I also decided I would like a cosy slouchy hat.  So I cast on the sock head hat by Kelly McClure.
I am hoping these two projects don't take too long!
I also took possession of some new yarn which I will unveil when I cast on the projects.
My new recipe this week was aromatic coconut and beetroot curry which I can report was lovely!  It was basically cubes of fresh beetroot and onion with curry spices and the tomato and coconut milk added.
Well hopefully, this week will be nice and quiet so I can do more crafting!  Now to get the apple cake from the oven.  Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday 1 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 35

This week has passed in a bit of a whirlwind.   Life has been very busy, what with appointments and clubs, very little crafting has taken place.  So I will keep this short and sweet
At risk of being boring I am still working on both sweaters.  Both fingering weight (what was I thinking?)
Stonecrop is still coming along but there are a few more rows to go until I split for the sleeves.
Like a cloud is also coming along, but as you might be able to see,  I need to wind another ball of mohair.
And there we have it.  I am dying to cast on more things but I will refrain for a bit longer.  Hope everyone has a great week.