Sunday 5 April 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 40

Again I haven't accomplished that much on the crafting front,  but I'm hoping that will change this coming week

I am plodding along with Like a cloud and now have completed one sleeve.
Please excuse the photo this week,  I didn't take one until the evening.
It is a lovely project and I see myself finishing this this week  - I hope!
I haven't even picked up any other project but have a few plans.
I have been doing some baking and here is a selection.
Here is what is left of: chocolate crispies,  banana loaf, iced biscuits and rhubarb and lemon flan.  All, I can report were lovely!
It's the easter holiday here now, not that it makes much difference!  Only difference is that I don't have to balance three lessons at once.
We are going to catch up with some lessons we fell behind with, keep up with our PE with Joe Wickes and do some gardening.  I have also signed up for a couple of free online courses, I am going to learn about art in the renaissance and sustainable fashion!  Thought I might branch out!
And that is that for this week.  Stay safe everyone.


  1. That's exciting that you're so close with your Like a Cloud! Looking forward to seeing it all done. And wow on the baking. Now I've got a craving...

  2. Your like a cloud is almost there. You've got this. I had to chuckle about all the baking you did. Seems all us knitters/crocheters have discovered the Joy's of baking now that we are home bound.

  3. I think taking an online course during this time is such a great idea. Now, if I could just focus and make a decision on what topic would most interest me. :) I hope you share your experience.

  4. Rhubarb and lemon flan....Yum! That sounds delicious, our rhubarb we’ve had the terracotta forcer over looks ready for doing something with. We are short of ingredients at the moment, so I may just end up doing them with some sugar and ground ginger. Did you get the recipe from a book or from the internet? Well done on signing up for some classes and for keeping up with Joe Wicks, my friend could barely move last week after she joined in one session 😂. I often think I should have used the last 3 years not working learning a course, but never really looked for one. I’ve learned to knit, weave and spin but I’m like Becki and can’t decide what would grab me. Let us know how you get on and how you are finding it. I’m looking forward to Like a Cloud, seems so close to finishing now.