Sunday 29 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

Well that was quite a week!  I thought I would do much more crafting but there we go!
I have made progress on Like a Cloud.  Here it is now.
I have decided to start the sleeves even though the body is not finished as I want to see how much of the mohair I have to complete the body.
I haven't knit anything else, but I have made butterfly cakes (this is all that is left)
And we have been out in the garden.   We have dug over the veg patch and planted some peas and potatoes.
Otherwise, between schooling the boys and remotely teaching my students it has been a busy week, much more busy and stressful than I anticipated,  but hopefully,  this week will be better and then we are on what would have been the Easter break.  I think we are manning school for key workers but it shouldn't be too many people that gave to go in.
I hope everyone is still well and staying safe.


  1. You remind us that a lot of people at home are in fact working, not mad with boredom at having nothing to do. My across the street neighbor comes out to wave at neighbors at lunchtime! She's totally occupied with her remote teaching the rest of the day. Including meetings, gah!

  2. Your Like a Cloud is beautiful. Watching your progress is enjoyable. I can not imagine trying to set up remote learning for students plus helping your children with their classes too. Double whammy for sure. Stay strong and well, Lucy.

  3. Reading about your cupcakes makes me realize I need to bake something sweet today as I am all out of cookies. I am going to go check out my cupboards for ingredients - I am sure I can come up with something yummy (like peanut butter cookies, or oatmeal....or maybe peanut butter oatmeal!! Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Glad you are and your family are safe and well. Can you believe this pandemic? Since I rarely see or interact with anyone it's always a shock when I turn on the news and see it all over the world and escalating.
    The cloud really does look like a cloud! It's beautiful. Gardening here too. I'll have to Google what butterfly cakes are. I've never heard of them. Enjoy your Spring break!

  5. I remember making butterfly cakes at school and by the time I’d walked home from school they were all wingless 😂 and I didn’t need any dinner! Oops! Like a cloud looks very soft. I’m glad you managed to get some seed potatoes, everywhere I looked has sold out but we are walking distance to a farm shop that is still selling potatoes and only lets one person in at a time, so a lot less risk than braving another trip to Tesco. Stay safe and enjoy your Easter break when it does come, you must be counting the days after the stress of the last few weeks.

  6. Oooh, Lucy... your pink Like A Cloud looks dreamy. You must have so much energy. Teaching (both online and in person), and gardening. I'm pretty sure it's all tiring, but reading your post, I confess I have feelings of "Oh to be young again..." ;^)