Sunday 8 October 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 15

All of a sudden, Autumn has arrived in England!  Which is brilliant as it means I can break out all of the knits!
I pretty much finished the little cloths, they have been installed in a pot in the bathroom and I have begun usage!  I am still knitting a couple more so that I always have lots, but here they are at the moment.
I also finished my festive candy cane socks.  I made a pair for Daniel about a year ago and have always wanted to make myself some.  The yarn is from Mothy and the Squid and I love them.

I still have some of the same old wip's!  However, these are the ones I have been working on.
My Christmas jumper is coming along - I finished the second skein of Knit by numbers on the body and so wanted to finish the second sleeve, before returning to finish the body.
I have also cast on my October socks and so, I have the tale of needle woe!  I decided to try out my new 9 inch Hiya Hiya needle this month as I wanted to use some Zauberball in Octoberfest.  I completed the ribbing and about an inch of leg, but was finding it so fiddly and then I found a dropped stitch (I almost never drop a stitch in my socks).  So despite not really giving them a fair chance, I decided to move off to my default magic loop. Soon after this the needle must have fallen on the floor and I subsequently hoovered it up!  So now it never will have a chance but I am ot that upset.

Dream knitting
I have had to add to my list.
I hope to cast on the pumpkin spice mittens this week and very recently, I have become quite obsessed with the Penguono by Stephen West.  I am not really sure where this has come from, but I have been planning the colour combinations and getting quite excited.  I am hoping to hold off casting on until the new year and knit it as part of the self indulgent KAL with the Yarniacs podcast (this is a little premature as they have only just fnished the colors of fall KAL and haven't even mentioned the SIKAL yet!)
Anyway, I think that is enough from me - hope everyone has a great week - happy crafting!


  1. Love your candy cane socks, and the sweater is going to be gorgeous.

  2. Every time I see your candy cane socks I'm tempted to go purchase some Christmas yarn for myself... but the very last things I need are more yarn and more projects.

    Went and had a look at Penguono... interes

  3. Geez! My keyboard froze mid-comment!

    I was saying, it's interesting how different the erect is depending on whether you choose neutral combos, tonal combos or high contrast combos. It'll be interesting to see what you do!

  4. Our mornings start nippy here in the east bay but we still are warming up to low 80's. I'm waiting for that to be finished. Do you use the cloths to scrub the bathroom then? I like that gently blue you used for the heels of your socks. They made me smile when I had seen them on IG. The white colorwork looks great on that happy blue and the hearts are cute with their little faces.

    1. Thank you for dropping by recently. I don't know how long it took me to get it all pinned down but it was worth it. I need to find something to wear to show it off now.

  5. I like your jar of knitted face scrubbers. I've taken to using all my too-large knitted cloths for face scrubbing, but I do love the picture of smaller round scrubbers on your bathroom counter. Your Candy Cane socks are terrific. I love the turquoise (or aqua) colored heels. Your Christmas jumper is beautiful, Lucy! I love the color. And the little white hearts. Have a good week. I so love autumn!

  6. Those are little face scrubbies, right? I was going to make those for my daughter last Christmas and never did. Did you use cotton yarn?
    I love the colors in thoe Christmas cute are they? Your next socks are gorgeous...I've got that yarn brand on my Christmas list for me this year! LOL! I almost thought of trying those 9" cables but now glad I didn't!
    The sweater is going to be so already is!

  7. I love your face scrubbies and the way you are storing them in the glass. Very effective. You jumper is looking mighty fine.
    It took me a while to get used to the nine inch circulars, but now I do like them. Sorry your hoover got the best of your needle.

  8. I love those socks Lucy! And yes, the colour combination for the mittens is brilliant!

  9. Oh, Lucy, You have been busy. I am in love with your Christmas Jumper. I chuckled when I saw your needle woes. Why is it, we keep trying different ways to knit socks? I started with magic loop, went to double points and was considering the 9" needles. After reading your woes, I think I will stick with my favorite method and quit trying to 'improve'.

  10. Mm I lobe that blue! Most of my knitting is fantasy knitting right now!