Sunday 29 October 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 18

Me and the boys have had the week off this past week.  We made it a nice combination of relaxing at home and activities (which meant I got a fair bit of knitting done).
I finished my October socks.
These are just a vanilla sock (knit one at a time this time as I started on a 9 inch needle - I didn't finish on this needle as the two of us fell out!)  The yarn is Oktoberfest by Zauberball.

I have started a test knit which is going very well, but I cannot show you any of it!
I started my next sweater which is Chuck by Andi Satterlund.
Yarn here is by Coldharbour Mill.
I haven't done any to my next Christmas knit as I have been concentrating on the test knit.  But I have started the pumpkin spice mittens, albeit just a tiny bit.

I caved and bought the following:
Yarn from Stranded dyeworks in sugarplum.  Sparkly yarn from Mothy and the Squid in Christmas tree.  A sock blank also by Mothy and the Squid and some Christmas progress keepers.  In my defence, they are all accounted for in projects so it isn't so bad!
 I shall leave you with a couple of photos from our week.  One of a zoo near mum's and the other was at Hever castle yesterday.

Sunday 22 October 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 17

We have made it to the half term break!  Me and the boys have taken a little trip to visit my mum and dad this weekend and then we will return to make the most of the week off.  We shall be visiting a zoo tomorrow and then Hever castle in the week to indulge in a bit of Halloween fun!

But what have I been working on?
I have been quite monogamous of late.  I am so nearly finished with my Christmas jumper.  I have finished the yoke and am on the neck ribbing, but I didn't bring it with me so will finish when I return home.
My October socks have been worked on and I am currently on the heel of the second sock - these two should be finished very soon.

Otherwise I am working on a few things for a craft stall I will have in a couple of weeks.
Dream knitting
I have yet to cast on the pumpkin spice mittens, but will do later this week.  I have just signed up to do another test knit for socks which I will start later this week.  I also hope to cast on Chuck by Andi Satterlund  but the end of the week. 
None this week, but have gone a bit mad online so will have a bit of a haul next week.
I am about to run out of charge now so will be back next week with FO's and new yarn - hopefully!  Hope you have a great week.

Sunday 15 October 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 16

Gosh another week has flown past!
For those of you that asked from last weeks post - the little cloths were made from cotton yarn and I am using them to cleanse my face.  They are a very simple cast on 3 stitches, increase every other row up to 25 stitches then decrease every other row back down to 3 stitches and voila! a little cloth.  I can report that after a week of use and washing they are working perfectly and I don't think I will return to cotton wool pads again.

I have no finished objects this week and only a few works in progress, but I have lots of plans for the next few days.
My Christmas jumper is on the home stretch - I have joined the sleeves and am making my way through the yoke.  I have done the first set of decreases so this should speed up and I anticipate being finished by next week.
I am trundling through the Octoberfest socks now I am on the long circular needles.
I also started my mum's Christmas present socks - I have done the toes.
And that's all I have this week!
Next week, however, it is the start of the half term holiday and we are going to visit my mum, so I will need some projects to take with me.
I hope to have finished one October sock and I can therefore, work on the second sock.
I have wound my yarn so that I can start Chuck. I have this in my new project bag that I won with Knotty gnome in the Magical Maladies KAL.  I just need to add needles and I am away.
 I have also wound my yarn for the pumpkin spice mitts, but I doubt I will take that with me, I will leave them here.
So I think that is enough for a moment!
Hope you all have a great week and check out the rest of the Yoppers from the link in the side bar.

Sunday 8 October 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 15

All of a sudden, Autumn has arrived in England!  Which is brilliant as it means I can break out all of the knits!
I pretty much finished the little cloths, they have been installed in a pot in the bathroom and I have begun usage!  I am still knitting a couple more so that I always have lots, but here they are at the moment.
I also finished my festive candy cane socks.  I made a pair for Daniel about a year ago and have always wanted to make myself some.  The yarn is from Mothy and the Squid and I love them.

I still have some of the same old wip's!  However, these are the ones I have been working on.
My Christmas jumper is coming along - I finished the second skein of Knit by numbers on the body and so wanted to finish the second sleeve, before returning to finish the body.
I have also cast on my October socks and so, I have the tale of needle woe!  I decided to try out my new 9 inch Hiya Hiya needle this month as I wanted to use some Zauberball in Octoberfest.  I completed the ribbing and about an inch of leg, but was finding it so fiddly and then I found a dropped stitch (I almost never drop a stitch in my socks).  So despite not really giving them a fair chance, I decided to move off to my default magic loop. Soon after this the needle must have fallen on the floor and I subsequently hoovered it up!  So now it never will have a chance but I am ot that upset.

Dream knitting
I have had to add to my list.
I hope to cast on the pumpkin spice mittens this week and very recently, I have become quite obsessed with the Penguono by Stephen West.  I am not really sure where this has come from, but I have been planning the colour combinations and getting quite excited.  I am hoping to hold off casting on until the new year and knit it as part of the self indulgent KAL with the Yarniacs podcast (this is a little premature as they have only just fnished the colors of fall KAL and haven't even mentioned the SIKAL yet!)
Anyway, I think that is enough from me - hope everyone has a great week - happy crafting!

Sunday 1 October 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 14

This is just going to be a quick one this week.  We went to the season finale of the touring cars today and got back a bit too late to take photos of my WIP's.
I finished my September socks this week.  The yarn is by Hedgehog fibres and is amongst the loveliest I have ever worked with.  I can't wait to wear these, but these are for my boxosox for a moment.
I have done some work on both of my other main WIP's this week and hopefully, by next week these will almost be finished.  They being my Christmas jumper and my festive socks (a theme here I feel!)
I also bought some yarn this week (I have been good for several weeks!)  I got some Knitting Goddess for my pumpkin spice mittens that I have decided to make.
I will do a better and fuller check in next week.  Have a great week.