Monday 15 August 2022

My Capsule Wardrobe - post 1

 Here is my latest project!  I am going to document it here and on it's own dedicated page so that I can follow my own progress. 

Post 1

This year I would like to work on (mainly hand sewing/knitting) a capsule wardrobe.

And this is the plan as it stands today!  I have made the Soorik and a tunic length top.  I have started both a t-shirt and a elasticated waist skirt.  

I am hoping to do most by hand - although I will do some of the zig zag stitches on the stretchier fabrics by machine.  I also hope to use my stash fabrics for these projects.  I bought some cotton linen from Minerva for the saguaro set, so I should have stash for everything else.

 So next up is to finish the t-shirt and skirt - I only have hemming on both to go really.  I think I will then start on the saguaro set.  Both of these will have to wait until we return to school as I am a bit busy prior to that.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Books and Films and Other Things

 I've been listening to a few books at the start of the holidays, I thought I would document some here.

In no particular order:

The Castaways (Lucy Clarke) - I really enjoyed this.  It is narrated by two people as it is written from the point of view of two sisters in two different times - then and now.  There were a few twists and turns along the way, but you always wanted to find out the next step.  I would recommend this.

Somebody I Used to Know (Wendy Mitchell) - again  I really enjoyed this book.  If enjoyed is the right term.  It is all about a person's descent into early onset dementia.  It is written by the patient (she wrote a blog  to remind herself ) and is amazing.  Not full of pity, from either the sufferer herself or for the reader.  Just a well written insight that I am really glad I have listened to.

Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens) - both book and now film.  I found the book amazing - I couldn't stop myself listening to it and on one memorable afternoon found myself in floods of tears walking down the road to pick up Daniel.   I am pleased to say the film was very true to the book and I wanted neither to end.  I loved both book and film.

The Thursday Murder Club (Richard Osman) - I read this a year ago and really enjoyed this too - there is  theme, you may notice - that is that I don't finish books I don't like!  I,  like many before me, found this gripping and again, a book I did not want to put down.

Dear Fatty (Dawn French) - I  loved listening to this (an autobiography)  - I really like Dawn French and this book (narrated brilliantly by Lisa Tarbuck) was heartwarming and at times, laugh out loud, funny.

Nitram - film about a  mass shooting in Austalia.  Like Where the Crawdads Sing  I went to see this on my own and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was no unnecessary violence and just showed a sequence of events that led up to the shooting (a true story).  How true to life it actually was, I am not sure,  but if it was accurate, you can see exactly how it happened and were left wondering why no one noticed and put a stop to it.  But  I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Minions and Lightyear  - I went to see these with the boys and thoroughly enjoyed both.

Notes From a Small Island (Bill Bryson) - this was, as promised very funny.  And for an English person, I found it hilarious in part and very relatable. 

I am currently listening to Isaac and the Egg (Bobby Palmer) - I'm really enjoying it, but it is quite strange at the moment  - I  think it will enlighten me soon!

I have also bought myself an actual book - Wilding by Isabella Tree.  It is supposed to be about rewilding a farm near where I live, so I hope it will be good.  I will be taking this book on our adventures over the next few weeks.

On that note, we are all over the place in the next few weeks - Snetterton comes first (camping at  motor sport track), then North Yorksire for a few days hiking and finally, Cornwall for more hiking and family time. 

Sunday 7 August 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 6

 Week two of the holidays has passed!  Me and the boys spent it with my mum and dad in Somerset.   We had a nice time and still the weather holds

  We are supposed to be getting another heatwave towards the end of next week  which we are not looking forward to.  Me and Daniel however, will be outside next week as we are going camping in Norfolk at Snetterton race circuit.  So as long as we can get our tent pegs in the ground, it should be ok!

While I was with mum and dad I was able to make some progress.   I only took my festive yoke KAL sweater and so made good inroads to this project.  I have spilt for the sleeves and now am working down the body. 

I am knitting this out of Navia Duo yarn and will be making it into a dress.   I think I may do one more motif and then put it on waste yarn to try it on and then do the sleeves.  I only want short sleeves so hope they won't take too long!

Other than that I have done a bit of Sewing, but I will report on that in a couple of weeks when we return from Snetterton.

I have also been enjoying a few audio books, but, again, I will put that into a separate post. So, it is a bit short and sweet this week,  but I will try and add some extras during the week. I hope everyone has a great fortnight as I will be in a field next week and unable to post!